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How to play Guardian Cross of Square Enix

Updated on September 24, 2012

Guardian Cross is a card RPG game developped by Square Enix, we can make our own team of different guardians to search the world of the Guardian Cross. And we can also enhance our guardian and combine them together to produce new strongger guardians.

Now let us begin the game with the first mission: South Cavern

There are three monsters in the first level of the South Cavern, the cavern and we will use 5 energe to fight one monster. Since I have enhaced my first guardian, the battle will be quite easy. After we beat all three of the monsters there will appear a ledder to the next floor. And the treasure is on the second floor and we can finish our first mission.

After that we can now go to he Coliseum to fight against other players. We can choose an opponent to fight against. And since it is the beginner Coliseum we can win easily, and after that we would get our reward. I got an Life stone from the Coliseum and we can use it to enhance our guardian.

Go hunting

We can hunt free once a day, so this mission is to do our fiirst hunt in Berneside Plains. In the hunting mode we can use our riifle to shoot the monsters, once we kill it we can gain a new guardian card.

Mission 2: Freedonia Village

There are 4 enemies in the first floor of Freedonia Village. defeat all the enemies and we can get a ticket to the Coliseum.

Mission 3: South Cavern

Yes the South Cavern again, there are 4 monsters in the first floor this time. And also 4 monsters in the second floor. And 4 B class monsters in the third floor. The B class monster will be much stronger, there will even be a level 14 guardian in their team. And the Boss Cabot is on the Forth Floor. Defeat him and we can finish our mission.


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      Ageii 5 years ago

      Guardian Cross by Square Enix^^ is my fav game atm large player base and very unique gameplay. Hunting for your cards is fun and very frequent and this game is NOT A POCKET SQUEEZE. Use my referral code FT21690 to get rare cards and a boost your´╗┐ initial start to the game dont miss out on this one trust me fast paced card game awesome graphics and hours of fun^^.