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How to play Liverpool Rummy

Updated on November 18, 2011

The rules

Our family card game is Liverpool Rummy, which I only get to play at Christmas when we visit my sister-in-law. It's pretty labor-intensive (you need to stay for seven hands), and you have to have at least three players for it to be any good.
I thought I'd blog the rules a) to remind myself in case it's another year before I play again and b) to benefit others who like card games or could use some party games.
One deck of cards, including jokers, per player.
Card-holders if you tend toward carpal tunnel.
Accrue the least points possible by laying down cards in various combinations of SETS (at least 3 of the same card, any suit) and RUNS (at least four consecutive cards in one suit) and being the first player to empty your hand.
Draw a card. If you can't lay down the required combination, discard one card face up. Once you draw cards that fulfill the requirements, you may set them down.
You may play cards off other people's combos only after you have set yours down.
Only the top card on the discard pile plays. If someone else draws it out of turn, a) he has to take another card with it and b) the face-up card below it cannot be played.
If you discard a card that plays off someone else's combo, you rummy. The player who calls it first give you your card back PLUS a card of his choosing.
If you empty your hand successfully, you win the round and get 0 points. (One weekend in 2007 we had a player set all her cards down, play them off other hands, discard her last card with a flourish -- and it was a rummy. The person who called that was down to his last card, so he gave her back the rummy card and his card and HE won the round.)
Jokers are wild, but cannot be used back-to-back in runs. (Incorrect: 3-Jo-Jo-5. Correct: 3-Jo-5-Jo-7.) Also, one card and two jokers do not qualify as a three-card set.
A player who is down can replace a joker on the table with whatever card it stands in for. If he discards a card that is represented on the table by a joker, he rummies.
First round -- two sets, 10 cards per player on initial deal
Second round -- one set and one run, 10 cards
Third round -- two runs, 10 cards
Fourth round -- three sets, 12 cards per player on initial deal
Fifth round -- two sets and one run, 12 cards
Sixth round -- two runs and one set, 12 cards
Seventh round -- three sets, 12 cards, no discard (all cards must play when you lay them down)
Scoring is as follows: 2-9 = 5 points; 10 and face cards = 10 points; aces = 15 points; jokers = 20.


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    • Just Ask Susan profile image

      Susan Zutautas 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Looks like a fun game to play.

      Welcome to HubPages.