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How to play an Airsoft skirmish with your local community!

Updated on May 13, 2010

A small airsoft skirmish

A small airsoft skirmish, featuring  king of the field style of play
A small airsoft skirmish, featuring king of the field style of play

Join the Airsoft Action!

 By now you probably know what airsoft is and maybe even own an airsoft gun yourself. What's left is the step that many people never take - getting out to your first big game!

Many people never take this step, and this is what separates airsofters from chairsofters - people who collect airsoft guns, but never play with them. Let's show you how to join airsofters and be cool! :)

Airsoft terminology

The difference between these guns is rather subtle, yet calling the top one an "AEG" would make you seem like a noob
The difference between these guns is rather subtle, yet calling the top one an "AEG" would make you seem like a noob

Speak the airsoft language

Airsoft has been a secluded sport for years, and it has developed its own language, and not speaking or understanding this language will make you seem like a newbie.

Therefore, brush up on your airsoft terminology knowledge before you go out on the field. At the very least you must know that :

  1. An AEG is an airsoft electric gun, not an automatic electric gun
  2. An AEP is an airsoft electric pistol
  3. The FPS is how fast BBs leave your barrel. FPS is always measured with known weight BBs, such as 400 FPS with 0.2g being the limit of most official fields.
  4. A gearbox is what compresses the spring and piston and makes your gun fire. All AEGs have metal gearbox and metal gears. If either one is made of plastic, the gun is called a LPEG - the low power electric gun.

You need to find serious airsofters, as they are sneaky!

Airsoft bunker defense. People only build bunkers on stable fields!
Airsoft bunker defense. People only build bunkers on stable fields!

Finding an airsoft community!

Chances are your state has some airsoft players and your objective is to find them. Remember, more people the merrier! People who spent hundreds of dollars on airsoft gear want to play in big games with serious people! Enter you, the new airsofter!

Start the search for your airsoft adventures at your local airsoft forum. Airsoft has been around since before web 2.0 and sites like Facebook, so Forums are still the dominant medium of airsoft communities. Google "state name airsoft forum" . Additionally, you may join some national communities like or airsoftretreat - these can guide you towards finding local games and also contain a wealth of information about airsoft! Unfortunately, the sheer amount of information accumulated over the years may overwhelm you, and people do not like to answer the same questions over and over again. Therefore, read the stickies before you post.

A common courtesy on many airsoft forums is to introduce yourself. This is nothing major, just establishes your identity. Please don't list all of your springers!

Next, you would want to research airsoft equipment, maybe even go out to a game before you buy something. The sheer variety of brands, models and versions of guns can easily overwhelm a new player. Save yourself some money and find out what you want before you buy anything!

Most airsoft communities would have a dedicated section for games. Active communities host games every week, with quite a lot of games held on a Sunday. Airsoft game is usually a whole day event from 10-4 or so. You would be very tired after your first few games, so don't plan anything major after your first game.

For your game you would need waivers and paperwork. This indicates that you have acknowledged dangers of airsoft and release the field owners and fellow players from liability. I would not play if I have a heart condition, as the action can get intense :)

Finally, take the first step and go to your first game. People don't bite and if you behave yourself in a mature way, you would soon find new friends who share the same interest as you!

Airsoft Field

A large official airsoft field. Watch out for allergies!
A large official airsoft field. Watch out for allergies!

What you need to play an airsoft skirmish

Most airsofters eventually acquire this set of gear (some acquire a lot more). This list is the "airsoft minimalist's" list, but still takes a couple hours to pack and unpack and get inside of. If there's a smaller list, I'd love to hear about it

  • An AEG
  • 2 Highcaps for an AEG
  • 1X charged battery for your AEG 1mAh  = 1 shot is a general rule
  • 1x spare battery for your AEG
  • A universal airsoft charger
  • A backup weapon - airsoft electric pistol or gas pistol
  • A speed loader if you have a pistol or midcaps
  • Camouflage
  • Vest or a chest rig (makes you look so much cooler :) )
  • Airsoft or paintball padded gloves to protect your hands
  • Eye/face protection - full face mask under 18, over 18 can wear full seal goggles
  • Anti fog solution or wipes
  • Knee pads
  • Assault boots or Tactical boots - 8 inch tall, get these on sale
  • Airsoft BBs - at least 4000 for a game
  • Barrel plug for safety
  • Hydration - bring water, at least 1 liter per hour
  • A radio is recommended
  • A scope is really cool if you can mount it. Look for 2 inches or so of eye relief, else you wont be able to see through it
  • Bug repellent - protects you from ticks and other forest bugs
  • Field fee - most fields charge you 20-40 dollars for a day of gameplay

Airsoft CQB Warehouse

A soon-to-be demolished warehouse converted into an airsoft field.
A soon-to-be demolished warehouse converted into an airsoft field.

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