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How to play, and strategies for Madden 12 Ultimate Team

Updated on August 31, 2012


So as you popped your disc into the disc tray, did all the download basics, you saw that there was a category of ultimate team. Some might think this was the create a player (superstar), might have thought this was franchise, but you were wrong. What ultimate player is, is a game mode that allows a player to get a team of players. You start with a basic group of guys who may or may not be any good, most likely are not good. From here there are a number of things you can do, and i will talk more about them below.

the overview

Overall madden team can be one of the most fun things to do on madden. it is fairly simple to play and can be very addicting. At first it may be a little tough to start but once you get the hang of it it is very easy to get money and you will not be able to put the controller down. So the first thing that i can suggest is generating some money. When you first start it will be fairly difficult to play and there are only so many things that i can suggest that will definitely work. So first off buy card packs. The best thing to do is buy gold packs. Now at first to generate money it is tough, because there is no sure fire way to make a good amount of money when it is needed.

But overall the madden ultimate team really gives the user something fun to do with more than just playing football itself. Now i will talk about how to generate money.

generating money

The best way to build your team and generate money, is doing collections. By doing collections you are getting players who are special and have benefits that can't be bought, and also getting a good coin package. Some collection are extremely profitable, like the collection for the jerseys, or the stadiums. here you can make some good money, and you can also get the specialty cards. Now the best way to fill collections is to buy gold premium packs of cards, this will include the players needed in order to be able to finish a collection and any players not on collection you can list on the auction for 10000, which would pay for the entire pack if sold +1000. Gold premium packs also include the fantasy players needed which can also be preferable and to complete collections. The collections that i highly suggest doing are anything that gives a legendary card, or anything that you can make a profit with coins. I usually wait until i had 9 players on a core collection before buying the rest at 10000 a piece, so that i would make a fairly decent amount of money.


Now obviously you want to play in order to build your record and make the game worth it. So when playing you may ask which game type should i choose, or should i do a tournament. I do not suggest doing a tournament, until you have learned the basics, and have a good team about 92. A lot of the people in the bigger tournaments will be like me and have a team of about 98-99. So doing a tournament early on could overall hurt your record. Although i do at some point suggest doing tournaments as these pose the best money to be earned from playing the game. You will not get good money at all from playing friends. They take a big penalty when you play a friend. Also playing against people usually is not a good source of income. Same with the computer. Overall i would say either do tournaments, or play head to head once you have money. Now having money goes back to before about doing collections. I have played a total of about 20 games, have a team rank of 98, and have about 400,000 coins. This is solely from collections and buying packs of cards and selling all the players. It really does generate income not to mention you get a free contract card every gold premium pack you buy. So those really are profitable for you and i do suggest buying them.

The overall

Overall this is profitable for you to be able to make some money, and to play the game. Having money obviously makes it a lot more fun. And also you do not need to buy a legendary pack because not only is there no guarantee that you will get a legendary player so no sense in paying for it, especially since you can just buy a legendary player outright once you have generated income like i have. I hope this helps, and if you need help feel free to contact me.


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