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How to survive on Moon

Updated on April 5, 2015

After the release of Black Ops 2 my interest in zombies was resparked, so I have decided to release this guide for one of the biggest zombies maps in the game: Moon. This is the biggest and most complex map in Black Ops and there are many strategies that can be used on the giant of a map Moon. But, this is the one that works time and time again for me so with out further a do lets get into how to survive on the zombies map Moon.

No man's land

When you start the map you find your self in an open cage in no man's land instead running for the teleporter look ahead to see what perk machine falls in front of you. You want to make sure that the perk is Juggernog and not Speed Cola, if it is Speed Cola restart now and try again until you get Juggernog. Once Juggernog has been spawned in you need to run to the potential zombie spawn points and knife as many zombies as possible. As soon as the teleporter begins to sound the alarm the zombies will start running.And their health will be equivilant to a zombie in a different map on round two, so therefore, it takes two knives to kill the running zombie and will require to much of a risk to continue trying to get kills with the knife. Begin to run in a circle around the lake and then through or in front of the cage in which you spawned avoiding zombies along the way. Kill any dogs that spawn in because at this point they only take one knife to kill and it's easier to survive with zombies rather then dogs. Every time that the alarm goes off the zombies health will increase as if it was a new round. So to get kills for points make sure that as soon as all the zombies are following behind you begin to shoot into the horde. Turn around and fire some shots, moving back as you do, so you don't get caught. Keep repeating this until your out of ammo then continue running the route and pull out grenade before you enter the cage and as you run through and throw it off the wall on the right. When it explodes it should add enough points to push you up to 2500 points but, continue running the route.After a few laps the zombies should have spawned back in and crawlers should have moved into the mud. Repeat the process with the grenade but as soon as you throw it make a dash for the stairs where Juggernog is. Climb the stairs and buy Juggernog then run to the back of the telepad and you should be able to safely teleport to the moon; however, a dog should be able to hit you once or twice but the last thing you should do is get off the telepad.

Round 1 to 4

First thing you got to do is grab the P.E.S right in front of you and put it on so you have the ability to breathe on the moon and you don't go down. One thing most people do is buy Quick Revive as soon as they grab the P.E.S don't do this what you need to do at this point is raise as many points as you can to use to get to the dome; Quick Revive is a waste of points right now. Without bullets you will have to use your knife to kill zombies in the early rounds, which will be easy because you've got Juggernog. Make sure that you watch both barriers carefully never let one get you from behind and don't get cornered it's the only way you will be able to get downed by zombies. Your main problem right now is the cosmonaut who will show up soon if he manages to grab he can take away your Juggernog perk and your trip to a high round will be much harder without it. Watch for max ammos and double points they will be very helpful for later rounds, but, avoid nukes and even insta kills. Remember that the main goal for the early rounds is to get to the dome which is where you will spend most of your game at. Also Death Machine can help conserve ammo and can help kill the cosmonaut yet, this also decreases the amount of points you will have. You should be able to stay in this room until the end of round four which will give enough time to earn the points you need to get to the dome. Make sure that you leave a few zombies left in round 4 so they don't re spawn in a different room to plague you later.

End of round 4 - Getting to the Dome

To get to the dome buy the door on the left of when you spawned into the moon and follow through the next door then go down the stairs and buy the other door on the right. Go through the room and get the door and continue into a maze like area follow the only path available until you get to the fork in the road then you go straight. At the next fork in the road take a right and follow it down to the next door appearing on the left. Go through the door leading to stairs on the left and into a rather large room; on the right will either be the box or a box location and on the left is the power switch. Ignore the box (if it's there) for now and turn on the power then pass it continuing around to the right leading to more stairs and at the top another door you can purchase. Enter this next room and pass the Double Tap and check every table in this room for a possible location of the hacker which you will trade in for the P.E.S. This is a helpful tool that will be used to open the next four doors will be opened using this saving you hundreds of points. Pulling out the hacker and using it on the door will allow you to hack the door and get it for 200 points after a long wait. Make sure that when you use it no zombies are around to catch you, because this will cause you to get trapped in the corner and go down. Give up on the hack and run a loop causing the zombies to get farther away to get you time to hack the door safely. After getting the tool climb go through the second room with the desks leading to more stairs in the top left hand corner. Hack the door (if the hacker wasn't in this room buy this door and it will be in this next room on one of the desks). Continue into the room and hack the door on the left (or find the hacker in this room) then hack the door on the right. Enter the door on the right which will lead into the dome.

The Dome

Now that you are in the dome run forward then to the right around the large rock that will be in front of you and then check to to the right around another small rock. Their will be launch pads on the ground avoid them especially if you lost Juggernog as the can launch you into the air and falling will down you without Juggernog. Around the rock is a possible box location as well as PHD Flopper. Keep in mind that the box is their if it is, then exit going to the right getting deeper into the dome. Continue following the path until you reach steps taking you up to a new platform with a door right behind another launch pad. Wait until the launch pads lights are turned off, meaning that the launch is also turned off, then continue forward to hack the door. Now that all the doors have been hacked open you should still have enough points for the box. If not find the zombies that were following and kill all but one and that should be enough to get you at least one go at the box.So, now that you have enough points, (or already had enough points) go back to the box. If it's in the dome you are lucky and have no problems to deal with and can simply get a weapon from the box. If it's all the way downstairs start heading for it but, be careful, the zombies you have left are probably entering into the dome. And also the cosmonaut has most likely reached you as well and he is still perfectly capable of ruining your game. If they have entered into make a quick loop to get safely past them and then you are home free to the box. However, if they haven't, proceed with caution, don't run through doors into unchecked rooms and use the whole room to get around them or lead them into the dome to loop them safely. And if you didn't see the box in either of these locations then go to the exit of the dome, remember to watch for the zombies and loop them or get around them safely. Then proceed to the right to the door you had hacked after you exit the dome. In the transition room to the outside you will have to trade in your hacker for the P.E.S. which will be on the right wall in the transition room. Once you have the P.E.S. equip it and head out through the door and head to the box which will be in your sight. The zombies that you passed early will get a sudden boost of speed when they enter the outside area, just run to the box and use it quickly. Then take your weapon and if you can use the box again while watching out for zombies. If one is close you can run around the big rock the box is located along and grab the weapon as you run back inside. After avoiding the zombies check every desk for the hacker and trade back so you have the hacker for the start of the next round. Now that you have the dome open and you have a new weapon or two, kill the zombies and head to the dome for the start of round 5.

Round 5-9

Now that we are ready for combat in the Dome you should begin running around the big rock in front of you going clockwise and not going up the stair structure along the back side of the rock as this can get you trapped. Pass by the zombies as you past pass the as you go clockwise around the big rock a group of zombies will form as they chase you, being at such a low round you can use your mystery box gun to take care of them. However, you might want to use all your pistol ammo for as many points as possible before you resort to using your gun. At this point, I usually would grab any drop that I can but still keep in mind if your low on points you might want to avoid nukes. Keep in mind that the cosmonaut should be in the dome with you by now and will be messing up your train. The cosmonauts health will be low at this point so if you have a good weapon take him out in the middle of the round but, if you only got a pistol kill him in between rounds. With only a handful of zombies in these rounds you shouldn't be endangered by the cosmonaut at this point. Keep this up and you should be able to last a few rounds with your gun but after awhile you will need a new weapon from the box at the end of round 9 I would replace my weapons. So when you get to this point I would kill all but a few zombies then I would take out a grenade and throw it off the rock and then allowing it to ricochet and explode and turn the zombies it explodes on as you move past into crawlers. And now that you have them go to the box where ever it may be and use all but 500 points on the box for two guns. Unless you are happy with the two guns you are given keep going until you got the guns you want or until you are going below 500 points. Then go back to the original room that you had started in and spent four rounds in as well, and buy Quick Revive then you can head back to the dome watching out for the cosmonaut and the crawlers as well. Now that you have two guns you should take out the cosmonaut with the weapon that you have and after him the crawlers when you are close enough to the dome. And one more tip is if you have 1000 points I would get Deadshot to help build up points and don't worry about wasting one of your four perks as well as points. With the hacker you can hack the machine and it takes away the perk and refunds you the points so you can spend them on other more important things. And one last thing, If you get a warning message saying that an excavator is active you can find out what it does and how out how to stop it below in the round 16-25 strategy.

Outside on Moon

Round 10-15

Use the same circling strategy to gain as many points as possible during these next few rounds to use the box and get the other perks that you want. Remember to watch out for the cosmonaut as you run this route he can greatly mess up your run if he can get his hands on you. Not much is new as you get comfortable into this route running it multiple times as you repeat the route and also make sure that you know how to shut off the excavator it becomes very important in later rounds. At round 15 start trying to make a crawler at the end of the round, if you fail at this and accidentally kill the last zombie just play another round and try again. When you do get the crawler go to the box (note that if the box moves there is another possible location in the room that you spawned into the moon in). Try for a wonder weapon preferably the zap guns and also you will want a gersh device and a sub machine gun with a lot of ammo, such as the AUG or the commando for points. If you don't have enough points try to return Deadshot for more points.On the other hand if you have enough points you can also buy Double Tap Root-beer for increased fire rate. And always keep in mind to watch out for that crawler and the cosmonaut wherever it may be.

Round 16-25

Keep the same strategy going until you have enough points to get the zap guns from the box, and once you have them continue until you have 8000 points/ 7000 points and Deadshot/ 6000 points and Doubletap/ 5000 points and Dubletap and Deadshot. At the end of a round make a crawler and then return your perks and then teleport back to No mans land by going to the dome and going to the back where you had hacked a door next to a launch pad. Go through this door and do not take the P.E.S keep the hacker and exit the transition room onto the surface of the moon. Now go forward dropping into a pit onto a teleportation pad that will take you to No man's land. As soon as you get their quickly run forward and put your zap guns into the Pack-a-punch then wait watching for zombies that will begin to spawn. Now when your weapon comes out of the Pack-a-punch quickly grab it then turn and run for the stairs,avoiding the mud, and on your way to the teleporation pad get Speed Cola which should be in the spot Juggernog was in when you first started. If it's not ignore it and repeat this process at a later round for it if you want it and then onto the telepad. Once you make it to the surface of the Moon turn off the excavators in the room you are in by hacking the excavator controls that should be flashing along one of the walls of the room. Doing this will grant 1000 points to you and now you can head back to the Dome avoiding the cosmonaut as you go back. And then start the next round and continue until you have 5000+ points. When you have them go buy Mule Kick and then get a third weapon to use. With this you shouldn't have to worry about running out of ammo. And at this point you can most likely just use the Zap guns to get through rounds for the rest of your entire run. So make sure you have the four perks, upgraded zap guns and hopefully gersch devices as well.

Round 26+

From here on out it's just a matter of how long you can run the strategy without accidentally running into a zombie along your route Use your zap guns to take out zombies within the dome and occasionally a gersch device in case you may want to try to pick up a drop or hack a drop. To hack a drop stand close to it then hack it which will take 5000 points but will provide you with a max ammo. This may seem stupid but when you have very little amm on in your zap guns it is extremely helpful. And whenever I pick up a max ammo just before I do so I reload and throw my gersch devices seeing that they will be replaced. Turning of the excavators can be very risky now but is still very important to do so but not worth ending your run for. If you have to do it in the middle of a run make sure that when you get back you use your zap guns as they are one hit kills. Try to loop around the room you spawn in until you have a handful of zombies spawned in the drop through the panel in the floor which will now be open and leave the already spawned in zombies in the dust. This won't allow for large groups of zombies to spawn in, in front of you making your trip back to the dome much more smooth. Watch out for the cosmonaut as you are traveling back to the dome he is the biggest problem about getting back to the dome safely. Make sure that you stay calm as you run the circle for kills you are safe unless if you start to panic and then do something stupid you will go down. If you get hit once you can still get out of the situation seeing that you can take quite a few of them before going down.

The Zap Guns

Zap Guns

Just in case if you have never used zap guns before I will explain how to use them quickly. As you can probably see they are shot like dual-wielding pistols and are one-shot kills. Also you may notice that it has an ability, it has a sort of attachment. If you bring out the attachment it turns it into a Wunderwaffe like weapon that shots a ray that kills all zombies in range of the shot and it causes them to puff and explode. So to use this effectively I use the dual pistol feature as I run the circle using them to kill any zombies that are in front of me that could potentially screw up my route. When I get all 28 zombies spawned in I move towards the door then, before reaching the launch pad, I turn around and circle around using the space next to the zombies as I switch to the "attachment" and turn around back towards the condense group and blow them away. After the shot I reload the weapon and switch back to the dual wield pistol feature. Please note that the zap guns do NOT damage the cosmonaut I usually use a ray gun in late rounds to take out the cosmonaut if I can. To do this I throw a Gersch Device then shoot the cosmonaut as many times as possible to take care of them so I don't have to deal with them later.

Whats Your Highest Round on Moon?

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