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How to watch DivX and AVI videos on your Xbox 360

Updated on October 10, 2011

Have you ever wondered why your brand new Xbox 360 is unable to read the most common format for videos on the Internet? Well, this guide will allow you to reach your goal turning your console into a DivX and AVI player!

First, turn on the Xbox 360 and connect it to a broadband modem or router via Ethernet cable (you can also do this with a slower connection, but it will take to long to download the files needed for the upgrade). Place a video on a disk or a USB stick in video format DivX or AVI. Once this is done connect the Xbox 360 to Live and access your account.

At this point, insert the disk or USB stick containing the video in DivX or AVI format to the Xbox 360, wait a few seconds to load the file from the disk in the console, scroll through the dash screen menu until you reach the option “Video Library”: select this option. Done this, select the option “Current Disc” or “Portable Device”, select your video and then “Play”. At this point the Xbox 360 will alert you that you need a “Media Update” to play this type of file; press “OK” to confirm the update and wait for the download and the end of the installation without shutting down either unplug the console.

Congratulations! You have installed on your Xbox 360 the codecs needed for playing DivX, AVI and most of the video formats out there.


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