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How to win a Game of Open TTD on PC or Android

Updated on July 24, 2014

What is Open TTD?

Open TTD is a free to download and play version of the original PC game Transport Tycoon Deluxe. It has the same feel as the original with slightly updated graphics. There are lots of free user created scenarios as well as Vehicle station and industry packs.

The aim of the game is to build a transport company that transports people and products around the map. Your goal, to make as much money as you can and out do the competition.

Building a Winning Company

The best thing to do when building your company up is to try and avoid using road vehicles as these are slow and get easily caught up in traffic. The best transport option is often the train as these can cover large distances quicker than road vehicles.

Choosing your first locations.

When you first start a game take a good look at the map to locate the larger cities and towns. Connect two of them that are not to far from each other and connect them with a train line. For the best service use a station with at least two platforms and that is at least 4 in length. Then create two tracks connecting them a few tiles away from the station and add one way signals to make it more realistic.

If you wish to work on transporting goods then look for a woodland and a sawmill that are not to far apart and build a train line like I described above between them.

Once you have your train line you need trains. For this you will need to build a depot. I recommend building one at each end of the track close to the stations. Click on a depot and choose your locomotive. The fastest one that has a good reliability and is not to expensive to run. Then you need your cars. Four is a good starting number but they must be capable of transporting your chosen cargo.

Building Your Infrastructure

Once you have your first route running and bringing in money its time to expand your operation. Take another look around the map close to your first route and if you are concentrating on passengers then look at connecting one of your first stations to another in another nearby town.


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