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A HubPages-Themed Crossword Puzzle: The Answer Key

Updated on January 11, 2015

Good Luck!


For those of you who finished--or gave up trying to finish--the HubPages-Themed Crossword Puzzle, here is the answer key. I hope you had fun and did well!

Answer Key: How Well Did You Do?

How much fun did you have?
How much fun did you have? | Source

An Inspiring Break from the Usual

I created this crossword puzzle not just to entertain you, but to inspire you to write more and in different ways than usual. If you always write with your "Special Pen", for example, branch out and try typing directly into the computer--consider the results and be curious about them. Everyone needs a vacation from the usual occasionally, and this crossword puzzle brings you a break in your day as well as other ideas for how to create. Have you ever used a fountain pen? a quill pen? a glass pen? an old-fashioned (no electricity required) typewriter? Do you usually write in cursive or block printing? All caps, all lower-case, or some of each? Try writing in different styles and in different places to spice up your work and keep your creative juices flowing. Honestly now, how long has it been since you've written a poem--a gentle Haiku or a dashing limerick?

Good luck, and be careful out there: you never know when you'll walk smack into a perfect article to write.

How Much Fun was This Crossword Puzzle?

Now that you've done the crossword, how much fun was it? Were you inspired to try different types of writing to spice up your usual style?

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About the Author

Information about the author, a list of her complete works on HubPages, and a means of contacting her and sending fan mail are available over on →Laura Schneider's profile page. But wait--don't go there yet! Please continue scrolling down to leave ratings and any comments you have about this puzzle so that it can be improved to best meet your needs. Thank you!

All text, photos, illustrations, and dividers in this document are in the public domain or are
Copyright © 2013 by Laura D. Schneider unless indicated otherwise. All rights reserved.


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    • Laura Schneider profile image

      Laura Schneider 5 years ago from Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

      Thanks! It was a challenge, but fun.

    • Storytellersrus profile image

      Barbara 5 years ago from Stepping past clutter

      This was an amazing challenge! I am impressed that you thought this up and were able to interconnect all the letters as well as ideas. Thumbs up!