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New Game by Ubisoft - Hyper Scape

Updated on July 6, 2020
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All the information you need to know on the newly arrived Hyperscape game is here.

What is Hyper Scape?

Hyper Scape is the battle royal game by Ubisoft. The game has urban cities maps and is launched as the test-period which is available in some regions. The games official launch date is still not given. The game has intensely beautiful graphics with first person shooting. The game is same as PUBG but with locations with cities and many different attacks and modernize weapons. The game is only made available for PC for, but will eventually will be made available for Playstation and X-box.

The Hyper Scape will be having an integration with Twitch, for those who don't know about Twitch, it is a live game streaming platform. The game has many different locations with futuristic graphic.

About The Game

Start of the Game:

The game starts with choosing a player, different characters are available, you can choose any of them. In the game you form a team of three in a lobby of 99 players and find your way to last till the end. The solo mode will be made available in the full release of the game. Presently, there are nine guns available to defeat opponents and nine special abilities are available for charatcers to use. Players can upgrade their characters once they are in the game.

Once the match starts players are dropped from a Drop Pod from different corners of the map. The player has a melee weapon in the start and has to find different weapons and guns on the go. The guns can also be found in the crates. You can increase the strength of your equipment by fusing it with the same type of equipments.


In this game the damage is healed automatically if you not lose any hit points. There is no full damage and also no team damage in this game. The armor system is also not available in the game. Each player gets 120 hit points and get extra damage from headshots. All the other damage is same if it's a body shot or limb shot.


There are many different locations on the map for player to visit. Player has to select his drop location and can visit the different locations once on the ground. The map will decay as the match progresses and you have to be in the undecaying portion to stay alive. If stayed in the decaying part the health of the player will automatically start reducing and eventually the player will die.

Ghost Player:

If the player dies he becomes the ghost and can roam freely in the map but will not be seen by anyone and also unable to interact with anything but you can ping enemies to help the other teammates. The died teammate can also be revived, for that there are locations marked as restore point on the map. For this to happen the ghost has to stand on the restore point and one of the living teammates visiting it and bring you back. These restore points are created when enemy player is killed and is for only onetime use.

How to win the game:

The game can be won by standing alive till the end or by holdin the crown in the endgame. Once hold the crown the player who holds it is marked to see by everyone else in the game. If you hold the crown for a long amount of time without being killed you will win the game.

The Twitch Integration & Gun Details

The twitch integration will give viewers to affect what is happening in the game. Using the twitch extension the streamers can make available certain events in the game for which viewers can directly vote. The ubisoft had further plans where they player will be able to create a custom lobby and can act as game master with the ability to change the aspects in the game in realtime while the other players are trying to win the game.

Now talking about the ingame guns, for now nine guns are made available in the game and player can carry only two guns at a time. Each of the guns can be upgraded for four times by fusing the guns with the weapons. The name of the guns are:

  • D-Tap
  • Riot One
  • Mammoth MK 1
  • Ripper
  • Hexfire
  • Protocol V
  • Salvo EPL
  • Skybreaker
  • Komodo

The full release of the game more guns will be made available. You have to upgrade these guns so that more damage can be done to your opponents.

The Hacks

The hacks offers players abilities in game which will help you to defeat your enemy more easily. Player can carry only two hacks at a time just as guns. All these hacks have a cool down time, once they cool down you can use them. These hacks can be upgraded four times and can be fused with the same hacks. The hacks available in the game are:

  • Invisibility
  • Mine
  • Armor
  • Ball
  • Slam
  • Wall
  • Reveal
  • Teleport
  • Heal

You can use these hacks and defeat your enemy players easily. The hacks help you a lot when you have the crown as all the other players are after you.

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