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I am Game

Updated on April 29, 2015

You could hear the Joker heckle as the King was taken to the stand,

"Take Him Away !" ~ Boomed the Queens command ~

The rooks and knights stood left, right, front and back ~

Jacks and lower were placed hands down into a stack ~

The night was young, the games were on ~

All in tonight ~ even the pawn ~

Checkers resting on the chess board, seemed a bit confused~

A Monopoly of things feeling mostly used ~

Everything played in the game of Life ~

Dice were rolling, odd at best ~

Ouija and her kind were laid to rest ~

Scrabble tiles, trying hard to score ~

arranged words of wisdom upon the floor ~

I read "Gok" and wondered of the meaning of it ~

lost my turn and had to sit ~

I sat upon the Kings lap ~

Until I felt the sting of the Queens slap ~

"I was just trying to gok myself into the Grand scheme !"

My points doubled, tripled, quadrupled and streamed.

Poker chips mounted and ultimately built a wall ~

"Jenga!" signed the winning hand in hopes that it would fall ~

Instructions read and understood and in agreeance to all present ~

Equal value to us all ~ King as well as peasant ~

Deuces wild, if they want. Hearts may take control ~

This game is open field to the wisest and the drolling fool ~

Its the way the game is played ~ not won or lost or tie ~

How it's actually put together, the way the pieces lie ~

Black or white ball in the pocket, doesn't mean you lose~

No top card here or shuffle order, cut anytime you choose ~

So, two steps back and claim your prize ~

By experience you will learn to recognize ~

Not all the games are played the same ~

some for wealth others for fame ~

Contests are for losers as well ~

Time will tell that bees can't spell ~

Cross words were seen abstractly scribbled on the board ~

Suits were exchanged and replaced because someone lost their sword ~

Amusement and diversion ~ take it all in fun ~

It's your game,Champ, your name here ~ player limit one.


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