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I miss the old traditonal Final Fanatsy games

Updated on November 8, 2012

Final Fantasy Series


What has happened to the trarditional Final Fanatsy game?

I remember playing Final Fantasy as a kid and truly enjoyed. Now I won't lie and say it was my favorite game because I can remember other people wouldn't sleep when a new FF game was out. I first played final fantasy on Nintendo and really enjoyed the way it played. The class system was intense in the way that you could choose any class you wanted. Though the simplicity of the game made it slightly monotonous it had its charming way. The game play was fun even though it was repetitive and the sprites and there 8-bit attacks put a smile on my face. I played the sequel on the Nintendo and found them all extremely entertaining and fun, especially the second ones style similar to the SaGa series. The stories became very in depth and each game had a great script. The fourth release of the game came out on the Super Nintendo. It was overly fun and exciting with better graphics then what we were use to. However, we were stuck with unchangeable classes which I didn't enjoy. I played 5 and 6 and truly enjoyed the in-depth story and great character development and freedom of class change in 5. These games had better graphics the there predecessors. Once the play station game out Final Fantasy 7 showed itself as the most incredible game out. The RPG had story and game play mixed for perfection. The Overdrive system was introduced and the games enjoyable aspects increased. 8 and 9 also had excellent game play though. It wasn't until FF ten's release on the play station 2 that I can say I enjoyed the introduction of Aeons. On PS1 I truly loved FF tactics because i was a huge fan of the tactical rpg genre. Now I miss each of these game and there constantly improving graphics. Each story great and the adventure was just a lot of fun. When FF 12 was released I was excited to play it only to be confused and let down. No more random encounters, I more fast paced real time adventure had been concocted. now I'm usually the first one to say don't fix what isn't broken, but I understand things become stale. So with understanding I played this new real time game. Now there was one way this game could have kept me in the loop. If you could physically run away or dodge attacks this could have been an awesome concept. However, I ran 30 feet away from an enemy and you physically watch this attack go no where near me and I get hit. What the hell is that? If you want to make something in real time let me dodge a fireball. Mix real time and turn based, don't make it so the negatives of real time and turn based get thrown together. I was so turned off by the style of game play. It takes very little tweaking for me to enjoy this concept but they didn't do it. Also the characters having been getting gayer and gayer looking as time goes on. What with the extreme pretty boy blonde thing. Now they just look like guys with make up and considering drag. Look I want the old turn based back. If you can't improve the game play then give back what works. I miss the old style that we all know and love. No more of me facing the wall and hitting characters on the other side of the level, it makes no sense. Give us back the greatness of Final Fantasy. It worked for well over a decade almost two decades lets keep it working.

Final Fantasy 1 Game Play

Final Fantasy 7 Boss Battle

Final Fantasy game play style

Which Final Fantasy Style do you like better?

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