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I review Battletoads on the rare reply, even with cheat codes Battletoads is still the hardest NES game ever

Updated on September 3, 2015

My youtube review on Battletoads

The 3 battletoads

Yeah there a parody of the Ninja Turtles
Yeah there a parody of the Ninja Turtles

Battletoads review

Rare Reply© Microsoft Corporation. This video review of Battletoads from the rare reply was created under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" using assets from Rare Reply, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft.

Also all pictures and the video in this hub were captured by me using a capture device.

With Rare Replay being released about a week ago I decided to go back and do a review on an NES classic Battletoads. Often times regarded has the hardest NES game ever made (and I won’t argue with that) Battletoads is known for pile driving players into the ground. Has for me I have had the NES game since I was 9 years old and almost 25 years later I have never made it past the Snake Pit without cheating (don’t judge me for not completing the game kids until play it can at least get past stage 3)


Well the Battletoads are of course parodies of the Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles. Anyways this game starts with one of the Battletoads named Pimple out on a date with a Princess called Angelica (yeah way to do bestiality in a game 15 years before Sonic made it creepy). And they get captured by the Dark Queen and taken to her lair. It’s up to the other Battletoads and there Vulture Coach to try and rescue them.

Yeah 15 years before Sonic 06 made Beastality in video games creepy

Oh well I bet he gives her good tongue
Oh well I bet he gives her good tongue

Yeah save the girl it’s pretty much the story in over half the NES library and no difference here. Still the game does have some humor in it. Between stages you will get dialogues between the Dark Queen and the Coach about what your facing next. And if you fail (and believe me you will fail) the game is not above mocking you. The coach has a few good one liners for you babies who decide to use a continue. From saying the Dark Queen sent you home saying you weren’t too good, to saying he’s going to bring you a warm bottle of milk this vulture isn’t above criticizing you regardless of the challenge.

Yes this game does mock you for dying

Oh screw you your just mad I killed all your relatives in duck hunt.
Oh screw you your just mad I killed all your relatives in duck hunt.
the character art is cartoony
the character art is cartoony

The graphics in this game are pretty good. The sprites are well drawn, there cartoony, and some of the backgrounds are amazing for 1990 NES standard. The best looking part comes with the speed bike though, to go that fast and keep it that smooth on the NES is almost impossible. Rare was known for pushing the graphical limits on consoles and this is no exception.

My only complaint is that there is some color bleeding on some of the larger character animations like the dark queen for example.

There some color bleeding on the dark queen here
There some color bleeding on the dark queen here


The music in this game is not the best the NES has to offer but it does have a good tracks. The opening theme song is pretty catchy, and if I wasn’t to busy dodging crap the speed bike theme would be pretty good too. The only song that is panned and universally so is the pause button theme, oh god that is more annoying than listening to Flame Hynard (Mega Man X7) and Baby Mario cry from Yoshi’s Island combined.


All right let’s start talking about what I have experienced with Battletoads. When you first start the game you’re going to be introduced to a really easy level for an NES action games. When you consider hard games like Contra, or Bayou Billy, Battletoads first stage is a cake walk. It’s just a standard action brawler with a few small platforming elements. The boss is really fun and unique too but not hard, it’s hard to lose a life. The 2nd stage cranks it up a notch has things start doing big damage but again for the most part it’s pretty easy. Stage 3 starts off just like stage 1 only enemies take more hits. In then in the middle of stage 3 it happens.

These bikes only have 2 speed stop

and ludicrous speed.
and ludicrous speed.

The speed bikes appear and you find out that they only have two speed settings, stop and ludicrous speed. You have to prepare to go all out plad in order to just keep up with the speed of this stage. And no this isn’t crappy like Bayou Billy in which large car, small road, one hit kill when the game was design for large car, larger road, and multiple hits to be killed. No Battletoads is still one hit kill but moving your car around the obstacles is easy enough if you can keep up with the speed. I only can get past this part because I know there is a hidden warp that jumps to stages next to one of the walls.

Jumping ahead gets me to the surf board stage which is a much easier stage then the speed bikes but it’s not always easy controlling this always hopping surf board. But if you can get past that comes my final level the snake pit. The snake pit is actually a weird puzzle game in a way, you have to figure out which way the snakes are moving and put your battletoad in the right position otherwise you’re going to hit spikes and die. One hit from a spike kills you, and since this is such a trial and error place you can see why I haven’t made it past this stage without cheating. In fact the game so trial and error based its main and largest flaw is that there aren’t unlimited continues, die to many times you will be sent back to the first stage. But fortunately the Rare Reply is here to fix a few of the problems, and just let us cheat for the rest of them.

Rare Reply

Yeah you’re getting more than just achievement’s Rare added in a bunch of emulation cheats to make this game more bearable too younger audiences (and this still ranks up pretty high on the challenge even with these cheats installed) your biggest one is hitting the LT button rewinds several seconds of game time, plenty helpful on those speed bikes, if you make a mistake on the snake stage to save your life. You can also have the option if you want to give yourselves unlimited life’s eliminating that pesky problem I already mention of dying to much sends you back to the beginning. And no emulation collection would be complete without a save anywhere feature which Battletoads has. Did I beat the game with these cheats, no still got stuck in a damn rat race level that makes the speed bike level seem like world 1-1 on Super Mario Bros in comparison.

2 Player Mode

Yeah I didn’t get any multiplayer footage for my video and I don’t have any for my hub but here is my advice on it. DON’T EVER, EVER, EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES HAVE A FRIEND PLAY BATTLETOADS ON TWO PLAYERS, its A QUICK WAY TO GAIN A BLACK EYE AND LOOSE A FRIEND. The angry video game nerd has a good video on the multiplayer mode on his youtube channel.

The Angry Video Game Nerds review (warning adult language)

Final Recommendation

Battletoads for the NES is one of the hardest games ever made, so hard that I think very few people have ever beaten this game. And kids if you beat it using the Rare Reply cheats don’t go around saying you beat it like the people on the NES did. While still hard has hell it’s a lot easier than the NES version.


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