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INVedit, Minecraft Inventory Editing Tool

Updated on December 20, 2010
For more Minecraft hacks, tips, tools and cheats:
For more Minecraft hacks, tips, tools and cheats: | Source

INVedit Minecraft inventory editor is perhaps one of the most controversial Minecraft tools out there. Why? Because it is a tool that allows you to generate as many blocks of any type as you want. Need 100 obsidian? Just open up INVedit and add the necessary blocks. Is your diamond pick axe starting to take too much damage for your liking? Open INVedit and repair that bad boy, or simply add another ten to your inventory.

Is Using INVedit cheating?

Most die hard Minecrafters do consider the use of INVedit cheating. If you didn't chop down all that wood that's currently sitting in your 500 meter scale representation of Noah's ark, well then you're dirty cheating swine in their eyes. Which is fair enough I suppose, if you want to be a purist about things and if you only consider achievements which threatened to destroy your real world life as having some sort of validity.

Personally I don't care if it is cheating or not. The simple fact of the matter is that using INVedit saves you spending hour upon hour holding down your mouse button mindlessly in the hopes of coming across some iron ore, or gold or diamond or whatever. Sure, there is something impressive about seeing massive structures that were grafted out of the very bowels of the Minecraft earth, but if you're not enjoying that style of play, there's really no reason why you should feel bound to emulate it.

Minecraft can become tedious after a time, and much of the reason for the tedium is the grind to get materials. Using INVedit to build things that amuse you changes the game from a pure gritty survival experience to something more akin to playing with Lego, but that's perfectly okay.

How To Install INVedit

INVedit is easily installed by downloading the tool from the official thread (link at the end of this article) and installing it using the usual install protocol. This is not a mod and will not (usually) result in any corruption of your game. It is a stand alone tool which requires that you exit out of a Minecraft level in order to use it, because if the Minecraft level is being played, the inventory file is not available for editing.

Once you get into the habit of saving to the main menu and then editing the inventory, Minecraft becomes a fast, fun building game. If you feel guilty and want to punish yourself, you can always change the difficulty to hard and let creepers destroy what you are working so hard to create (even though you're being given the blocks for free, you still have to place them all painstakingly by hand, a process which can take many, many hours, days, weeks, months and so on.)

Download INVedit.


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