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Ideas for MVC3 Tournament Regulation, Clarified

Updated on February 9, 2012
Why they get the points they've been assigned
Why they get the points they've been assigned

Last article, we talked about how I think tournaments should be regulated, so spammers wouldn't have their chance to do what they do worst. By assigning points to each character based on their spammability, it helps tournament become contests of skill rather than cheapness. Here are the reasons behind:

50 Point Characters - We have Doctor Doom, Iron Man, Magneto, Sentinel, and Storm for the Marvel side with Akuma, Dante, Ryu, and Wesker for Capcom.

Doctor Doom - Plasma Beam makes this character worth 50 points alone, the reset between animations is too short for this not to be a high spamming character. Being able to block during Hard Kick adds to this character's value.

Iron Man - Easily worth 50 points with Unibeam's short reset time, Repulsor Blast's wide area of effect as well as Photon Cannon actually doing a hit when it's summoned.

Magneto - Another 50 points because EM Disruptor has a ridiculously short reset time. Not to mention Gravity Squeeze being an instant hit regardless of where you are on the screen.

Sentinel - No one can contest that this is a high spamming character. Sentinel Force and Air Raid being unpreventable unless hit at the first split second. Giving a slight speed increase between MVC2 and 3 is what adds to the reason why this would be 50 points.

Storm - Whirlwind and Lightning Attack stringing combos make Storm a 50 point character. The resets should be a second longer. Plus sometimes low attacks miss her completely...Bug, anyone?

Akuma/Ryu (Same thing, right?) - Hadouken and Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku make these characters easily spammable. I played Ryu on Very Hard with no experience and found it too easy.

Dante - Two words make him 50 points alone: Jam Session. An attack that hits high directly above Dante and acts as an advancing guard, too easy to spam. Plus a wide array of combos that he can use that delivers maximum damage with minimum effort.

Wesker - Though none of his moves can be spammed, he finds his spot on the 50 Point Character list for his ease to perform infinite combos and rushdowns with the amount of range he has and the ever annoying Phantom Dance. Combine this with certain assists and he's too cheap of a character.

35 Point Characters - For Marvel, we've got Deadpool, Dormammu, Hulk, Phoenix, She-Hulk, and Spiderman. For Capcom, we've got Amaterasu, Chun-Li, Morrigan, Trish, Viewtiful Joe, and Zero.

Deadpool - Deadpool can spam his Trigger Happy, but with the reset of him drawing and sheathing his guns doesn't make this move easily spamming because you can dodge and jump out of the way. Katana-rama can be easily blocked as well.

Dormammu - Dormammu's Purification and Dark Hole can be spammed, but not at a very fast pace. Mastering the Dark Spells is also what makes him a 35 point character.

Hulk - He stills retains his stability power without the useful red flash indicating a hit. I've seen a player take out a team of three with using his special attack alone, something else that must have passed through beta testing. Abuse of this is what makes him 35.

Phoenix - Besides the quickness of her fireballs, the main reason she's 35 is her Dark Phoenix Resurrection. Once you get her to five power bars, it's over especially if you X-Factor once you're Dark Phoenix. Personally, I think it should be a 20% overall chance of becoming Dark Phoenix regardless of the power bar.

She-Hulk/Spiderman - The main reason these are 35 characters is because they are the only two characters in the game that have unblockable Lv1 hypers, which is strange because Ultimate Web Throw was blockable in MVC2...hmmm...wonder why they changed that?

Amaterasu - Cold Star and her ink slash makes her 35 points. Her shorter hit box also attributes to this.

Chun-Li - Her repeated kicking move after every combo is incessant, but not fast enough to be considered high spamming.

Morrigan - Shadow Blade is easily one of the most annoying anti-air moves in the game. That and her Shadow illusion hyper makes her 35.

Trish - Her traps are too easy to set up and last on the field for a long time, which is strange because she never had those abilities in any other game or the anime.

Viewtiful Joe - Voomerang and Groovy Uppercut are the two main reasons he's 35 points. Like Amterasu, the smaller hit box attributes to this.

Zero - His too-quick-in-charging Charge Shot and the seemingly unblockable Raikousen along with his quick dash makes him a 35 point character.

20 Point Characters - Marvel has Captain America, MODOK, Shuma-Gorath, Super Skrull, Taskmaster, Thor, Wolverine, and X-23. Capcom has Arthur, Chris, Felicia, Haggar, Hsien-ko, Jill, Spencer, Tron, and C. Viper.

Captain America - Shield Slash is too slow to spam, both it and Charging Star leaves Cap wide open if blocked. Stars and Stripes doesn't have the forward lunge like it did in MVC2.

MODOK - Easily the most unwieldy character to play. The only move that can be spammed is Psionic Blaster and I've easily jumped over it.

Shuma-Gorath - Can unleash some wicked combos, but no moves or hypers that can be easily spammed.

Super Skrull - For a human-sized character, his moves are slower than normal. Now Tenderizer can be easily spammed, but it is easy to predict and leaves Skrull open the entire time he's using it.

Taskmaster - Aim Master's reset animations make it easy to block and the fact you need to keep hitting the button to launch all three arrows is annoying, not to mention Hyper Aim Master's functionality.

Thor - Should be 35 points, but his short range and having no stability with only having the easy-to-jump-over Mighty Spark, he finds his home at the 20 point characters.

Wolverine - Can spam Beserker Barrage, but left open if blocked. Berserker Slash requires some skill to use it properly as the ranges have changed. Can be 35 points for his rushdown, but I've only seen a few players utilize it properly.

X-23 - Fast and easy to string combos, but has a huge learning curve and no spamming moves.

Arthur - Despite his small hit box, the only moves he can spam easy are dagger toss and lance toss, but it is predictable and not that fast to string together.

Chris - Can spam his machine gun and magnum, but once again slower than other gun moves and not easy to string together.

Felicia - She doesn't have any moves that can be spammed other than Delta Kick, which is easy to see coming as it is her main special.

Haggar - No Stability and Hoodlum Launcher is good if it hits, but leaves him open if it doesn't. Violent Axe is the only spam move, but it is slow.

Hsien-Ko - Cyclone Blade Dance requires her to throw a chain into the air, which you can see coming and her Dark Artillery attack is slower than other projectiles.

Jill - Fast and Melee-oriented, but no real spamming moves.

Spencer - His Claw attacks are too easy to block and leave him open if you do.

Tron - Could be 35, but her main attack leaves her open and requires a different button pattern than other main specials.

C Viper - Like Felicia, but Seismic Hammer can be spammed well.


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