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The Wii U and What it Could Become!

Updated on November 12, 2014

Ideas from 1-11 for the Wii U

We are all aware that the Wii U is a splendid little machine with many enemies. It was badly marketed, badly named and has so much potential. Below are the top 11 ideas to get the Wii U out of it's current funk and set it apart from the other consoles on the market. Check out all 11 and feel free to leave comments regarding your own ideas.


1. Make Nintendo Versions of sports Games

Nintendo, you have very few if any successful sports games on the Wii U. You have lost the support of EA who create games such as the Madden and Fifa franchise and you, yourselves have created Wii sport. Wii sport however only covers boxing, baseball, tennis and bowling, and not in a team way. It's more petty and generic. So here is an idea. Make your own sports games.

You could make them with those goofy little cartoon guys we all love, or you could go ahead and make the real deal. Either way, intertwine it with NFL names, or the top English Premier league sides. Even the international soccer teams would be enough to make me buy Nintendo international soccer. Mash it up. If you can't get the license for those franchises, heck get Pele and all the old guys on board and throw him in there in his prime. Nothing better than passing the ball from Pele to Luigi who crosses to Mario for a goal. Or maybe even the NFL team names with nothing but Mario Characters or even a mixture of real players and those goofballs. Aaron Rodgers as the QB and Luigi as the receiver. Figure it out Nintendo! Because it sounds awesome!

Would you buy a Wii U sports game that Mashed your favorite Nintendo Characters with your Favorite sports team?

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2. Allow the 3DS to work as a second gamepad

Allowing the 3DS to work as a second gamepad would certainly provide an incentive to the bumper numbers of 3DS owners to jump on the Wii U bandwagon. There are 42.8 million 3DS' in circulation. That's a lot of potential Wii U owners. It would effectively prevent criticism of the lack of dual gamepad play while effectively joining the 3DS and Wii U families.

Heck, don't even stop there. Allow tablets to be used with the console through an app. This may not work effectively for most game experiences, but allowing the Wii U to stream to your tablet would be an attractive gimmick for many, may work with many indie games that are purely touch screen and couldn't hurt Nintendo in any way.


3. Use Nationality

Interesting? Wii UK, Wii USA, Wii UAE. Many of the richest countries in the world begin with U. Play with it Nintendo. Even change the name of your console depending on the country. Heck, make a special edition console and splash the flag across the console, but start using it because it would sell.
It might seem "out there" but at least it's a new idea and something they could look at for future bundles.

Would you buy a Wii UK/ Wii USA etc?

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4. Dual screen functionality

Actually advertise it and actually use it. A few games have dual screen functionality on the Wii U rather than split screen 2 player. Now I don't know about you and many of you might not agree, but if they even released some old games with the ability to play dual monitor (one on the game pad and one on the TV so they can't see what you are doing or where you are hiding) they would sell. I am thinking everything from Command and Conquer Red alert 2 player (yeah that would be nice) to Goldeneye Dual.

Heck even call a game "The Dual - Duel to the death" and advertise the benefits of having dual screens rather than both players looking at one screen and knowing exactly what you are doing. This was executed greatly on Nintendo Land Luigi's mansion. Now push it Nintendo.

Do you remember ever playing a split screen game and wishing you each had a screen?

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Are you sick of the Media being bought out by the biggest company?

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5. Live in Reality and Advertise Properly

The other companies play it dirty. "The competition". Now I am not saying to go out there and make a bad rep for yourselves but seriously all it would take is one advertisement. Something along the lines of this message. "Nintendo Wii U, the only console that has games that don't involve sex, drugs and murder. The competition only offers the above. And hey, if you wish to have those games, most of them are still available on our console. We have Rayman Legends, Assassins Creed 3 and 4, A spate of New top rated Mario games presently and upcoming. We also have upcoming Zelda games, Project CARS, Human Instinct, Watch Dogs and Bayonetta 2 to name but a few.

Thanks and best wishes, The big N".

It doesn't take a genius to see the effects that this would have on parents across the world. Probably leave out the "we have it too" attitude though ;). It is true but just the fact that they have multiplayer games which none of the competition have, and games that can be played by kids and families, unlike the competition, whose games you can't even play when kids are in the room. This is a HUGE mistake by Nintendo who have laid down and allowed the competition to label them, without fighting back.

6. Crash Bandicoot and more

Take Crash Bandicoot. Just grab him and run. He was a symbol of playstation and something that Sony have thrown aside. You have taken Abe from Abe's Odysee on board, so why not? (Can't wait to buy Abe "New N Tasty" on the Wii U)

Also look into other forsaken characters from the past such as Commander Keen. Their popularity is proven and they fit right in with Mario, Luigi, Link and the rest of the big N crew.

It would be controversial, it would lead to free advertisement, and it would be great!

Poaching the Bandicoot is too controversial?

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7. DISNEY - Get the Disney exclusives

You want to sell to Families and kids? Secure Disney as an exclusive 3rd party. Nintendo is, in some way the Disney of the video game world. Pitch it to Disney and they will deliver. They have set up all kinds of exclusive deals in the past (for better or for worse) and very well could do it again.

Think the incredible , monsters inc, princesses (if that's your thing), Nintendoland in Disney World, think big Nintendo. Think really big here.

8. Princess Peach Game and Franchise

A princess peach game would go down extremely well. I am betting this is one that Nintendo will put into play. There are many parents who would buy a console for their little girls to play princess peace on. Sell the console in pink and market the heck out of it. I even know a few adults who would buy a pink Wii U just because it looks cool.Bring out some second rate strawberry shortcake, hello kitty (that kitty could sell a rainy day) and princess games and include them in the bundle. Wham!! A slam dunk in sales.

Is there a gap in the market for Female players of all ages?

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9. Go the "Heavy Rain" Route

Make an interesting game that shows what Nintendo can do. Something like heavy rain. Even if it doesn't sell well, it will bring something more to the Wii U and show that Nintendo can create a fantastic, modern or even futuristic experience that is adult and thought provoking.

10. Steam Streaming App

Many of us bought a Wii U because we are PC gamers and want to have a console too. As a matter of fact, most of the games not available on the Wii U can be played on the PC. With the introduction of the steam machine, Valve, the owners of Steam, need a device that can help existing PC gamers stream their PC games to the big screen. I think you can see where I am going with this.

If there was an app on the Wii U that could allow PC games to stream to not just the TV, but the gamepad, Nintendo would be singing in a cash pit. And I don't need to remind you all that the Wii U does not need to be able to play the PC games to simply work as the streaming box for Steam from your PC to your TV.

Nintendo have very few games that are cross platform between the PC and Wii U, so they have very little to lose here. It would only work in their favor, as many PC gamers hate the Xbox and Playstation, but they might rather buy a Wii U than a steam machine or steam streamer to play their PC games on their TV.

Do it Nintendo!!

11. Firmware Update to Play Blu-Ray Discs

This is a more than obvious one. I sold my original Wii and bought a PS3 because it made more sense than buying a blu ray player. The cost of the Wii with the price of the Blu ray player justified my purchase.

The existing hardware in the Wii U is capable of playing Blu-ray discs and (correct me if I'm wrong) should be capable of playing DVD's. It really would be nice to not only use my Wii U as a Blu-Ray disc player to watch my discs on the TV but also to watch them on the gamepad. A firmware update and the right licensing by Nintendo would allow it to have full functionality.

Excluding the blu-ray capability was by far the biggest mistake that Nintendo made. A family console that doesn't play Blu-Ray discs? To many, that's just daft.

Would you use the Wii U as a Blu Ray Disc Player on your main TV or Back up TV?

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    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 4 years ago from England

      Hi, you have some great ideas here, maybe you should have written to them directly and copyrighted it? You may have a percentage if they decide to change to your ideas?