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Immersive Fallout New Vegas mods

Updated on October 12, 2014

Hello everybody! im here to provide you with the best and most immersive mods for your fallout New Vegas playtrough!
Have you ever wanted to have more stuff in your game without making something lore braking or something that makes you feel like you are actually the protagonist in the game? then look no more, since these mods are essential for any immersive player.
Without further due, here you go!

Enhanced Camera by LogicDragon

Have you ever looked down in first person mode, and realized that you look only like a floating pair of arms holding a gun? i mean, if you look down in real life you can see your legs, torso and more instead of seeing nothing.

That's the main goal of this mod, you can actually see yourself now!
also makes you stay in actual first person view; in vanilla if you seat down, it switches to 3rd mode for a second, if you fall down it switches to 3rd mode until you stand up, if you die you change to 3rd person view,now with this mod you stay at first person mod always, unless you change back to 3rd person mode of course!.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Male viewFemale viewSitting view
Male view
Male view
Female view
Female view
Sitting view
Sitting view

Fallout Character Overhaul by Drumber

Every now and then you come across with a grim, creepy and detailed cause of death story, you are already waiting to find a corpse in pretty bad shape, almost ready to cringe and feel pity for the poor guy, you turn around AND! looks like its sleeping....wait wasn't he shot in the head and left in the middle of town? he looks like a drunk sleeping next to a wall!

That always turns into an immersion breaking moment, and sometimes you even laugh, but this mod aims to fix that and much more other things!

A couple of features are:

  • Nearly all NPC faces have been remade and adapted to the new meshes as well as being distributed among multiple different age groups which adds much more variety to the game.
  • Some NPC's have also been given custom face textures to make them more unique, for example the Courier found in Primm has a bullet scar wound, Legate Lanius has scars covering his face and Ranger Andy does too from his injury.
  • Different Races and Genders have there own unique headmeshes which adds more diversity to facial shape of characters.
  • Ghoul’s have also been re-imagined.
  • All Races have their own high resolution texture maps with properly sculpted normals, this can make massive changes to what a face looks like as it gives it the illusion of being a higher polycount than it actually is and adds lots of depth to faces.
  • Raiders/fiends have also been remade with a bit a different style that effects both male and females.
  • Unique races only available to the player have been made and more shall be added in the future. For example a courier race that is very scarred.
  • And much more!

All of these things come with little to no hit to performance, headmeshes are the same polycount as vanilla and the only texture that is bigger than vanilla is my diffuse.

If you are interested and want more information here is the link to the mod.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Dead Courier in PrimmRaces modifiedChet From GoodspringsMore examples of NPC changes
Dead Courier in Primm
Dead Courier in Primm
Races modified
Races modified
Chet From Goodsprings
Chet From Goodsprings
More examples of NPC changes
More examples of NPC changes

Headgear Revamp by ncgilson

I was playing Fallout new vegas when i stumbled across a pair of Sunglasses, i thought "these will be great looking with my current hat!" i opened the pip-boy, equipped my new sunglasses, closed the pip-boy, and surprise! your hat got unequipped even if it was not covering your face!

This is where this mod comes and takes control, you can now equip more stuff together to make your character look like you really wanted, instead of having to choose one gear for your face, you can now have for example a hat with goggles from the NCR, and sunglasses together!

There is changes for almost every piece of headgear ingame, including DLCs with optional .esp for each one, in case you don't have all the DLCs installed.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Hat with goggles, mask and sunglassesHonest Hearts DLC hat, sunglasses and maskOld World Blues DLC headgear and sunglasses
Hat with goggles, mask and sunglasses
Hat with goggles, mask and sunglasses
Honest Hearts DLC hat, sunglasses and mask
Honest Hearts DLC hat, sunglasses and mask
Old World Blues DLC headgear and sunglasses
Old World Blues DLC headgear and sunglasses

Merchants Sell Items On Display by djabend

"Oh! look a silenced pistol on the shelf!, hey i want to buy that!....where is it?...i want that gun you have on display sir....sir?"
Something like this happened more than once to me, especially the first time i came across Chet shop, i saw all those things in shelves, and stacked nicely on containers, and i wasn't able to buy any of it, "why not? is in display!" is like coming across a bag of chips on the Supermarket and the clerk is like "yeah we have them on display but we are not selling them, so if you can put it back on the shelf please".

This mod does exactly what the name says, also if you buy it, you take it, items will disappear from the shelves as you buy em.

changes have been made to:

  • Silver Rush
  • Good Springs General Store
  • Prospector Saloon
  • Mess hall in Sloan
  • Mojave Outpost Barracks
  • Dino Bite Gift Shop
  • Mick and Ralph's

Click thumbnail to view full-size
 Weapons on display in Mick's hidden room is added to his special inventoryItems include the ones placed by default
 Weapons on display in Mick's hidden room is added to his special inventory
Weapons on display in Mick's hidden room is added to his special inventory
Items include the ones placed by default
Items include the ones placed by default

oHUD by Gopher

This mod comes in handy as an immersive mod, and as a screenshot helper.

This mod is a merge of 3 different mods by the same author:

  • Immersive HUD

This HUD Mod gives you custom options of which and when will HUD elements appear, you can set so they appear when in combat, by pressing a certain hot key ("i" by default) and timers for how long will stay on screen once they are active.

This helps a lot for immersion since you obviously don't have meters showing in your face in real life, yet, you need some way of noticing changes on your character, so you can have a clear view when out of combat, and get to see them just when necessary.

  • Adjustable HUD

This is perfect if you don't want to look at both sides of the screen just to keep track of your life, AP or any other elements.
With this mod you can move any bar that is part of your HUD to any location on your screen that you desire, you don't like the health bar so far away? you think that the compass should be more centered? then this mod got you covered.

  • Primary needs HUD

Whenever you are playing hardcore mode, you have to either guess when to drink/eat/sleep or check your pip-boy every now and then, and this can become quite annoying at times.

This mod adds bars to track your level of needs, you can customize it, make it show percentages, full numbers or even colored bars!

This mod is even good for those who are trying to take screenshots, since there is a screen shot mode, which disables all HUD elements until you deactivate this mod, so you no longer have to enter console commands just to get rid of the HUD to get a good Screenshot.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Actual first person mode with HUD disabledOptions to customize everythingAdditional elements
Actual first person mode with HUD disabled
Actual first person mode with HUD disabled
Options to customize everything
Options to customize everything
Additional elements
Additional elements

Portable Campsite by Antistar

The name explains the mod pretty much.

Now you can pick up bedrolls and campfires to add them to your inventory, so you can setup camp, anywhere you like.
Imagine yourself on Hardcore Mode, and you realize you are really sleepy, but there's no bed nearby, so you can't sleep on the fool, but what about having a bedroll with me? or if im hunting Geckos and other critters and i want to cook some tasty snacks?
well simple enough, just set up a campfire, and a bedroll by the cozy fire, so you can eat a Cooked Gecko steak and have a long nap after having a full belly, and pack everything up after waking up and leaving.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Deployed campfire (that glows) along with bedrollCustom bedroll iconCustom Campfire icon
Deployed campfire (that glows) along with bedroll
Deployed campfire (that glows) along with bedroll
Custom bedroll icon
Custom bedroll icon
Custom Campfire icon
Custom Campfire icon

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