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InFamous: Second Son Game Review

Updated on April 16, 2018

InFamous: Second Son is the latest game from the InFamous franchise. Developed by Sucker Punch Productions, the game features more to explore, more abilities, and more fun! PlayStation exclusive titles, like this one, tend to be downright awesome, and this game is no exception. This is easily one of the most enjoyable single player video game experiences I have ever discovered. This review will cover the main parts that make any single player action-adventure game great: story, gameplay, graphics, and add-ons.

I never had a chance to play the first InFamous game, but I looked at some reviews and it was apparently really great. InFamous: Second Son is no exception. The game is an open world style which takes place in Seattle, Washington and it’s quite a small map. However, I have a friend who’s been to Seattle and has told me about all the little landmarks that are in the game that he’s seen in real life. Now I’m not only talking about the Space Needle but also minor things such as post alley gum wall and Sonic Boom Records. So once I’m in Seattle for the first time, the landscape will hardly be foreign, which is super cool.

Now let’s get down to the main focus of the game, story mode. Throughout the story you play as just one character, Delsin Rowe. He’s a punk teenager who may be kind of a jerk to most people but genuinely loves those close to him. I don’t want to give too much away but it turns out that he gets mutated and now basically has super powers. He then uses those powers to take down the DUP, which stands for Department of Unified Protection. The DUP took control of seattle so as to catch the few mutated peoples. From the very start the game had me hooked on the characters and striving to take down the government sent goons. Even though the storyline isn’t as complex or award winning like the Uncharted games, I was always engaged enough to have an urge to play through the next scenes. The voice acting is also very solid. Even though the face animations aren’t the best out there, the voice acting pulls it all together with realistic passion and emotion. One thing I really liked about the story mode is you got to choose how you want to take down the DUP with choices. Now this isn’t anything new in video games but InFamous takes a different approach using karma. At any major point in the story, the game would let you make a decision that will either promote you with “good karma” or “evil karma”. And even though my first thought would be to go with good karma, after I looked at the bad karma option they both seems beneficial in their own way which was also really cool. You can promote your karma level by making good karma story decisions, busting drug dealers, and other helpful city actions. You promote your bad karma level by killing innocents and other morally incorrect actions. There are also a few side missions that go along with the story. After you play select missions you have the option to permanently take back a section of the city which involves taking out a large base filled with bad guys. These missions are really fun if you just want to knock out some bad guys. Overall, I’d give this game an 8 out of 10 for the story mode.

So it’s great if a game has a good story to follow but the experience of the game all comes down to the gameplay. If the gameplay is bad then the game is bad. InFamous: Second Son has some of the most enjoyable gameplay I have ever experienced in a third person action/adventure game. Delsin Rowe, the main character, acquires his super powers right at the start of the game. By the end of the game he can manipulate and control smoke, neon, video, and concrete. He can only use one of these abilities at a time though. It’s quite hard to explain how these abilities work but man, Sucker Punch really did something right here. The gameplay is fast, fluid, and a ton of fun. Each ability has a form of travel, melee attacks, ranged attacks and a super ability that charges up overtime. There is an upgrade system that allows you to upgrade each section of each ability. This upgrade system is very intuitive and after you purchase each upgrade, you instantly see the results. The abilities also vary depending on if you have good karma or evil karma. When you have evil karma, your attacks kill enemies without mercy. On the other hand, when you have good karma your abilities don’t kill enemies but simply subdue them. There is also a visual difference between the abilities depending on your karma status. Like I said, the gameplay in this game is an utter blast and I never get bored of it. Because of this I give gameplay a 9.5 out of 10.

Now if a game has a great story and great gameplay it doesn’t matter too much if the graphics are awful, but it definitely is nice to have great visuals. The PS4 game console is capable of pushing out very respectable visuals. Optimized games have the potential to look great and all PS4 exclusives are perfectly optimized. InFamous: Second Son looks very nice on my 1080p 60” Plasma television. So you should expect good textures, great colors, good human and animal animations, but also expect bad facial animations. As good as the story is, whenever it showed a close up of someone’s face while they were talking it kinda drew me away from the whole game and critical thoughts flooded my head. But other than that the game looks beautiful. Day, night, dawn, and dusk all look phenomenal. Sometimes I’ll go back to the game to simply enjoy the world. I’ll get the neon ability and speed through the city with vibrant neon tube like streams coming off of Delsin’s body. I’d give the graphics an 8.5 out of 10

InFamous: First Light is the one DLC or add on to contribute to the game. The add on follows the story of a girl who was a mysterious character that you meet during the story mode.. The DLC is not a downloadable add on though because it’s a complete stand alone game that simply gives you a completely new story to follow. It’s really just it’s own game that adds a little extra to Second Son. The DLC features all the same game mechanics, graphics, and excellent voice acting. In the First Light DLC you only can control one of the three abilities used in the main story mode, neon. It can get a little boring just using the neon ability for the four hour campaign but Sucker Punch does add a few minor additions to the ability. The character you play as, Fetch, is also a more likeable character than Delsin Rowe. I’d give this DLC game an 8 out of 10.

To wrap things up, InFamous: Second Son us a wonderful action/adventure video game that carries you through an epic journey. The game excels in all areas that make a great video game. The Story is good the gameplay is great and so are the graphics. If you own a PS4 and haven’t played this game yet go and pick it up right now you’ll love it. For the rating of the game as a whole, I’d give it a 9 out of 10.

© 2018 Joey Roberts


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