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Indie Strategy ARPG Strain Tactics Coming to Steam

Updated on May 1, 2017

Strain Tactics is a new action role playing game from indie developer Touch Dimensions. The strategy focused game will be releasing to Steam on Thursday May 4th. Check out the trailer below!


Before the events of the game take place humans fought a war against an aggressive alien being on Neptune and lost. Now it seems like the alien threat known as the“Strain” is headed to Earth and it must be stopped. In Strain Tactics players assume the role of a re-cloned commander from the “Neptune Incident” leading a team of up to five ground fighters to eliminate the Strain.



Players will command their troops from an airborne Helibase and view the game from top-down. The Helibase has its own weapon system including miniguns, autocannons and more, that can be used to support your ground team. Your team of 1-5 soldiers can be assembled from 80 different playable characters. Each is equipped with a weapon and three extra inventory slots. You can choose from over 150 unique weapons and items to customize your team and prepare for any situation.

The game an intuitive drag-control system that allows players to draw paths for units and you can give commands to them while their moving. Cancelling and changing a command is easy in Strain Tactics and can be done in real time or while units are traveling. The more a soldier sees battle they will gain experience and level up, becoming tougher and better fighters. If a soldier falls in battle they can be revived or you can sell their corps for credits. There are 30 different maps and 5 diverse scenarios,Hunter-Killer, Escort, Retrieval, Perimeter Defense, and Clean Sweep, for players to develop their own unique strategies for.

Strain Tactics
Strain Tactics | Source

Strategy ARPG Strain Tactics will be available on Steam for Windows only starting May 4, 2017 for $14.99.


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