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Indoor Inflatable Ball Pits For Toddlers

Updated on October 25, 2010

Moose Mountain Bubblegum Playland Ball Pit

Bubble Gum Playland Ball Pit
Bubble Gum Playland Ball Pit

A silly tune and fun sound effects magically play as your children play in the pit and enjoy watching the colorful soft flex balls swirl around and down the bubble gum tower that they have thrown in.


My sister and her best friend, gave this Moose Mountain Bubblegum Playland Inflatable Ball Pit to my daughter for her 1st birthday. Out of all of her toys and gifts she received it has to be the one she enjoys most and also the biggest. It took forever to blow up the toddler sized inflatable ball pit but as soon as it was done she was laughing and happier about this that anything yet she had ever played with. We enjoyed her reaction to this ball pit more than anything.

She used the inflatable ball pit for quite sometime before we ended up sharing it with a friend so that her children could enjoy it in their house. The indoor inflatable ball pit was a blast for every kid who played with it. It was definitely the highlight in my daughters bedroom when she was a toddler.

My daughter and her friend in her Indoor Inflatable Ball Pit
My daughter and her friend in her Indoor Inflatable Ball Pit

Moose Mountain Bubblegum Playland Indoor Inflatable Ball Pit

Hopefully you already have an air pump for blow-up toysand air mattresses. Unfortunately we didn't. It took 3 of us about 30 minutes and all of our lung power to blow up this Indoor Inflatable Ball Pit. There are about 4 or 5 different sections. I somehow got nominated for the biggest, the base, so was unaware of how many different places my daughter's aunties were working on.

The openings are the kind you have to squeeze to open up so that less air is let out in between breaths or when plugging and removing a pump. Also in the box is the directions and specs, and 2 pieces of 3x3 inch clear adhesive tape in case patching holes is necessary. 75 light plastic balls, a bit lighter and softer then those found in fast-food ball pits come with this. in colors, purple, red, yellow, and orange.

The bubblegum Indoor Inflatable Ball Pit itself is surrounded by a base maybe 8 inches tall. The entire thing made of the plastic similar to air mattress material.. very strong and sturdy without any hard pieces. There are 3 side pieces that meet at the top with the middle to form a tower. In the middle of the base is a tube with a twirled piece of blow up plastic that the balls, when placed in the top compartment with hole, travel down and fall out of another hole in the tube itself that lets into the main area. It is about 4 feet tall so baby girl has to be lifted to put the balls in the top and watch as they fall through.. something she loves to do. The ball pit is bright in color and attractive to look at.

Ball Pits For Toddlers And Other Inflatable Toys

When inflated this round ball pit is quite large. About 4 to 5 feet wide. Good luck finding a place for it.. We keep it in the living room in a corner so that baby girl can jump in and crawl though and have fun anytime she pleases. One downfall is that over time it does naturally deflate some and needs to be blown back up.. The decrease is minimal but does show some affect.

It comes with 75 of the plastic balls which may seem like a ton for someone with a toddler who loves to throw things all over the house, but for in the ball pit it doesn't quite fill the entire area. Baby girls aunties though ahead and had already purchased 100 extra balls which make this perfect and fill it just short of a few inches to the top of the surrounding base.

The pit could probably hold 2 toddlers but I wouldn't recommend many more than that. And definitely no shoes to prevent tearing.

The girls paid $60 for the pit and $20 or 25 for the extra balls. I definitely recommend buying the extra 100 ball pit balls to fill it so that it is much closer to a real ball pit experience and your toddler really has to wade through the balls instead of just sitting with them next to him or her..


After having the inflatable ball pit in her bedroom for over 1 1/2 years, we finally took it down and gave it to my friend so that her kids could enjoy it. They had it up for about 6 months before taking it down because her son wanted to throw the balls down the stairs everyday.

This thing is tough we never took it down while my daughter had it. It got regular use and never got a single tear.


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