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Indoor RC Helicopters : The Best Kid's, Teen, Adult Present!

Updated on December 17, 2011

Oh, Oh! I've just got myself a indoor micro helicopter. Well I managed to wangle getting this by saying I will get one to see if my gf's nephews could control one. They're 9 and 7. Im eeer Mid twenties! We've been wondering what the best present to get her nephews. I've seen these micro helicopters and thought they would love these, the only thing is though a helicopter isn't the R/C to control. They're not like a R/C car which are easy to control. A R/C Helicopter needs to be controlled to stay in the air, controlled to go left and right and also backwards and forwards. So, my gf was worried that her nephews would get these, send it straight up in the air and have it come crashing back down and breaking. When you take a look at these they do like very fragile. So this is how I managed to become a kid again get one, on the basis that I'm testing them out before we spend the money on getting one for each of her nephews : ).

Well I am hooked! Even my gf wanted to play! It was tricky at first to understand what it could do once in the air but boy are these things good. I've had nitro R/C's in the past and know the best thing to do is to take it easy at first not full throttle, atleast with a car though you have a brake. What surprised me was getting the helicopter in the air and controlling it, you can do this pretty much first time. Have it hovering in one spot in a few minutes and controlling it  completly on it's first charge of juice. I'm a shocked at how great these are, back in my "yoof" you couldn't get anything near as good as this for this money!!! But I suppose with the internet everything has made things more availible and more affordable. I have even thought about buying a few more of these.

Do Micro Helicopters Break Easy?

Obviously my indoor heli has hit the carpet a number of times now and it hasn't missed a beat! The first time it hit the floor I winced, I propped it back up right , made a wish and it took off again. The propellers are not in one fixed position so when when the heli does hit something they have the chance to move and give. My micro heli has a metal chassis which helps durabilty, even though it still does keep it's lightweight. Everything on it seems to be removable also, which is great. Usually cheap toys are made by one solid mold or construction which makes them irrepairable when damaged. These are indoor helicopters and even in my small living room the heli was controllable but when it did bump in to things it didn't damage them or even leave a mark.

These Indoor Helicopters are fantastic and I recommend them from kids, teen ans adults. They're highly addictive. They come ready built so there's no need for fancy tools or any knowledge of building an R/C helicopter to get started just plop in the batteries and prepare for take off. There's some slight variations on what power they need but most have an in built battery in the helicopter and my controller requires 6 AA batteries. That's it. Most Heli's are 3 channel and have 3 frequencies so 3 people can fly their heli's together. These fly from the get go, there's no need for maintenance either  unless, you're a bit geeky and want to clean it. You charge the helicopter with the usb cable supplied. Now, you can either charge it from your computer or by the controller. Charging from the controller will obviously reduce the life of the batteries in the controller, so a great purchase with these helicopter are rechargeable batteries and charger that way you can charge the heli from the controller without worry and added cost of buying batteries from time to time, Which means you'll be able to play if you don't have a computer to hand. For a 30 minute charge you get approximately get 10 minutes of play time which is perfect.


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