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Infamous Or Prototype?

Updated on August 15, 2015
Delsin, with the ability to copy powers
Delsin, with the ability to copy powers

Conduit Powers

Conduits have a wide verity of powers of different elements, however most only have one element they can control. Examples would be Cole controlling electricity and Lucy Kuo controlling Ice. There are some exceptions, like if one were to use the power transfer device or with Delsin's ability to copy another conduits power (which leads to the question: what if one were to use the power transfer device to copy Delsin's ability?) So with Delsin being able to hold the widest range of powers, I'm going to use him for my examples.

The only weakness Delsin has is that he can only use one element at a time, that being said, he can change his elements pretty easily if he were to find conduits for more elements (taking electricity, water and and plants would give him just about anything to take energy from, combined with his already existing powers.)

Conduits also have a very fast regeneration process and can heal instantly from absorbing their element, so Delsin can heal from his woulds pretty easily, however they aren't immortal, and thus can die easily should on get cut in half. Losing a limb could cause excruciating pain that could easily stop a conduit from looking for a source of healing. It is also unknown as to whether or not a conduit would be able to heal from a limb loss. However there is the case with John White or 'The Beast' where he has extreme regeneration. Even at the loss of most of his face he managed to make a full recovery in a few hours. He also had the power to destroy cities in an hour.

Mercer and Heller, are they stronger then Delsin and the other conduits?
Mercer and Heller, are they stronger then Delsin and the other conduits?

Prototype Virus

The virus in Prototype isn't restricted to anybody, and is proven to be quite powerful, giving users the abilities to shapeshift, consume people, glide, and go through others thoughts. They can also gain others powers by consuming them, making them more potent. Not only that, but one may evolve to get more powerful, gaining powers that could deflect bullets, enhance ones damage threshold, and more.

The virus also gives users the mastery of stealth, being able to shapeshift into anyone would allow one to walk into any area and appear to belong there. Breaking into military bases, secret labs, banks, anything and no one would who did it. If somehow ones cover is to get blown though, their shapeshifting would allow them to transform into a deadly weapon, giving one razor sharp claws as hands, a sword or whip as arms, nearly impenetrable armored skin, grow shields to protect oneself from oncoming explosions, and more. They are also given a sixth sense to find a person they're looking for, making it easier to find a person in a large crowd, or for that person one would like to assassinate.

As far as healing goes, the virus gives very fast regeneration, especially when one consumes some biomass. It is shown many times that larger wounds can heal, and with the consumption of another person, one should be able to regenerate their limbs. It is also shown to be quite difficult to kill one with this virus with weapons, as both subjects Mercer and Heller have killed thousands of soldiers and infected, as well as destroyed countless tanks and helicopters without really taken much of a scratch. And with being regenerated by the virus, it can also be assumed that one can either live for a very long time, or could possibly be immortal.

As for weakness, there really aren't any. There are viral detectors but that just gives away one with the virus's position. However there is a parasite that feeds off of this virus that can be injected into a subject to cause power-loss, making them an easy kill if enough soldiers were to swarm them.

Prototype Benefits


  • Infinite power for their transforming
  • Their bodies are their weapons
  • Can heal faster then conduits
  • Can easily consume a conduit if close enough
  • Has a devastating biomass finisher
  • Easily demolishes vehicles without getting a scratch


  • Infected seem to gain some form of insanity, usually extreme anger, that could cloud decision making
  • Must get in close to deal any real damage, however with superspeed getting in close isn't too difficult



  • Gets control over an element
  • Can regenerate from elements, really helpful if it's an element like rock or paper
  • Powers are usually ranged but can be used in CQC if needed
  • Has devastating elemental finishers


  • Can run out of power if not enough of their element is around

So what's more Powerful?

So let's just say for a minute that it all takes place in the same universe. This would make Mercer the original conduit, and all the people he infected be copies of him. So if this is the case, then Delsin could copy Mercer's powers and then not only have Mercer's powers, but also the elements from other conduits. Now this could go the other way, Mercer could consume Delsin and then have all his powers plus that would mean that Delsin is already dead so Mercer would win.

Now if we were to talk about a regular conduit, say Cole Macgrath, then for sure the prototype virus would easily win.

So who do you think would win?

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