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Infinite Crisis: Playing as The Flash

Updated on September 26, 2015

Infinite Earths: Infinite Crisis

Infinite Crisis graphic
Infinite Crisis graphic | Source

Infinite Crisis and DC Superheroes

Infinite Crisis is a DC based multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game, which is based on the Infinite Crisis storyline that there are an unlimited number of Earths, and on each Earth is a different variation of the DC superheroes. The main Earth would have the superhero as we know our favorite DC heroes, but then each variation of Earth has its own style of superhero.

For purposes of covering Flash, it is not necessary to further discuss other Earths within Infinite Crisis, because we are referencing the classic Flash from the main Earth, but because this MOBA is themed on the Infinite Crisis storyline, each character can have a variation on their costumes, or on their moves.

Continue reading to find out my take on Flash in the game Infinite Crisis.


The character Flash
The character Flash
Flash; an assassin in Infinite Crisis
Flash; an assassin in Infinite Crisis

THe 4 Special Attacks of Flash

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Flash special attack #1; Flash AttackFlash special attack #2; F=MAFlash special attack #3; Hyper VibrationFlash special attack #4; Speed Storm
Flash special attack #1; Flash Attack
Flash special attack #1; Flash Attack
Flash special attack #2; F=MA
Flash special attack #2; F=MA
Flash special attack #3; Hyper Vibration
Flash special attack #3; Hyper Vibration
Flash special attack #4; Speed Storm
Flash special attack #4; Speed Storm

Flash in Infinite Crisis

In the game Infinite Crisis, Flash is labeled as an "Attack Damage Champion," meaning that he increases in strength and effectiveness most as you acquire Attack Damage.

Is Flash really an Assassin?

Flash is categorized as an assassin, because in theory he should be able to move in and out of battles quickly, and deal a lot of damage. However, in my opinion, Flash is not as deadly as the other assassins in the game, such as Katana, Nightmare Robin, and Gaslight Catwoman. I personally don't consider his character to be an assassin, but it's probably the best "miscellaneous" category that he could fit into.

For example: Superman is also known for his incredible speed, but in the Infinite Crisis game, his movement speed is pretty slow except for his ultimate special power of Speeding Bullet.

Flash is Unlike other Assassins because he lacks a Weapon

You may also note that all of the other assassins wield a weapon of some sort. Katana has her katana sword, Nightmare Robin has his Arcing Blades, and Gaslight Catwoman has her Steampowered Claws. Flash has his fists.

Continue reading below to find out the two things that I think needs to happen to improve Flash as a playable character.

Infinite Crisis Champion Profile: Flash

My Opinion About using Flash

My Warning to first time Players using Flash

I saved up the Merit and bought Flash at full price (5,700 merit) because I like the character, and was hoping for a new favorite to play with. What I quickly learned was that Flash is not easy to master in PVP because he is a melee fighter, and that puts you at a disadvantage in the early rounds if you play in the top or bottom lane. I realize that everyone is now screaming that Flash should be in the Jungle. Yes, that is understood, but he still has to level up to be much of a threat. Another disadvantage is that he does not have a wealth of health. Assassins in general do not start with massive health.

The danger of inexperienced players using Flash is that if the opposing team starts feeding on your character, then they will level quickly, and you will remain at a lower level than your opponents, and will leave your team at a disadvantage. If you select Flash and decide to "jungle" then you better be leveling him up, and not messing around with early PVP (that is unsuccessful). You must make the PVP kill to level him up If you are unsuccessful and die many times, this will undoubtedly disadvantage your team. A player using Flash must be constantly attacking bots and creatures in an effort to level up.

Two things I would like to see to make Flash a better character in Infinite Crisis:

  1. Increase Flash's Normal Move Speed: Flash should be considerably faster in his movement speed than all other characters. He is not. It seems that this is my biggest issue with the character. He should be faster than the other superheroes without having to use a special skill or stolen power to increase speed. This really matters to me, as a fan of all medium's of this character, I just don't feel that his speed in the game is an accurate portrayal of his character. Since his starting attack power is already lower than most melee characters, he needs his speed.
  2. Improve Flash's Ultimate Attack: Flash's strongest special attack is the Speed Storm. This is understandable because Flash has used this many times in the comics and cartoons to stop bad guys. What I don't get is why opposing players can move out of Flash's Speed Storm in the game. He should be moving so fast that he creates a wall that enemies cannot pass through. Another option is to consider a different ultimate attack altogether. I think he needs an ultimate attack similar to Superman's Speeding Bullet when Flash can run up from a great distance away to deliver a massive blow to an enemy. This would be more of an ultimate attack in my opinion. Yet another option is to allow Flash to have multiple variations on his ultimate attack as he gains more levels in the Speed Force (just like how Aquaman's ultimate changes based on the previous skill used).

My Final Assessment of Flash in Infinite Crisis

I am personally a big fan of Flash in the TV show, cartoons and comics of the DC world, and I personally found Flash to be somewhat disappointing as a playable character in Infinite Crisis because of my two reasons listed above. To master Flash, it definitely takes practice to be sure he is a real threat, and is not as easy to pick up as fellow assassin Nightmare Robin. In addition, it is much easier to rack up the PVP kills with the other assassins, while Flash's special attacks only seems to inflict a scratch on opponents.

As you know, this is only my opinion, and I would love to hear your opinion of playing Flash in Infinite Crisis.

Update on WB's Infinite Crisis PC Game

Game Update: The funding for the WB game, Infinite Crisis, was discontinued, and was no longer supported after Aug. 15, 2015.

© 2015 zeke2100


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