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Invisible Ink, Free Word Game

Updated on January 2, 2011
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For better games less likely to make you want to hurt yourself, visit: | Source

Invisible Ink is a game in which you must determine what is being drawn by a disembodied pen. If that doesn't sound horrifically awful yet, I promise you that it soon will.

I liked the premise of this game, because it reminded me of a childhood game in which one would 'draw' on another person's back with a finger. The other person then had to guess what had been drawn. The human version of this game had several advantages over the free casual computer version, mostly because people are aware of the fact that different words can mean the same thing.

Invisible Ink has not been programmed with a wide variety of linguistic options, in spite of the fact that the game is offered in at least 40 different languages. (I may be exaggerating this a little, but only a little.)

Let me explain the main failing of the game. The very first picture I got was quite clearly a smiley face. 'Smiley Face' didn't work, nor did 'Face'. I began to get the idea that this game was not going to be all it was cracked up to be. Surprisingly enough, the word 'Smile' was finally accepted.

There's also an entirely unnecessary countdown between levels, and even on relatively easy stage 6, one encounters a symbol that is only introduced around age 10 or later, making this game decidedly child and uneducated friendly.

Having said that, I did get to Stage 14 before the game's penchant for overly narrow definitions finally (almost) destroyed the game entirely. Once again, I shall regale you with this tale of thwarted online gaming. What was drawn by the broken pen was clearly a playing card, an ace. I could see it with my mind as clearly as if I had seen it with my own eyes. However success was denied because the game would not accept 'ace' 'card' 'playing card'. It finally accepted 'spade', but which time I had lost all sense of caring.

Every new picture starts with five hints. Taking the hints probably decreases your score, but to be honest, you're not likely to care about your score all that much. You can't exchange it for candy or

This is pretty much a game you only play to test the limits of your own patience. It is a great premise, if only a little more time had been spent creating a wider range of acceptable answers. Still, if you want to pit your wits against somebody else's limited vocabulary, go nuts!

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