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Is Lux Still a Good Pick?

Updated on August 8, 2017

The Lady Of Luminosity- Still Shinning but Not as Bright


Lux in Season 7

As a Lux Main since season 3, I have stuck closely and loyally to my favorite LoL champ through both the good and the rough times. Overall, Lux is actually now much stronger today than she was back in season 3 if comparing just individual stats. However, measuring a powerful a champ is, has to be relative to how the game has progressed, and unfortunately, in that respect, she has fallen off a bit.

Let's run through some of that here:


Since season 5, Lux has received numerous buffs: an AP ratio on her Passive, followed by the instant pre-detonation of E- Lucent Singularity. Recently she received CD buffs on her ult reset, and CD buffs to her Q- Light Binding as well as a buff to her shield. Yet, her win-rate overall still barely hovers over 50% mark. Why?


  • Still one of the longest ranges in the game
  • Powerful Burst (With 800AP, she can easily burst for over 3k Dmg on with passive procs)
  • Powerful AOE damage (if E and Ult both land during teamfights)
  • Relatively Safe
  • Useful AOE Shield in Team Fights
  • * One of the only ranged 'insta-burst' champs, capable of instantly destroying squishies from afar

* This is really her defining feature!


  • Very Slow
  • High Mana Cost- Poor Early Wave Clear
  • Very squishy, with no defenses aside from her shield (weak shield)
  • All skill-shots that are relatively easy to dodge, unreliable overall

As one can see, her strengths are numerous and she's good at a bit of everything. However, the few weaknesses she does have, are of high calibre and high impact type, potentially devastating in many circumstances. This is why Lux remains a good pick in Normals, but rarely ever picked in Competitions.


Lux Support is still viable under certain circumstances. Her range and early poke with E does complement well with more ranged ADCs. However, she's extremely unreliable if paired with 'all in' ADCs like Vayne! Her Strengths and Weaknesses as a support are similar to that of Mid. However, she does have some advantages:


  • Safe early game poke
  • Q- Light Binding binds 2 champs!
  • *If she decides to build damage, she will not be the focus of the enemy team (in other words she will be able to pull off free damage during teamfights but much less likely to be killed than if she were mid)


  • No reliable hard CC! (no stuns?)
  • Very Slow
  • Very squishy, with no defenses aside from her shield (weak shield)
  • All skill-shots that are relatively easy to dodge, unreliable overall


Although it is possible to climb the Ranked Elo Latter to with Lux, she is severely limited by her playstyle and a lot of it has to do with luck! (If you can the moon, the stars and the enemy team to align the right way, you could almost eliminate an entire team with a single combo late game!). However, this is precisely the reason why there are simply much better/much more reliable options out there for competitive play. (Syndra and Ahri) P.S Don't be fooled into thinking Xerath and Ziggs are similar to Lux! Their play-styles are completely different!

With that said, Lux is a well-designed, powerful and extremely fun and rewarding champion to play. Her specialty is her 'ranged assassination' capability that when mastered right, is just outright satisfying! Demacia!!!

In the Meantime, Enjoy Some Lux One-Shot Montage!


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