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Is Smogon official?

Updated on July 17, 2015

Is Smogon an official Pokemon authority

To answer this simply, no. Smogon is in no way an official source for real pokemon vgc rules and regulations. For the real deal on pokemon rules and regulations in a tournament setting, head right over here

So what is Smogon?

Smogon is an online community of Pokemon fans who like to play with a specific ruleset and classify pokemon into specific categories such as overused, ubers, and never used. Their statement on this is that it makes the game more about skill and helps balance the game. This includes banning many moves, abilities, and pokemon. Many people in the fan base tend to declare these rules to be official, however, though it is a format some may enjoy, it is in no way an official format by any means, it is simply a ruleset made to suit the interest of the members.

Is Smogon good or bad?

These one is total opinion, but honestly, they are neither. Their rules and regulations are a bit prudish, and many people refuse to play with any other rules because they enjoy the strict regulations of smogon. At the same time, smogon is an excellent resource if you are having trouble coming up with movesets for your pokemon or need help team building. You should take them with a grain of salt to say the least but they have compiled a pretty nice archive of potential movesets and usages for pokemon.

Why do so many people love smogon?

The heavy restrictions on moves and the tier system smogon uses makes it a much easier environment to battle in. It lets many people play "competitively" without them running in to things they may classify as unfair such as evasion moves. This also makes it much easier when making a team because their is much less to account for than if playing by standard rules. This results in many like minded players battling in a way they find most enjoyable which can maximize the fun for people who are very new or just don't want to have to account for every little thing when making their team. It is a good thing for people who enjoy that style and it has formed a large community making it very easy to find matches and people to help you with strategy.

Why do people hate smogon?

One of the main reasons are the community is super pushy. If you don't accept smogon rules as official you are the scum of the earth to a lot of the members of the community. They also tend to refuse to acknowledge the existence of true vgc rules, claiming smogon is the official ruleset. On top of that, though it is good for beginners, it kind of hurts the game itself by imposing such heavy restrictions. If the members of the community can't beat a certain pokemon or struggle against a certain move it is exiled which hinders their ability to improve. Instead of finding ways to deal with the strategies they have a problem with they simply toss them to the side and say they are unfair. They also aren't fans of straying from their predetermined movesets. If you put certain moves on a certain pokemon, even if they aren't banned, it tends to be frowned upon if it isn't an established and commonly used moveset.

So what should I take from this?

If nothing else, at least understand smogon is an incredible resource, don't forsake it just because you dislike the rules. It has helped me come up with countless sets I probably would have never used. However, also understand it is in no way official in any way, shape, or form. If you enjoy smogon rules that is awesome but don't try to force others to use it or state that it is the official ruleset. At the end of the day, pokemon vgc is and always will be the official pokemon authority. Have fun however you see fit and no matter how you play have a great time doing it, but don't ruin other's fun in the process.

Do you consider Smogon the official Pokemon authority?

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