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How to Make a lot of Gold in OAC

Updated on July 14, 2017
The Auction House Located in Greenmont.
The Auction House Located in Greenmont. | Source
Auction House Icon.
Auction House Icon. | Source

Yes, there is an auction house in Gameloft's Order and Chaos. In fact, there is one located in many lands. The best way to make a lot of gold in game is to learn to buy and sell on the AH.

For maximum gaming experience, you should know all of the locations, and visit them as often as you can.

Auction House Locations:

  • Arcadian Forest - Greenmont
  • Tear Coast - Bellshoal
  • The Great Desert - Crimson Tower: Antoria

When Greenmont gets laggy using an Auction House elsewhere almost always solves the lag issue.

You know you have found the Auction House when you see a big green circle with what looks like a gavel in the middle.

Some will be located indoors while others are on balconies or outdoors. You just have to look around.

This is the universal symbol for the auction house within the game. This includes on the map.

Places, such as vendors and the AH, will appear on the map when you get close to them, Except in the major cities.

Secret Gold Making Tips

Making gold means enriching your gameplay experience. It can also leave the real cash to buy runes, which can be used to make gameplay extraordinary.

The auction house is the key to making your own gold! Here are some items that sell well in Order and Chaos.

  • Normal Armor Scraps
  • High-Quality Armor Scraps
  • Light Silver
  • Poor Fur
  • Hard Fur

Is the Auction House Global?

Yes, each Order and Chaos auction house is linked to the rest. That means that the whole world sees the same goods.

It does, not matter if you are buying or selling, every other player in every other land will see your goods.

No matter the condition of your servers economy, you have a lot to gain from this important landmark.

It is where you can buy the best gear (skip the merchants), and it is where you can sell items you find to make gold.

The following video is fantastic and will teach you the ropes.

Order and Chaos Auction House Tutorial Video

Making Your Own Gold

How Much Gold Do You Make on Order and Chaos' Auction House?

See results

The Auction House Basics

The Auction house can seem complex. Each item belongs in its own category. This makes it easy for players to find the items they want to buy.

It is worth it to take the time to learn to use the auction house. Look forward to the following articles soon.

Learning to use the auction house can open up a whole new avenue of the game. If you decide to sell, it is exciting to see that you have mail and know you have some gold waiting.

Discovering that your bid on some elite gear has won is awesome, too Learning how to use the Order and Chaos auction house is worth the time.

Memorizing their locations is worth it. The more you use it, the more deals you will find and the more gold you can make.

Common Mistake People Make

A common mistake players make is selling enemy monster drops to merchants. You can use the auction house to earn more.

Most items will sell for more in the auction house you just have to be patient and wait for a real person to buy it.

My best advice is to sell at the auction house, but don't obsess over it. Put up a few auctions and then go about your business.

Here is an example of how much more you can make on the Order and Chaos auction house than at merchants.

The Auction House Pays Better than Vendors

Vendor Price
Possible Auction House Price
Normal Armor Scraps (10)
50 Copper
45 - 169 Gold
Poor Fur (40)
80 Copper
50 - 250 Gold
Scarlet Armor Scraps (10)
2 Gold
10 - 40 Gold
Moire Cloth (40)
20 Silver
10 - 70 Gold
Light Silver (40)
25 Silver
50 - 350 Gold
Prices very by server and time of day. Some servers have much better economies than others. The number in parentheses is the number it takes to make 1 stack. You should try to sell in full stacks.

Are the Order and Chaos and World of Warcraft Auction Houses the Same?

The Order and Chaos and World of Warcraft auction houses are very similar.

WOW has been around a lot longer, so of course their auction house is a little more in depth, and complex.

Gameloft has done a fantastic job on their MMORPG auction house. It servers all your needs, and can help lead you on a path of godliness.

Gold Can't Stop You Now!

In Order and Chaos the Auction House is your route to good gear, materials for your profession and/or financial freedom.

Once you know how it works, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

If you don't believe me, head over to your local auction house and do some window shopping.


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