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Is call of duty (CoD) the best shooter?

Updated on March 20, 2013

Well this question is obviously a matter of opinion. But does CoD really deserve all the hype it gets? I really think it depends on what aspects of the game you're looking at. I have a fair deal of experience with the franchise and have found the game both incredible and awful at seperate times throughout it's lifecycle. But now I will begin to break things down a little.



Well it really depends on what Call of Duty you're looking at here. But to make this brief, if you're playing a Call of Duty with online multiplayer capabilities, then you are playing a CoD with a bad story. I'm not saying they are awful, but whoever writes the story for these games is pretty clearly not a gamer. They story is just so bland and there is barely ever any excitement at any given time. The only real action comes during combat, but thanks to level design that too is often few and far between. You will always hoping that maybe once you get to the next area that things will improve. Well there are a couple things about that. One, they don't, sorry to crush your dreams. And two, that's if you make it to the next area. The level design and buildings are often so difficult to navigate that you may very well never reach that check point because you went up the staircase that was in the open instead of the one hidden in the most elaborate maze ever concocted. But if you really like call of duty and you really like a decent story then I suppose that one of the earlier installments might keep you entertained.



Okay, so before I get started keep in mind that I am simply addressing the gameplay here, not the community. That will be addressed a little later and trust me it won't be pretty. So that being said, the online play works well. Notice I didn't say spectacular or amazing. It is an enjoyable experience but there are some small problems that stop it from being incredible. The biggest one being horrible servers.That almost ruins it all right there, every enjoyable moment nearly crushed by one incredible feat of incompetence. Why? It is not the most difficult task to make reliable servers. I'm certainly not a programmer but it seems to me that a game with one of the biggest online communities would take a step or two to accommodate it's players. But no, sadly not and this leads to an unfortunately large amount of games being too laggy to play or lagging out completely. Another issue is that objects don't end exactly where they say. If i had a nickle for every time I went to turn a tight corner and got stuck on that invisible half inch of wall I'd be a rich man. There is also the imbalance. Some times one gun will absolutely dominate others and there is ust no counters. And I'm all for perks but a perk that allows you to get stuck with two semtex and live isn't really all that fair. With all that in mind, if you can manage to find a game that doesn't lag out you will probably have a pretty good time. The fast paced gameplay and the ability to play however you want makes CoD pretty enjoyable. Sometimes their attempt at creativity is absolutely horendous but other times it makes an awesome new addition to the game such as the riot shield and tomahawk. Many games have their issues, and I'm not gonna lie to you, CoD has a fair few more than most and its sad because a lot of the issues aren't difficult issues to fix, they just exist because developers get lazy and cut corners from time to time. But the fact that they have a game that is good enough to be fun a fair amount of the time despite this huge drawbacks speaks volumes.


Online Community

I don't have to say it. If you have played the game you already know. But for those who haven't I'm sorry for what is about to be described. If you are looking for some of the worlds greatest minds you are certainly not gonna find many here. I have seen more jaw droppingly stupid actions in one game of CoD than I have seen anywhere else in my life. I go in to matches and see people just run around and not shoot or knife or throw a grenade the entire game. If you enjoy the games scenery to that extent then please create a private game and admire all you want. And appearently someone playing the game right is the biggest enigma in the world because when I'm shooting at people or holding them off with a riot shield people just stop and stare in awe. I can't count the number of times where I have been blocking someone with a riot shield and my teamate sits in the room right next to the guy shooting me and just sits there and watches. If that isn't enought, you will see many online players run the same strategies over and over, and that's fine, atleast they have a plan. But what it does get a bit annoying when you see people failing to react to these strategies. If a team is doing the same thing over and over you should probably try to find a solution to that. unfortunately most players can't manage to muster this much brain power. But that unfortunately isn't the last of it. There are also players who buy expensive equipment and form a group called a clan. Is a clan itself bad? No. It shows you want to play at a higher level and I respect that. That being said, why play in playlists full of a bunch of random people who are god awful to show your clan's "skill"? Seeing a clan in a normal team deathmatch is a clear indication that that clan is absolutely awful and can't play anywhere else. But my final issue is this. Movement is the most basic concept of almost any game. You tilt the analog stick left to go left, right to go right, down to go down, and up to go up. Unfortunately that is quite the difficult task for many CoD players. Most of them can only manage to run directly into me or find a designated friendly target and all follow this player so they are killed by a single grenade. But on occasion you will get killed by a good player. And it will be a pretty gratifying feeling knowing that someone out there is smart enough to handle Call of Duty. Don't get me wrong, I'm not an elitist. I'm decent at best and hold a so-so 1.17 K/D ratio. And to those who are new to the game, don't take my words to heart, I understand that some people have a good reason for not being up to par yet. But when you're third prestige and just run around and don't shoot once I just start to wonder why you wasted your money. And don't get me started on the people who think they are the greatest thing ever just because they are good at Call of Duty



Zombies mode is a feature that a lot of people including myself have loved since day one. That being said it has declined gradually since its first arrival. If you are looking for the best possible zombies experience I would definitely say go for world at war. But all the other games with zombies are pretty solid too, so you really can't go wrong. One of my favorite things about zombies is you go in knowing you have to die. So the experience is rarely frustrating because you expect to die, the goal is just to see how long you last first. The mystery box is always a bit of a thrill too. If you want to have some fun zombie mode is never a bad place to turn. Even online zombies is fun. If the people you're playing with are bad, oh well, at least they're a distraction. The only thing I would change is to have a different zombie here or there. It can get a bit monotonous getting chased by the same zombies over and over


Though there were a lot of harsh words, CoD certainly isn't a bad series. I definately recommend trying it but just be aware of the games numerous problems and the developers non-existant solutions. All in all you should have a pretty good time. If you are looking for a shooter where people die fairly quickly, you have a huge arsenal of weapons at your disposal, and you have a few different game types then this could be a game for you. If you like shooters that are more hp based and or offer a different playstyle then you may want to try brink or Halo 3. But is CoD the best shooter series? It is completely up to opinion. It isn't my number one but it is certainly up there, and recently I'd say its just about the best but thats strictly due to weak competition.


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