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Is it worth playing Final Fantasy 13-2?

Updated on January 17, 2013

Most RPG lovers played Final Fantasy series and most of It has the touch of good story lines, gameplay and excellent graphics. Since the Playstation 3 has been launched, people are waiting for the released of Final Fantasy 13 and they are very excited to play this game. After you have play this game you felt like that you are satisfied with the ending but several months later after they released this game. SquareEnix have decided to launch the sequel of Final Fantasy 13. Even me at that moment I was very excited. I was thinking what was happened after the ending of the first installment of this game. Then when I purchased Final Fantasy 13-2, played the game and finished it for almost 2 weeks. I was very disappointed about the storyline and its ending. Lighting is frozen then you'll see the word "To Be Continue". I tried to search it on the internet what happened or is there sequel for this one. And Yes I found it its called Final Fantasy 13-3: Lighting Returns. I'm thinking probably SquareEnix want some profit so they decided to come up to create another FF13 game.

When you check that game you'll see bunch of spoilers and preview from the creators and you will discover that FF13-3 Lightning Returns is not directly relevant from FF13-2. Your going to ask this to yourself "What is the reason I bought and played FF13-2 then after you played it you see that there will be a sequel on it. Am I going to buy FF13-3? I hope I did'nt buy the 2nd one and save it for Lightning Returns. Now, the question is this is worth playing Final Fantasy 13-2?


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