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Is the console dying?

Updated on May 13, 2017
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Whilst it is important to note that a lack of new releases, in the gaming market, in the form of a gaming console, there has been a notable drop-off in online hype about gaming consoles in the first quarter of 2017. Whilst it would be completely unfair to say that the gaming console is dead, it could however be said that the train is starting to slow in the hype generated by console gaming.

The first console came out in 1972 in the form of a Magnavox Odyssey. Since this time the gaming industry has undergone huge changes, the one biggest being online platforms which can also be played on a PC often at better frame rates, resolution and many things that perhaps even a console owner would not know, or even care for.

In 1994 the Playstation 1 came out in Japan and was hugely popular at the the time. Sony would later go on to develop three more Playstations, which would all yield new exciting features, whilst lacking originality, players were firmly gripped on the excitement of paying upwards of 300 Dollars (U.S) to play a new game or franchise. Sony would Later go on to be rival to Microsoft releases and already competing with Nintendo. There were many other releases by other respective gaming companies, but I want to keep the article on topic.

For nearly 25 years these companies have been front runners in the gaming industry, competing with each other and releasing various consoles and gaming platforms, the repetitive cycle of this may have finally met its last stand, after string of poor releases in 2016. The Call Of Duty fanbase is completely divided between Infinite Warfare, there can be no denying that Hello Games hype train crashed, and died, upon releasing No Man's Sky.

I would be lying if I said that all new releases on Consoles are failing, because they are doing better than ever. However Sony's new ventures into VR Gaming may have left some of the emphasis of the hype train shifting tracks, between console and VR gaming. The same could be said for many gaming design companies looking to escape, the already saturated, console industry and into the new VR industry. This could undoubtably not help the console fanbase but it wont kill it, right?

Microsoft, whilst not wanting there already gigantic console revenues to end, may be shifting their attention onto monopolizing the PC gaming industry. This is at least according to the 'Microsoft wants to monopolise games development on PC. We must fight it', report put out by 'theguardian'. Please note this is just one example of hundreds of similarly themed articles.

Granted that two disappointing games after nearly 25 years of these companies controlling the market, would not be enough to validate that the console is dying. New openings in the market and the string of disappointing games that really stretches for about two years, when talking about RPG/action games, the console is defiantly losing some of the momentum on the online hype. It is the online hype that has been selling games, but is losing out to a range of factors. Is it so successful at selling copies of video games anymore? You could expect big gaming organizations to shift their corporate interests for a short time, only if stunting console gaming, which is understandably draining as the social aspect of online gaming wanes.

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