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Travel is a Hobby for Sensual Experiences

Updated on April 17, 2019
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I have had the opportunity to travel locally and nationally. I have also visited two islands; one in the Pacific and the other in the Atlant

Travel and Photo Memories

A camera with assorted photos on a table for review.
A camera with assorted photos on a table for review. | Source

Traveling Hobby

Traveling is for the adventurous of heart or curiosity seekers. Open your eyes to new scenery, different peoples or cultures, government and politics, an assortment of different foods, religious practices, poverty and prosperity, activities, and more.

Traveling is for those who wish to see beyond their front yard, their local community or their country. Monies spent will be dependent on the travel destination. It can be from a few dollars to thousands of dollars.

Men, women and children can enjoy the hobby of traveling. How you choose to explore or the activities of participation will depend on your physical abilities.

For example, both men and women can work a camera, but each in their own way. A woman may take her shot from a secure site and a man may want to suspend himself off the edge of a cliff for his shot. Generally speaking, children will mimic their parents. Anything a man can do, a woman may also attempt to do but in a different manner. This is a good thing because each gender gives a different point of view.

Tofane - Dolomites of Northern Italy

Photo of the Tofane mountains located in northern Italy.
Photo of the Tofane mountains located in northern Italy. | Source

Sensual List

Traveling may be defined as sensual because you use all six senses. Going to, being at, and leaving your destination will have you experiencing sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, and your sixth or instinct sense. Travel satisfies the physical, mental, and spiritual restlessness within our being.

  • Sight – A camera is a must when traveling. Capture on film whatever gives you visual pleasure. Or time permitting you may wish to sketch or write keeping a journal log for your memory.
  • Sound – Listen to exotic birds, sea life such as whales and seals, language, music and much more.
  • Smell – There are many odors in our environment. Traveling gives you the opportunity to actually inhale the odors which you may have read about in your wish books or watched on video or in a movie.
  • Taste – Foods and drinks from different locations will wake up your taste buds.
  • Touch – Feeling the different textures of the environment is an amazing experience.
  • Instinct or spiritual sensations – How our inner being or emotions feel from experiencing what was once strange to our being and is now familiar.

It is very easy to become addicted to traveling because it is rewarding in many different ways.

Camel Caravan in the Desert

Three camels in the desert. Feel the heat of the day.
Three camels in the desert. Feel the heat of the day. | Source

Education to Gain Knowledge

Traveling is gaining first hand experience and knowledge which helps to confirm what you have read or to gather material for your hobby or personal interests.

Looking through books, magazines, videos, DVDs, brochures and pamphlets gives a wonderful way of traveling without leaving the comforts of home. The traveler, however, wants to gain first hand knowledge by seeing, smelling, touching, hearing, or tasting their interest.

Coordinate hobby interests with your senses as you are traveling. Take along a camera for visual memories of still shots or a video camera to capture action and sound. Unfortunately, no one has invented a machine which can capture different odors. Enjoy the sweet aromas of your favorites by being there in person.

In the home we can feel the warmth and soft fur of our pet. Traveling to see other animals will allow us to touch the flesh of many different animals. Touching a snake, alligator, elephant, or a dolphin is a new and exciting experience.

The sounds around the world can be heard on video, audio tapes, and other mechanical devices. However, listening to sounds in their presence results in different effects for the mind and body. As an example hearing a lion roar on audio is rather flat when compared to standing by a zoo cage or on a safari and there is a lion roaring in the background. It can be very unnerving, chilling and numb minding.

The sense of taste is another element for which a machine has not been invented. Traveling to experience foods around the world is very different from going to a local exotic restaurant. These foods have been modified to encourage customers returning or the availability of the “real” food or seasoning is not available and the missing ingredients are replaced with substitutes.

Experience different cultural foods, their utensils or none, and rituals or ceremonies for or involving certain foods is a tasting event gaining gastronome knowledge.

Exotic Foods

A colorful Sushi arrangement on a white platter and chopsticks. Taste exotic foods.
A colorful Sushi arrangement on a white platter and chopsticks. Taste exotic foods. | Source

Local Cuisine

Looking at a delectable dish of seafood in a magazine creates a desire to satisfy your palette. But experiencing each dish in its own country is an awakening reality for our taste buds.

Sitting in an outdoor seafood restaurant located on the shores of an ocean where you can see and hear the ocean waves as they move in and out from the shoreline and smell the salt in the air adds an atmosphere of reality as you enjoy a fresh seafood platter.

Enjoy the treasures of the sea when visiting the seashores of continents or tropical islands known for their oceanic cuisine.

Traveling will allow you to enjoy local cuisine at its finest. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts of various countries. Pineapples, mangoes, coconut, and guavas eaten from a can or frozen is unlike its fresh form.

Dried squid and fish do not compare with squid dishes from the Greek Isles, Italy, and Orient countries.

A Delicious apple from America does not compare with the Mountain apple of Hawaii.

When visiting the Latin American countries try these particular fruits Tamarind and Cherimoya and two of their vegetables known as chayote, and napal.

Ocean Sounds

Ocean waves splashing at the shoreline. The sounds of the ocean relaxing. .
Ocean waves splashing at the shoreline. The sounds of the ocean relaxing. . | Source


Scenery abounds all around us. Visit beaches and oceans, mountains and forests, grass and wildflowers and grass plains, deserts, colossal waterfalls, boulders, rocky areas, and man-made structures. These environments can be explored above ground, at ground level, and below the earth’s surface.

Many different types of scenery exist. Visit beaches and oceans, mountains and forests, grass and wildflower and grass plains, and sandy deserts. . These environments can be explored above ground, at ground level, and below the earth’s surface.

Why View Scenery:

  1. Pleasant, relaxing, and soothing
  2. Channeling creative thinking
  3. Escape from daily problem solving
  4. Viewing nature and her story in different locations
  5. Satisfy our curiosity of the earth’s environment
  6. Viewing man-made structures and taking pride in human achievements
  7. Appreciating different wildlife in their environments

Traveling opens our mind to live and enjoy new sights with our physical, mental, and spiritual senses to be awakened and tantalized with life.

Natural Reef of Ocean Coral

Ocean coral of many different colors. An example of beautiful sight.
Ocean coral of many different colors. An example of beautiful sight. | Source


Incorporate your vehicle hobby interest in your travels. Travel by walking, bicycle, motorcycle, horse, camel, car, bus, recreational vehicle, camper, train, airplane, glider, helicopter, scuba diving equipment, diving suit or diving bell, underwater personal crafts, and submarine.

A person may see these vehicles as a means of travel from point to point never realizing that each of these vehicles is considered a hobby. Although we are using these animals or vehicles to get to our destinations they are still being enjoyed for their pleasurable assistance making our journey easier and fun.

Delightful Aroma

Cherry blossoms in bloom. Enjoy the sweet perfume.
Cherry blossoms in bloom. Enjoy the sweet perfume. | Source

Traveling Careers

Do you wish to take an expensive and exotic trip and lack funds? Do you want a traveling lifestyle?

Work for a company which will allow you to draw an income and travel at the same time satisfying both an income and a travel lifestyle.

List your skills and talents, vocational training, college education, and realistic job talents. Check the industries which have travel positions and submit an application.

Here is a list of some careers which may be considered:

  1. Photographer, cinematographer, journalist, musician, acting, arts and crafts
  2. Archaeologist, exploration geologist, and oceanographer
  3. Language instructor, translator
  4. Travel agent, sports recruiter
  5. Airplane pilot, airline flight attendant, train workers, cruise lines, tour guide, mechanics
  6. Peace Corp, military, government positions
  7. Medical and pharmaceutical industries
  8. Retail, fashion, and modeling industries, import/export industry, traveling salesman
  9. National and international exhibits, museums
  10. Nanny, traveling companion
  11. Researcher

There are many employment opportunities which include traveling.

Travel Senses


Do you like to travel?

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