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It’s Fun Playing Minecraft, Try It Today!

Updated on August 3, 2016
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Children play online games every day, from “Need for Speed” to “Fast and Furious.” In this article, I am going to explain to you about the hottest game on the Internet. This game will attract not only children but also adults. Yes, I am talking about Minecraft. Minecraft is a Swedish game, and the ideas behind it are from top Swedish companies that have crafted and packaged it.

What is Minecraft?

Unlike car racing games, Minecraft is a game that will attract any player. You can play it as a single-player, or with others as a multiplayer game. In Minecraft, players construct things, which made out of basic cube blocks. The game is attractive to players because it has incorporated 3D images.

No one wants to play a badly-packaged game, and the Minecraft creators have launched this version of the game just for that reason. Let’s compare it with the Play Station, a gaming tool, with which most children are familiar. This device is very disrupting and can easily distract a child from their regular routines. However, Minecraft should not be a threat to parents, because they can control how their children will be playing the game.

How to Play Minecraft?

The game maker released Minecraft in full three years ago. Up to now, the game is accessible on different platforms, including Play Station 4 and even personal computers. This game is fun to play because it does not have an objective per se. Those who play the game have the advantage of playing it the way they want. That is why children have found it very easy to play. The first player sets the play modes of the game. However, players can later decide to the modes if they want. The game will involve the player learning what to do with the blocks, how to break them up and put them together. That is what players want from Minecraft.

Minecraft is like visiting a jungle to which a kid has never been before. Most of the surroundings of the game include lakes and oceans, mountains, caves and even forests, which are just incredible to see. All these surroundings are in 3D format and are in existence during both the day and the night. There are also some ‘good’ creatures like hens and pigs, which just add excitement to the game. During the game, these birds turn into food for the players.

Besides the ‘good’ creatures, during the night, there are some scary creatures which may initially frighten young children. However, this should not completely scare them away since they are there to bring more excitement to the game. Players will find the game stimulating, especially when they try to dodge the spiders and other funny creatures, which chase after them in caves and other dark places.

There are two sections in Minecraft, called The Nether (or known as the Nexus in Notch’s blog) and The End. Most reviewers have described the Nether as being like Hell, but it is not all that scary. This section gives players ability to explore different parts of the game. Meanwhile, The End is barren. Players can get access to this land by killing the dragon, the king of this land. It is very thrilling when it reaches this level; the fight with the dragon is the best part of the game.

Different Modes in Minecraft

It is so amazing when players realize that all of a sudden they have slain the dragon and gained control of the land. There are several available modes that players can consider using, including survival, creative, adventure, and hardcore modes. For the survival mode, they will need to collect a lot of material, like stones that they can use in making blocks. On the other hand, the creative mode will involve picking up different things, which can be used to win the game. Your basic needs, such as health and hunger, should leave once you gain enough materials, so the next best smart thing for you to do is to fly!

The adventure mode requires the correct tools to harvest the individual types of material. However, you still can interact with other items. Be careful with the hardcore mode because this mode permanently locks and turns the created world into the hardcore setting.

When players start this game, the most important thing is to survive the first night, because there will be monsters that appear at night. They need to collect materials to build a shelter before the sunset. They will find it very exciting when they find themselves cutting down trees, chopping them up and building their shelters. After that, they need to get a weapon to defend themselves. That’s the best part of the game.

Children can play this game on multiplayer mode, meaning they need an Internet connection to play. They can then have their friends join them. The game maker has packaged this game carefully; the soundtrack and visual effects are great and will encourage players to carry on playing. The soundtrack hooks players in from the start.

The biggest advantage with Minecraft is that it can be played it on various platforms. Players can play it on their Android devices and even tablets. If children know how to operate these devices, he or she can play the game. Moreover, players can also modify the game and change the way they play it. That is one reason players need to get Minecraft and enjoy all the things it offers.

Parents and Teachers like Their Children Playing Minecraft

Minecraft can help children learn about creativity, and that’s why many parents like their children playing this game. Minecraft has an elaborate world of “sandbox” games where children learn to express their creativity by creating pieces of architecture. Children can build anything they like, even beyond their wildest imaginations.

Minecraft is one of the best-selling independently-developed games. Once the children starting playing the game, they may play randomly because at first, it is a little confusing. However, the more time your children spend playing the game, the more they will explore, and work out what to do to advance to the next level. As they advance in the game, it becomes irresistible, which also means that the children will become more creative.

Teachers like this game because it can bring some lessons to real life. Children will learn how to build something big from the ground up, which will teach them patience, as well as creativity. Children will also learn how to survive with limited resources by gathering raw materials to make things.

Besides teaching creativity, research show that Minecraft also teaches children about geometry, as well as a bit of geology. Moreover, it also teaches them about experimentation, problem solving, and teamwork. Some schools have even been reported to introduce the game into the classroom curriculum because of the educational benefits it offers.

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