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Jigsaw Puzzle is an Interesting Hobby

Updated on November 26, 2015

Solving is fun

My son was introduced to jigsaw puzzles when he was almost two and a half years old. He took lot of interest in it and even enjoyed doing the same puzzle repeatedly. The jigsaw puzzles he had were of four, six, eight, twelve pieces and so on. Every now and then, he was gifted a new set to continue with his game. Later, it turned out to be hobby in which he used to get engrossed for long hours a day. It was real fun for him but in the process he learnt something meaningful. But, we should not forget that everything has a flip side. The expected day, which I was afraid of, did arrive. He started getting bored as the supply of the puzzle’s stock failed to meet his desired demand. I was also helpless and nothing much I could do about it.

Suddenly, something struck my mind. I started searching my cupboards and at last I found it. Though I searched for it tirelessly and when found it, I felt my effort went in vain. My son, when he was hardly six months old, received a jigsaw puzzle as a gift from somebody. I, without any second thought, kept the gift in a safe place as he was too young to play with it. My child’s demand made me search for it but it was in my opinion still not according to his age as it was of hundred pieces. Thus, I was left with no other option than buying another new set for my little kid to keep him agile. But, how long could I do so? I was terribly in search of some proper solution.

Helpful Suggestion

Meanwhile, one afternoon, I received a call from a very close relative. After we had some talking, he inquired about the activities of my son. Specifically, about my son’s skill and interest in solving jigsaw puzzle. I was badly in need of some suggestion as I was a perplexed being so I disclosed everything in detail to him. He suggested me to allow my child to play with the jigsaw puzzle of hundred pieces and then asked me to follow some other important steps. I thought to give it a try in-spite of having a little doubt.

Now, it’s time to write about the suggestions I received. My relative simply thought that his steps would make wonders in building up a child's intelligence level. He was dead sure and had an optimistic approach. I followed him blindly.

Steps to Follow:

1). Hand over the jigsaw puzzle sets of HUNDRED pieces each to the child who was hardly three years of age.

2). At least one among the parents or any elderly person must help the child in assembling the pieces of the puzzle.

3). It was a matter of the development of a child's mind so loosing temper at any cost was not allowed to the parents or any seniors. Anger will harm the mind’s development of the child rather fear will set in which will ruin the growth of the intelligence level

4). Follow the above steps regularly and monitor the considerable changes, if any, in the intelligence level of the child.

5). If observed no change, still never give up as time period cannot be fixed. It’s vital to maintain cool. No need to show urgency. Perseverance is of utmost importance on the parents’ side. Patience pays. A time will come when the child will show a significant progress and will definitely be able to arrange few pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, if not all at a time

6). Now, handle with care. The child should be appreciated and encouraged further.

7). It’s time for the parents and seniors to help and suggest only when the child asks for. Now, it’s time to keep a little distance and watch the child assembling the pieces by itself. Do not enforce your help upon the child. Offer to help the child only when it seems to be confused. This gives, confidence to the child to try something new.

8). HURRAH! The child learns it.

Experience and Success

Why not? The child is not a dumb. All the things in the world are new to him. To get accustomed to it the child needs a little time. The time period is a bit dicey. It varies from child to child. Intelligence level can be increased by different methods but to some extent it always prevails in every child from birth. It becomes the deciding factor of the child’s responding time.

I abided by the steps mentioned above and achieved the target exactly within a month. My kid learnt it and that which seemed impossible for the three year old was done in no time. Considering the age, one month was remarkable. Even the toy shop owners wondered because they never sold jigsaw puzzle of hundred pieces for three year old boy.

Noteworthy Experience

1) Child learns through observation power at the age when analysis has nothing to do.

2) Spending quality time with the child through playing.

3) Making a bond with the child.

4) Building up confidence in the child.

5) Above all never underestimate a child.

I am grateful to my relative who taught me an important lesson. Then on, there is no time for getting bored. Something or the other experiment is done through fun and time spent meaningfully. Ultimately, jigsaw puzzle is a healthy process to develop a child’s mind.


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