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JoliCraft Minecraft Texture Pack (16 x 16)

Updated on March 6, 2011

JoliCraft is one of the most popular 16 x 16 default texture packs because it is whimsically cartoonish in its style and makes Minecraft seem like the happiest place on earth.Everything has been designed to feel as cozy and homely as possible. Check out these beds, for instance. The default bed is perpetually crimson and looks like it was designed by someone named Vlad. The JoliCraft bed makes one feel as if there is definitely home baked bread and chicken soup to be had in the morning.

Paintings have been upgraded with cute images of playful foxes and other sweet scenes that make one feel entirely safe about existing in a world filled with the undead and mindless explosives.

For more Minecraft texture packs, visit:
For more Minecraft texture packs, visit: | Source

What about building textures? What about stone and wood? Cobblestone takes on a sandy chequered texture that works well with smoothstone. What I really love about that is the fact that if you build things with the JoliCraft texture pack enabled they should still look fairly decent-ish in the default texture pack. The wood textures are very RPG-ish in feeling, perhaps a little too dark for my personal tastes, but in a texture pack as full of wonders as this one, it seems churlish to point that out.

It's the little things that really set JoliCraft apart though, like the torch animations. Instead of flickering dangerous fire that could hurt, they flicker with bubbles, and as everybody knows, bubbles never hurt anyone.

The GUI is nice too, the general interface with the items has been slimmed down to a quirky offset system that works well enough, and instead of having your inventory in some grey plastic limbo, it appears on parchment. Nice.

Animals have been reskinned in a way that I find pleasing to the eye, with bouncing black and white cows, baa baa black sheep with black faces and feet but fuzzy white woolly bodies. In JoliCraft, every little piggie in the world wanders around half spattered in mud, as if it had just finished a pleasing mud bath. 

Even the sunsets in a JoliCraft world are pleasing and comforting to watch as the massive circular rings of a sun that would probably be so close as to burn everything to a crisp slowly sink below the horizon, heralding the arrival of the moon, oh the moon. What a wonderfully large silver crescent rising above the lands. It was when I saw the moon that I realized exactly what JoliCraft was doing, it was creating a nursery rhyme world. A world in which dishes ran away with spoons and cows hurled themselves into lunar orbit.

I truly love this texture pack and highly recommend it to anyone, especially people who are new to texture packs and want something that takes the edge off the more terrifing aspects of the game.

Download JoliCraft!


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