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Journeys of Reemus 3 Walkthrough

Updated on May 29, 2010

The Many Journey's of Reemus Chapter 3 Walkthrough

The following is a walkthrough to the third chapter in the very popular "The Many Journeys of Reemus" series "The Journey of Reemus 3". If you haven't had a chance to any of these great games, you should definitely try them out, links are at the bottom of the page.

There are two different ways to complete this story, both with its own set of puzzles. I will go over both.


In the many journeys of Reemus CH 3, you play as both Reemus, a very country fellow, and Liam, a cute bear, on a journey that requires wit and quick thinking in order to accomplish.


--SCENE 1: Same for Both Stories--

When the game starts, you have control of a small alien slug. Your objective is to get eaten by different animals, causing you to turn into a version of that particular animal.

After the cut scene showing the alien slug arrive on a meteor, you see him run into a grassy patch in the middle of your screen. Climb up onto the log and click the spider web to get caught in it.

The spider will eat you, and in turn, you will eat him, becoming a spider your self. Now you can climb up to the crow and have him eat you. After he suffers a similar fate, you are now flying in the air.

Click the patch of grass in front of the animal's hole to reveal and be eaten by a snake. You are now slithering in front of the hole. Click the hole to swim through and fall in a small pond.

Click the glob of honey looking material on the right side of the screen to make it fall and get the frogs attention. You can now eat, and turn into, the frog.

You now want to get to the Strawberry hanging above the fisherman's head. Jump up on the stump that is in the background about halfway down the creatures fishing pole. You will jump up onto it.

You can now jump on the limb directly above you and then to the strawberry. When you click it it falls into the water and a fish starts to nibble it. Click the water to jump back down, and then click the fish to eat it.

Now click on the fishing line for the creature to catch you, and face a horrible fate. Scene Complete. Enjoy the Cut Scene.

--Path of Aggression--

In the Journeys of Reemus 3, your choice of path's takes place in the first scene in which your playing as Reemus and Liam. Liam wants to save the creature that is tied up, while Reemus wants to forget about the creature and chop the tree down. Reemus' path is the path of Aggression which we will go through now:

--Scene 2: Path of Aggression--

After the dialogue choose Reemus and walk right to the next screen. Click the patch of stumps to break off a sturdy peice of wood. A piece of rock resembling an axe head is sitting on the ground to the right but you can't pick it up yet. It is too sharp.

Walk right to the next screen where you will find a bee hive guarded by a horde of bees. Switch to Liam and walk to the screen Reemus is in. Stand on the airhole at the top left of the screen to distract the bees.

Switch to Liam and click the bee hive, you will dip the sturdy piece of wood in honey. You can now go and pick up the rock/axe head.

With your axe ready, walk to the very left screen where the scene started. Click the Red tree 3 times to knock it down, squashing the creature. Click the tree stump to go to the next scene.

--Scene 3: Path of Aggression--

When scene three starts there is a big yellow bird yelling at another bird named Perriwinkle. If you pull his bell, or do anything to disturb him, he comes out and yells at you. With Reemus, walk left to the next screen.

Notice the graffiti and fields of flowers and continue left to the next screen, where a different yellow bird is standing. Ignore the "keep out" sign and try to continue on, the bird becomes mad at you and starts beating you with his stick. You now cannot do anything and must switch to Liam.

With Liam, walk two screens left where Reemus is getting beat up. Take the flag and walk back to the first screen. Click the rock to drape the flag over it.

Now walk left one screen and pick up the flower in between the rocks. Walk back to the first screen and click the flag to paint it with the flower.

Now ring the bell in front of you to make the angry bird come out. When he see's his nemesis' emblem painted on his rock, he becomes irate and goes to fight Perriwinkle.

Walk all the way back to the left where Reemus is standing. The two birds are now fighting and you can walk right by.

--Scene 4: Path of Aggression--

You begin this scene standing in front of a bird bath and a few potholes on the ground. With a little inspection you find that they are actually squirrel apartments.

Bring both characters all the way left until you can't go any further. You will be overlooking a beach.

Use Reemus to pull the tree and reveal a Acorn, which you must pick up with Liam. Also notice the two rocks on the ground which you can pick up with Reemus.

Now take the acorn back to the bird bath and leave it there. Leave the screen and come back to see the squirrel dart off. You must plug the holes he jumps through to make him jump out of the tree. You can then position Reemus to catch him.

Here is the pattern: you must use Reemus to place one rock(near the cliff) into the first squirrel hole to the left of the bird bath, and one rock into the squirrel hole on the left in the middle screen.

Then click the left tree hole in the middle screen to position Reemus to catch the squirrel. Place the acorn with Liam, leave the screen, and come back. When the squirrel runs away he will be caught by Reemus.

Now, walk with Reemus to the edge of the cliff, and click the beach. They will use the squirrel to fly down.

--Scene 5: Path of Aggression--

There is only one screen to this scene. You must solve the riddle of the door that is in the ground in front of you. When you click it you learn that the pegs must be place in their proper groups of three.

It does not matter on which color you place the pegs, as long as they are grouped correctly. Here are the groups:

Group 1: Bat - Whale - Human

Group 2: Kangaroo - Koala - Rat

Group 3: Crab - Lobster - Shrimp

Group 4: Penguin - Kiwi - Ostrich

Group 5: Fish - Shark - Dolphin

Group 6: Parrot - Hawk - Duck

If you don't know which particular piece is which just skip piece in question and come back to it. You can use the process of elimination to figure out the exact animals on each piece.

Also, if you make the right group, the pieces will become locked into place. Once completed, the door will open and you will descend.

--Scene 6: Path of Aggression--

This next scene consists of a fountain at the beginning screen, two buttons Reemus can stand on in the middle screen, and two statues holding cups in the third screen. Depending on which button Reemus stands on, different colors will come out of the fountain.

You must use Liam to fish the glass out of the fountain. Your job is to fill the each statues' glass up with the correct colors and make them drink. If both statues drink the right mixture, you will be allowed to pass.

As Liam, with glass in hand, click whichever stream of color you want to fill the glass with. Then walk it to the statues and pour it in the right glass.

The colors in which the statues need to drink are painted on the fountain. The three colors on the left represent the left statue from bottom to top. And, the three colors on the right represent the right statue from bottom to top.

The sequence is as follows:

Left Statue(bottom to top): yellow, blue, red

Right Statue(bottom to top): green, orange, purple

You will need to keep moving Reemus to the right button in order to get the right colors, but it shouldn't be that difficult once you get the hang of it.

Once a statues' glass is filled, push the button under the statue. If it drinks the mixture and the button turns green, you did it right.

Once both buttons turn green. the door will fold down revealing stairs. Walk through the door to see the ending cut scene.

Congratulations! You've just finished the path of aggression. Now, restart and let's complete the other side of the Journey of Reemus 3 walkthrough.

--Path of Least Resistance--

--Scene 2: Path of Least Resistance--

Journeys of Reemus 3 path of least resistance:

This is the same as scene 2 from the path of aggression. Only, this time we are going to save the creature and do it Liam's way.

Choose Liam and walk right to the next screen. Click the mushroom to rip the top off. Take it back to the beginning screen and set it down on the thorny tree.Now, walk all the way right to the bee hive, switch to Reemus, and join Liam by the bee hive.

Use Reemus to stand on the purple air pocket on the top of the screen and distort the bee's consciousness.

Switch to Liam and click on the bees. He will now grab one by the stinger and hold it. Walk with the bee back to the first screen and click the thorny log to tie it on. You will need to do with four times.

Once four bees are tied to the log it will start to lift off of the ground. Click the mushroom top to sit down on it and be flown up to the little critter. Liam will then rescue it, to be shown the secret way.

--Scene 3: Path of Least Resistance --

The critter brings you to a door with some kind of weird triangular lock on it. The door consists of seven holes in which you must find plugs for and put them in their proper place.

The plugs are scattered throughout the screen under four rocks All of the rocks(hiding plugs) look the same, they are just different sizes and maybe flipped. The first three are right in front of you but the fourth one may be covered up by Reemus. Walk with him to get him out of the way and you will see it. Now you have all seven plugs, go to the lock.

The lock is set up like a basic food chain. With the animal at the top being the biggest predator working it's way down. In this case that would be the Owl.

Here is the pattern: The OWL, eats the SNAKE and RABBIT. The SNAKE eats the FROG and MOUSE while the RABBIT eats the GRASS and CARROT. Once arranged properly, the door will open.

--Scene 4: Path of Least Resistance --

This scene begins with you in a cave. Your tiny critter tour guide now ditches you both and you are stuck with a big sleeping monster in the next screen. Walk with Liam over to the cabinet in front of the monster. Open it and take out the strawberry gelatin. Go pour this into the pond in the first screen.

The pond now becomes a big red pool of jello. As Liam, click the spikes over the jello pond to jump up on one of them. Now by clicking each spot you can make your way above where the monster is sleeping and It will wake up. Liam will now be frozen stiff.

Choose Reemus and pick one of the green mushrooms as the beginning of the screen. Walk over to the monster and feed him the green mushroom. He will now fall back asleep.

Switch back to Liam and continue your journey across the spikes until your reach the door. Click on the vines to lower one for Reemus.

Switch to Reemus and climb up.

--Scene 5: Path of Least Resistance --

When you start this scene there will be what looks like bubble gum dripping out of a tree behind you. After you explore a little bit, you'll find a tree in the second scene, and a guard in the third screen. You need a ride on the boat but the guard will not allow it. It seems the boat is for royal deliveries only.

Select Liam and walk to the second screen. Click the bark on the tree to tear it off and notice that it looks like a royal document. Walk back to the first screen and click on the bubble gum drippings. Liam will dip the bark in the bubble gum and say if he only had a royal seal he could pass the document off as a royal document.

Select Reemus and walk to the guard. Talk to him and he will tell you if you can beat him in a game of wits he will give you a ride. The game is rock paper scissors. You must let the guard beat you.

Every time he wins he slams his hand on the crate beside him, making the key move closer and closer to the edge. After two or three games, the key falls off and you can pick it up.

Walk back to the second screen and use the key on the locked box. Reemus isn't very interested in the uniforms inside so switch to Liam.

Walk to the uniforms in the recently opened package and click them to put an official stamp on the piece of bark. Now, walk right to the next screen and click on the guard. He will now take you where ever it is you're going. You have now finished both paths of the journey of Reemus ch 3.

Overall, I think this was an awesome game and hope the come out with many more Journeys or Reemus. If you missed this game or would like to play many other great online games you can find this game and many more great games at:



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