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Jumping Stilts: The Extreme Toy For Couch Potato Guys

Updated on February 18, 2009
Poweriser Jumping stilts
Poweriser Jumping stilts

Newer Outdoor Adult Toy

Poweriser Jumping Stilts are doing for stilt walking what RollerBlades did for rollerskating. They are cooler, more fun, and create a higher risk of injury. Did I mention they were cooler and more fun?

Jumping stilts cost a few hundred dollars for a pair, or, even more if you want the PRO springs that allow you to jump over cars and do back flips.

Are they worth it? Hell yes! Jumping stilts are a blast to use. If my 26 year old plus sized girl butt can use them, anyone can. It doesn't take long to get used to them and be able to walk and jump. So long as you don't stand in one place, it's not that difficult to keep above the ground.

Running On Jumping Stilts
Running On Jumping Stilts

One Hell Of A WorkOut

Without realizing it by just making the effort to keep your balance on Jumping stilts you are working your muscles naturally like crazy. It's not like crunches where you do the same action over and over, with jumping stilts holding your balance requires the body to shift its weight constantly while using them.

You will feel the muscle burn after using them for awhile. A few hours later and even the next day, you will totally appreciate the muscle soreness because you know it's working all these parts of your body that don't often get any action.

It doesn't feel like a workout though. Jumping stilts are fun to use. As long as you can keep them out of the hands of everyone else wanting to try them you can get a good 15-20 minute work out on these and it will go by very quickly.

My Brother Running On Power Stilts

jumping stilts
jumping stilts

Jumping Stilt Safety

The guy pictured with Poweriser Jumping Stilts is my brother, I took these a few days ago. He is no expert, he's been only using these for a few weeks. You would think that wearing some padding or at least just a t-shirt might be a smart idea. AND IT IS. but he could'nt be told that..

Do wear protective gear with jumping stilts. Falling happens. It's not as bad as you would think, but with any type of extreme sports equipment, if you start getting daring, accidents happen. A skateboarding helmet and protective gear will help protect against serious injurys.

Buy Jumping Stilts For Your Guy

You can buy jumping stilts for your boyfriend or husband and be the coolest women he's ever known. Jumping stilts he can show off to his buddies. Jumping stilts he can have fun with and live on the edge of danger, err danger as in a scraped knee because we both know he won't attempt flips. Nonetheless your guy and his jumping stilts will be the coolest thing to talk about and his buddies will all be jelous just because of how cool his girlfriend/wife is.

There isn't a guy out there 15 to 40 who would'nt love to at least say they own a pair of the cool new jumping stilts. Be the cool girlfriend.


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