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Jungle Shaco Guide - League of Legends

Updated on February 27, 2016


Shaco is one of the best early game terrors on League of Legends relying on quick precision ganking to get first blood and steam roll into late game with a huge advantage. The first 15 minutes are do-or-die for Shaco as he transitions to an objective and assassination focus in the team phase.

The Basics: Build

This guide won't focus too heavily on build but I generally follow the build highlighted here. I generally aim for some heavy AD early on and switch to items good for split pushing later on. Try rushing Duskblade and see if you like it. I do change the masteries which are listed below.

I also normally go Stalker's Blade as I find the slow on Shiv to be underwhelming in many situations and the true damage can be very convenient for added burst. I always go for Hunter's Potion to deal with Shaco's poor sustainability in the Jungle as well.

The Basics: Masteries

The goal is early domination, make-or-break. Shaco benefits fairly well from both AD and AP, leaving him incredibly effective in early ganks. The reason I go so heavily on offense is that I don't believe a few defensive masteries will change much of Shaco's jungle sustainability or his mid/late game scaling, but early kills are very regularly decided by small numbers and that decides everything for Shaco.

Stormraider's surge also helps ensure the kill, although Thunderlord's Decree is always a reliable option and another viable option.

Jungle Route

Shaco's jungle route has a lot of specificity to complete successfully and not waste too much HP.

  1. Place 2 boxes near golems, starting at 0:56; but spread them to activate them separately.

2. Place 2 boxes near birds; also spread them if you can. Be careful not to place them too close to activate.

3. Clear golems: Smite the large golem, letting them hit your box until it dies. Then draw them into the second box and again try to make them hit your box instead of you.
4. Drop a box at red on the way to birds.
5. Clear birds, repeating the same as golems. Drop 1 extra box while you fight. You should still have a lot of HP.
6. Clear red, pulling them into your first box, then placing a second to fear and tank for you again.
7. You're now clear to gank!

Gank Tips

  1. Wait to use your shiv until after they flash. This way they become slowed and you can catch up to them.
  2. Hallucination does not break stealth. Q in, R, and then attack!
  3. If your teammate has some serious CC, your box will pop in time. Place your box as far away from them as you can in the direction they will run in. If your ally has a serious slow or a stun, it will buy you enough time for the box to pop.
  4. Alternatively, use your invisibility to place a box between your opponent and their tower at a distance that will give it time to pop. You sacrifice your invisibility crit to pull this off, and it's only viable if they have no flash to skip the box, but even at level 1 the fear is easily a game changer, likely moreso than the additional weaker critical damage.
  5. Try not to get all the kills. Shaco isn't great late game, you need to snowball your teammates. It's tempting, but try not to take all the kills. You may be unstoppable for the first 15 minutes, but things abruptly change when the team fighting phase starts; you want strong teammates.
  6. Use your Q around edges to avoid commonly warded areas. Shaco doesn't have time for sweeping over and over. Both mid and bottom lanes can easily be ganked from outside warded areas by using your Q over edges.

Mid-Game (Lane Phase) Tips

  1. Use boxes for map control! Placing boxes around the map as you roam can give your team extra security and allow you to watch rotations. To maximize effectiveness, Shaco needs strong map control. Keep 'em scared.
  2. Crabs are your friends. For #1 above, crabs will help support your map control. Additionally, Shaco is a weak jungler until he has life steal so grabbing crabs will allow you to get gold and experience without taking all the damage.
  3. Take some farm from lanes. It's pretty essential for Shaco. Generally I don't approve of stealing lane farm, but Shaco doesn't have many options as after 1 or 2 camps Shaco is often too low to gank.
  4. Get Dragon at level 6.
    -Use a sweeper/pink ward to check
    -Place defensive boxes, I put one in the bush above Dragon, near mid.
    -Split you and your clone so you don't both take damage. Let your clone take the damage, but if it gets low switch to you so you still have the damage.
    -Whenever possible, place a box near dragon so it will tank hits. It should be able to take 2.

Late Game (Team Fight Phase) Tips

  1. Focus on assassinations and objectives!

    Priority is to kill the ADC
    But those opportunities are few and far between, in the meantime focus on map control/vision and objectives. Split pushing for towers, sneaking dragons, and stealing buffs.
  2. Avoid team fights! If you have to jump in, pick 1 target that you can take out, because you will quickly die and there isn't much you can do to survive.
    Definitely don't initiate. You need surgical precision
  3. It's better to allow your team to play defensive while you sneak objectives.


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