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Just A Few Great Christmas Games For Adults

Updated on November 23, 2015

It's Christmas Party Season!

Christmas games don't have to be just for the kids. Adults can enjoy every part of the holiday season, too, including a party that's more than just snacks and wine. There are tons of fun Christmas games for adults out there, you just have to fins the right ones that fit your partygoers. Here are just a few suggestions. (Feel free to add yours in the comments below)

The Starter: The Banned Word

In this game, the goal is to not only avoid saying a certain word all throughout the party, but also to catch others in the act of using the word.

How to play: Everyone receives a few objects at the start of the night, such as a few necklaces or candy canes. Then, the banned word is announced and the game is on! Avoid stating the word and try to catch others using it, then call them on it and win one of their objects. By the end of the night, one person will have all of the objects and be declared the winner.

1) White Elephant Gift Exchange

The classic gift swap game where everyone wins!

How to play: Everyone brings a wrapped gift to the party and chooses a number out of a hat. Everyone chooses from the gift pile in numerical order. The fun part comes in when people want an already chosen gift. You can snatch an opened gift from someone else and make them choose a new one. Gifts can be swapped up to three times. In the end, everyone receives a gift, and hopefully one they want.

2) Minute To Win It

Minute To Win It is just what it sounds like. Contestant take on a challenge for sixty seconds and whoever scores more points, wins. Play on teams or individually, as many rounds as you wish.

How To Play: Here are a few fun options.

Hula hoop ring toss - Contestants throw hula hoops at a teammate and try to get as many on them as possible in sixty seconds.

Speed gift wrapping - How well can you wrap a gift in sixty seconds? Have a non-player judge the cleanliness of the gift wrapping after sixty seconds, or just measure the amount of time it takes for contestants to cleanly wrap a gift.

Tree decorating relay - Get as many ornaments on the tree in sixty seconds. If they fall off, they don't count! Include the team by making everyone pass the ornaments up the line to the decorator.

Minute To Win It Timer Video

3) Two Truths And A Lie

This is a fun icebreaker to get things going at the start of the party. Individuals tell two truths about themselves, as well as a lie. Everyone else guesses which is the lie. This game doesn't really have any point system, but feel free to make one up for yourself.

4) Name That Carol

Name That Tune for Christmas music.

How to play: The easiest way to play is to collect MP3s or CDs of Christmas music and have an official "music keeper" who will start and stop the music. Contestants bid on how few seconds of a song they can hear before identifying it. Whoever bids the lowest has to take the challenge. If they get it right, they earn points, but if not, the other contestant gets up to five seconds to identify the song and gain points. Play as many rounds as you wish, in teams or individually.

5) Christmas Movie Trivia

A very straightforward game that can be customized in any way you wish. Answer Christmas movie trivia questions and win a prize.

How to play: There are tons of options, from using a Trivial Pursuit game to using a trivia video game, or just writing up your own questions. Players can work alone or in teams. Try to create a wide variety of questions, all based on Christmas movies that the crowd has seen. Have as many rounds as your wish, and even let players bid on the amount of points they are willing to risk on a question, like Final Jeopardy. Provide a fun gift for the winner(s), like a DVD of a Christmas movie!

6) "Tree" Decorating Relay

Decorate a friend as a Christmas tree as fast as possible.

How to play: This one involves as many items as you wish. Ornaments, garland, tinsel, lights, a star, and whatever else you wish to use. Teams choose their "tree", who will stand still and be decorated. Then, the other team members fully decorate their tree with every item, not allowing any of the items to fall off or be left out. Whichever team completes the job first wins the game.

More great games

These are just a few of the many fun and inventive Christmas party games for adults and kids. Check out the links below for even more days to make your holiday party more entertaining.


What do you play?

Do you have any favorite Christmas party games for adults or kids? Tell us what you enjoy in the comments below.


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