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Kabpack, Customizable Minecraft Texture Pack (16 x 16)

Updated on July 6, 2011

A new approach to an old style of Minecrafting, Kabpack takes the old default textures and makes them new in exciting and visually appealing ways. No longer will your eyes hate your life because every texture looks like someone took something decent and pixellated it until it gave them the codes to the safe.

This is an old school pack, 16 x all the way, and I have to say it makes Minecraft look much better without resorting to packing extra pixels in left right and center. This means you can simply add this texture pack to your texture pack directory without worrying about patching it. Bonus!

So, what will you like about Kabpack? Let's start where I usually end – in the Nether.

Netherrack is actually an attractive building material with a brick style texture that I rather like. You could take this from the nether and use it for more than just fireplaces and fiery barricades and other things that start with the word 'fire' and end in 'arrrgh ugh ugh ugh ugh ssssss'.

Redstone torches are more 'eerily floating balls of redstone over copper bases', which looks more awesome than it sounds and it sounds freakin' amazing.

Crafting tables are pretty and they make excellent flooring material too. It seems as if a lot of work has gone into making the textures in this pack useful for the purposes of building, so there are a lot more aesthetically pleasing textures in this pack than in the default game.

Instead of making rails that look like, well, rails, a different approach has been taken and they look more like high speed style rails. Surprisingly enough, mine carts have not been redesigned significantly and yet they still look 'right' when you place them on the tracks.

Dispensers have a distinct futuristic technology vibe to them, which is almost out of keeping with the general theme, if you forget about the redstone torches and the steampunk glowstone. (Basically I call anything that looks like it might have once seen some brass 'steampunk'.) I wouldn't go so far as to call this a 'modern' texture pack though– wooden doors still have a Wild West rustic appeal to them and so do wooden chests and fences and whatnot.

As an extra bonus, Kabpack is somewhat customizable, so it's definitely worth checking out if you're looking for a stylish replacement for the default textures.

Download Kabpack Minecraft Texture Pack


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