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Kaevator's SuperSlopes Minecraft Mod, Minecraft Triangular Blocks

Updated on February 3, 2011

Minecraft has always been a game of blocky shapes and hard edges, but Kaevator's SuperSlopes mod adds a new element to the game, the element of triangular surprise. With this mod you can make sloped roofs that gently make their way towards the ground and ramps into the very center of the Minecraft earth.

There are three different permutations of the mod to suit various purposes.You can choose to have all stairs in your game changed into slopes, which could leave some of your previous creations looking as if they were designed by government committee. There's also the option to have some of the stairs automatically changed and some not, and another version of the mod allows you to craft your own.

The K1 version of the mod is the simplest and most versatile, it changes the appearance of all stairs in the game and makes them slopes. Because it's only re-skinning existing stairs, using the K1 version of this mod means that you can play SMP without fear and that other people can load your world saves without the mod installed and not have it mess up their game.

The K2 version is also compatible with SMP but instead of re-skinning all stairs it only re-skins stair blocks that aren't placed on ground type blocks. In theory then, only rooves should look like slopes.

The K3 version is the serious business version. This introduces new block types and crafting recipes and has the power to make someone else's day really bad. It it also incompatible with SMP.

Crafting recipes are simple rotated versions of the stairs crafting recipe and installing the mod allows you to make a total of 6 new blocks, up and down wood slopes, up and down stone slopes and upside down stairs in wood and stone.

Essentially, this mod is perfect for the high end Minecraft builder, the one who probably plays on peaceful most of the time and whose Minecraft achievements are based on creating interesting new buildings. The ability to add slopes and ramps will seriously change the game for an avid Minecraft architect, but if you're more of a casual builder who likes to use lots of different mods and builds only as a means to avoid certain destruction at the green slimy skins of creepers and their ilk, then this mod may very well be more trouble than it is worth.

The Warning

Be aware that depending on which version of the mod you use, this can be a significant mod, and by 'significant' I mean its one of those mods that has the ability to really mess things up if you haven't backed up your worlds and your minecraft .jar. The author warns would be modders that SMP may not work after the K3 version of mod is loaded and that worlds with the new sloped blocks in them will not load correctly if the SuperSlopes mod is not installed. Because every Minecraft patch replaces the .jar file, if you use this mod, you'll have to make sure to re-patch after every automatic update if you don't want your world to be plunged into chaos and despair.

Download SuperSlopes Minecraft Mod


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