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Best Inflatable Pools for Kids

Updated on January 29, 2015

Best Inflatable Pools for Kids

Summer is back, and so is the season for splashes, water games and fun. Kids love water and what better time it could be, to let them unwind, play and enjoy by plunging into a cool water pool and beat the heat, while you can just relax and watch them sitting on your pool lounge chair.

I have lived my entire childhood in a small valley, and hence had enough privileges to enjoy my water fantasies, at the small streams there. But, for those who are living in city areas, and seldom could get any opportunity to go to some water park (which again remains jammed with the huge crowd!), getting a personal inflatable kiddie swimming pool can be a great way. You can check the various size and shape ranges in which these inflatable pools come, which suit your needs, are extremely handy and easy to use and can be easily fitted in a convenient location at your home(inside or outside).

Nowadays, you can find a wide variety of various inflatable pools, in various designs, colors, shapes and textures, for kids. A few are listed on the right side.

Getting your children a swimming pool can be as entertaining for them, as it could be for you. Kids can spend hours splashing around, in the hot summer months. One can easily fancy having a backyard swimming pool, but there are plenty of reasons to not include a permanent swimming pool in your property. The two major reasons are usually the lack of space and the costly installation.

However, regardless of that, your kids can still enjoy the benefits of a swimming pool. A kid pool is a great option for families that don't wish to go for the troubles of installing a full sized swimming pool.

Family Fun in a Kiddie Pool
Family Fun in a Kiddie Pool

Kiddie Pool Features

1) Size: Kid pools also come in sizes that range from quite small (to accommodate one infant, to sit and relax) to the bigger ones. The biggest kiddie pools available today are huge enough to accommodate the whole family along with their neighbors, as well.

2) Trends: As long as your kid doesn't want to surf around, there are plenty of kiddie pools available in the market today, to meet your needs. The range goes from the old hard plastic kid pools to the new kiddie pools that are inflatable, customized, attractive, handy, can easily be stored in off-seasons and are quite trendy.

3) Facilities: There are loads of various styles of kid pools; some are shallow, some are a little deep. Nowadays, you can find them coming with "sprayers", which are generally animal shaped accessories that can squirt water up in the air like a sprinkler. Some are even designed with small slides.

Kiddie Pool Prices

The best thing about the kiddie pools, which you can find is the price range. The smallest pools can cost you as low as $10. The large ones can range up to or slightly up to the level of $100s. Irrespective of what model you choose, kid pools are usually inexpensive; especially when you compare them to the price of the minimal and most standard backyard pool.

Kiddie Pool Precautions

While a kid pool is for fun and enjoyment, there are certain things which must be considered before you buy one.

1) Check if you have a clean and reliable water source. Those who don't have an outdoor spigot can be able to look for a hose that will connect to an indoor sink. Usually, the water level of the kiddie pools is designed to be pretty low. However, small children, especially from range of 3-6 must never be left unattended even in the shallowest of all the pools.

2) Kiddie pools don't come up with filtration systems. Hence, if you want the pool to remain filled for considerable amount of time, the water needs to be changed and the pool needs to be cleaned. There are various chemicals available for cleansing the kiddie pools, similar to those for larger pools, which will kill bacteria and algae.

3) If you purchase an inflatable kiddie pool, make it sure to follow the manufacturer's directions for its proper inflation.

4) Make sure that the pool sanitizers you purchase are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Follow the directions for adding the pool sanitizers according to the size of your kiddie pool.

5) If your particular kiddie pool does not come with a cover, you can easily create a make-shift cover with either a patio table cover, large grill cover, or similar products. Kiddie pool covers are generally flannel-backed vinyl and have draw strings to adjust the fit. If you can not find the proper sized outdoor furniture cover, use a plastic tarp weighted at the corners.

You can find a wide range of colorful, cute and amazing kiddie pools.

Gift your child some fun and frolic with water, this summer!


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    • profile image

      Karen Reader 7 years ago

      These are great! My niece would love one of these.

    • calicoaster profile image

      calicoaster 7 years ago

      Thanks for the info kenny

    • profile image

      Kenny  7 years ago has some great above ground and kid friendly pools as well. I recommend you check it out.

    • calicoaster profile image

      calicoaster 8 years ago

      He he..thank you both theherbivorehippi and hannah!! :)

    • profile image

      hannah 8 years ago

      so cute

    • theherbivorehippi profile image

      theherbivorehippi 8 years ago from Holly, MI

      These are so cute!! lol I need a pool for my dogs but I need something metal...I foolishly tried the plastic thing last year. haha. Wish I could just get them one of these adorable pools for the summer.