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Computer games that help my kids learn

Updated on January 3, 2012
JumpStart game putting part of the alphabet in the correct order
JumpStart game putting part of the alphabet in the correct order
another JumpStart game
another JumpStart game

Kids these days have to have knowledge of computers just to do their homework! How nuts is that? Some schools even give the kids laptops or iPads so they are able to do their work at home. Everything has become so technology based these days it's hard to do anything without some kind of computer helping.

To help my kids learn about the computer I bought a game called JumpStart at a yard sale. I wasn't sure if it was something they would like doing or if it was even worth getting but I'm glad I did. Here's a little about JumpStart:

JumpStart has set the standard in kids’ educational software for over 15 years. Today, the JumpStart experience is more engaging, interactive, and fun than ever! JumpStart Advanced games are grade-based and range from toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, and grades 1-6, with grades 4-6 bundled in one package. They have a website and a blog where they post all the new things.

What I like most about this game is that it grows as your child learns the lessons. There are 12 steps to the game my kids play. The oldest is on the 6th step already! When the seasons change the game graphics change as well. Like for Thanksgiving there were leaves, fall colors, turkeys and all the festive stuff around the whole town. I'm able to go online and check out their progress and they can go back to any lower level at any time to play more if they would like. They get a pet in the game. A dog, cat or pig that they have to take care of. They feed it and water it and clean it. Dress it up and play with it even. It of course doesn't die if it doesn't get any of this but it is part of the quests to move on. When my son plays he's more worried about getting his dog clean then anything else. This game also helps them learn the use of the mouse and the keyboard. Also becoming a member online I am able to download all the JumpStart games to my computer for free. I can't wait to see what the other ones are like.

Adventure Workshop Game
Adventure Workshop Game

I have tried lots of other childrens PC games as well. Doing FCC in the past I had to have a wide range of things for kids to do to work on their computer skills. The Adventure Workshop, Reader Rabbit games are great for the toddlers and preschoolers. It's a lot easier to manuver and the games aren't as hard to get through. You don't have a progress on those and they don't grow with the child but they aren't always the same answers either. My son really loved playing the Reader Rabbit games in Italy, as did the other kids I watched.

Adventure Workshop also does games with Dr. Seuss and Arthur. My kids weren't real fond of the Arthur ones and got bored fast with the Dr. Seuss.

There are also a lot of online "free" games that kids can play. I don't like downloading a lot of things onto my computer if I don't have to so I don't allow my kids to play those.

It's amazing to me how much life has changed since I was a kid. I still remember the big 3 1/2 inch floppy discs, the DOS prompt, the dial up internet. I even grew up with 8 track tapes! At my kids' school everything in their school is Apple made. They even have iPads they let the kids use during the day and my kids are in Kindergarden and 1st grade! That's nuts to me but I'm so glad my kids are getting the experiance early in life.


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    • CassyLu1981 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Spring Lake, NC

      Thanks Brett.Tesol :) My kids LOVE the computer. It's always their first question when they walk through the door LOL

      Thanks for the update on SHARING. I'll be sure to go to the new one and start SHARING all over again :)

    • Brett.Tesol profile image

      Brett C 

      7 years ago from Asia

      voted up, awesome and SHARED!

      As a teacher, I use many online games with my students to make classes more interesting for them. It is amazing what response you get from using a computer game, compared to normal teaching materials and yet you are teaching them the same subject matter.

      P.S. Glad you got many more readers from SHARING. The SHARING CLUB is now back online under "Do You Like to Share? Let's Help Everyone Get More Readers!". It had to be re-written from a social aspect to meet the T&Cs (completely my error, I hadn't realized).

    • CassyLu1981 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Spring Lake, NC

      Starfall, I will most deffinately check it out Tiffany. Thanks!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Cassy check out starfall with the kids. We use that site alot at school

    • mljdgulley354 profile image


      7 years ago

      Great hub. Very informative.I am now watching my grandchildren using the computer. It amazes the things they are learning at such a young age.

    • CassyLu1981 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Spring Lake, NC

      Thanks! I love that my kids like the computer so much. Dreading having to buy them each one but hey, that's part of life! Thanks again.

    • cpa profile image


      7 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      great hub my kids like storytimeforme thumbs up


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