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KillZone 2 Multiplayer Guide

Updated on April 27, 2009

Which MultiPlayer Class Do you Enjoy the Most?

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I've already put Killzone 2 on my top 5 FPS games of all time list when I played the single player mode. I just tried the multi player mode one day and I got addicted from the first moment.

The concept of multiplayer game is simply perfect. You enter a game and you can enjoy; Search & Retrieve (like Capture the Flag), Search&Destroy (Bomb enemy base), Assassination, Capture & Hold and Body Count (Death Match) all in one. You have to adapt different strategies for each game mode making the game much more fascinating.

You earn points for each kill and you earn extra mission points depending on the mission. For example you get extra points for retrieving the propaganda device or killing the assassination target. Your points get multiplied by 1.5 if your team wins. Those points are very important for multi player game. You unlock different soldier classes by earning experience points.

Killzone 2 Controller Layout
Killzone 2 Controller Layout


I assume you already know how good Killzone 2 is so I just dive into the topic. There are several classes in the multi player mode which you can unlock after certain experience points.

Infantry: The basic soldier. You can use a variety of guns with your infantry however this class doesn't have any special abilities at all.

Medic: The first class to be unlocked. You can revive your wounded friends with your medic abilities. The medic class is pretty useful in big maps (and when the players can't create spawn points) you can just revive a downed friend and save all the time he has to come back to the action spot. You also gain experience points for each revived soldier. You can also create health packs after earning certain ribbons.

Engineer: The Engineer class has the ability of deploying auto sentry turrets and you can also unlock the ability to create ammo and repair auto turrets in the future. The engineer uses the shotgun which is an effective gun from close range but useless from far away. So I may suggest the engineer class for the smaller maps. Also the turrets you set up are mostly effective in narrow corridors and halls. The place you set up the turret is really important. If you deploy the turret in a place where it can take shots from each direction it won't last for long. It's the best if you set the turret near a corner or a wall and some distance from the real action. It's really hard to get enough kills for unlocking repair ability so you need to work on your engineer abilities actually.

Tactician: The tacticians primary ability is to throw spawn grenades which your team can use as a spawn point. The tactician uses the same weapon with medic (assault rifle) so actually it doens't bring you any other advantage then building a good strategy for your team. A good strategy really requires a good knowledge of the map. If you don't know the map and you aren't sure where a good spawn point would be then don't become a tactician. A good spawn point isn't the heart of the action, a good spawn point is a safe point which is close to the hot spot. If you just deploy a spawn point in an open space near base of enemy, you will get your friend hunted down and you will hear a lot of bad words. You can also call air support as a secondary ability, which is like the engineer turrets.

Assault: Assault class is the most powerful class as you may understand from the name. Assault class can use heavy weapons: a grenade launcher and two types of rocket launcher. (One standard and one heavy launcher) The rocket launcher is an effective weapon and if you use it strategically you may acquire quite number of kills. The assault class also has one of the most effective abilities : boost. With the boost ability you get a speed boost and health regeneration ability for certain time. You can use the boost ability for strategic purposes like delivering the propaganda speaker without being caught by enemy.

Saboteur: One of the most fun class to play. With the saboteur class you just disguise yourself as the enemy and you can hit them from their back. The enemy will see you as one of their team also with your name same as one of theirs. You can just act as the enemy, wait for the right moment and kill them. The only moment you lose your disguise is when you fire or when you get shot. It's the best if you kill them one by one without others noticing your disguise. You can also notice saboteurs from the radar (they don't show as green dots) or by aiming at them (the cross hair turns red). The saboteur class uses SMG or STA automatic rifles and also you are equipped with a C-4 explosive.

Scout: Scout is the sniper class of KZ2 so you are equipped with a sniper weapon. The primary ability of the scout class is the cloaking ability which makes you invisible until you shoot someone, You lose the cloaking ability for a short time once once you shoot someone(20-30 seconds). The sniper weapon is great for long ranges but very hard to use in close range so make sure that you are becoming a scout in a big map. Scout class also has a secondary ability "Spot and Mark" which makes an icon on top of each enemy (even saboteurs).

Killzone 2 Score Board Explanation
Killzone 2 Score Board Explanation


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    • profile image

      Thais 3 years ago

      I appreciate your kind and geonreus advice a lot!. I have been trying it hardly and did not get those amazing results!. It is nice to see that you got my comment in a good way!God bless you!VA:F [1.9.10_1130]please wait VA:F [1.9.10_1130](from 0 votes)

    • profile image

      Maria 3 years ago

      Your comment made me smile. You know, one of those relaly sincere smiles when you can't help but feel it in your heart too. I have to admit that I don't comment on blogs as often as I should, especially given how many I read. But, I relaly want you to keep remembering that what you are doing here it will be successful. I just know it.

    • profile image

      fetulinjection 6 years ago

      just kill well and reap the benefits!

    • profile image

      hunta 6 years ago

      i still dont understand how you get these guys in the first place (still confused) imean do you have to kill a certain amount of people or what i still dont get it...:(

    • profile image

      wz 7 years ago

      tnx man for scoreboard explanation

    • profile image

      harry123 7 years ago

      press the SELECT button and accept ivitation

    • profile image

      Strmcro67 7 years ago

      How do you accept an invite to become part of a clan?

    • profile image

      Dan 8 years ago

      I agree, I hated not knowing what all the symbols were on the scoreboard. I am brand new to Killzone 2 but just love the fast paced action.

    • profile image

      nightstalker 8 years ago

      Very helpful. Thanks.

    • profile image

      hikingyashi 8 years ago

      thanks, this was helpful :D exactly what embassystlouis said basically.

      pictures and screenshot helped too :]

    • profile image

      embassystlouis 8 years ago

      thanks a lot for this i did not know what those symbols where :D

      that was pissing me off

    • profile image

      EvGar 8 years ago

      Hey the pics of the Helghast Medic and Tactician are mixed up.

    • profile image

      yuta 8 years ago

      can you do 2 players