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Kinect Dance Central or Just Get The Party Started

Updated on February 29, 2012

The best way to really enjoy a party is to dance, but not just to dance but doing it with the help of Kinect bundle and its dance games. All your party guests will be involved in the process, no matter how shy, untrained and non-musical they are.

But first of all you need a Xbox 360 4GB or 250GB Console and Kinect bundle. Kinect allows you to play and entertain in a whole new way - you don’t need a gamepad anymore. Easy to use and fun guarantee from the first second, Kinect dance games will raise all your friends from the sofa to dance, laugh and cheer each other. It is such a fun, you will bring something new to the traditional ways of sharing time with your friends.

We would like to present the best Kinect dance games that are very popular at the moment and some of them that has been released at the end of 2011.

Girl Dancing
Girl Dancing

1.Kinect Dance Central. The main game that is really worth buying Kinect is without any doubts Dance Central. It is the first Kinect dance game. There is achievement, competition, fitness regime and the ability to repeat the movement a million times, until you realize where to puts your foot or how to move your hand. 32 songs (plus 8 in the store Xbox Live for $ 3 each), 690 dance moves created by professional choreographers, 5 game modes (including battles and training). Kinect Dance Central is perfect to dance alone or to enjoy every selected song and move in a big company.

In Kinect Dance Central everything happens exactly as in a dance class, or even better: choose a song (from Lady Gaga to No Doubt), focusing on the difficulty level from 1 to 6 stars; mode: training, battle, performance, fitness or exercise challenge; teachers; location from school discos to some garages; difficulty level and dance.

The game could include a special fitness regime to enter your height and weight, and Kinect will consider the approximate number of calories burned by you.

Dance Central 1. Satisfaction - Hard

Fully controlling your body, everyone can discover the secrets of choreography. Beginner will learn many new things, but a professional will have the opportunity to reach a new level and perform under the immortal hits of hip-hop and R & B. Step by step with Kinect Dance Central and you will not notice how your family and friends will be dancing with you.

Dance Central - Don't Cha Hard

Kinect Dance Central - Body Movin - Hard

2.Dance Revolution - Gameplay is divided into two main modes, the first ofwhich you will learn to perform various dance moves, and the other - to try as correctly as possible and dance to the rhythmic pop songs. In addition to single-user mode, to realize the promise Dance revolution opportunity to compete with other players.

3.Dance Paradise - Game Dance Paradise is a multiplayer dance game for the whole family! The idea is simple: everyone will be able to perform the dance moves in the Dance Paradise by incendiary selection of tracks and dance sequences designed for all tastes and styles. Forty famous international tracks Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, R & B, Dance game perfect for everyone, from children up to their parents, every one will love it and will turn the living room into a dance floor.

4.Michael Jackson: The Experience lets you play and see you in the lead roles. Sing and dance like Michael Jackson.

5.Let's dance with Mel B - Game Let's dance with Mel B will amaze you with good dance music and fun decoration.

6.Grease - Game, based on the movie Grease, starring John Travolta. The game uses songs and music from the film. Players will be able to sing, dance, play guitar, along with such stars as Danny, Sandy, The Pink Ladies, T-Birds, etc.

7.Dance on Broadway - Game Dance on Broadway, will allow you to dance and participate in the best performance of Broadway musicals, from classical to modern.

8.Zumba Fitness - Game Zumba Fitness is a game that will guide in the world of passionate Latin music. Feel the rhythm and enjoy together with famous instructors like Gina Grant, Tanya Beardsley and creator of the game, Beto. They will lead you to 30 lessons and make you sweat but that with bring you only pleasure.

9.Child of Eden - Become a DJ while playing Child of Eden - In this game, you control the cursor on the screen and shoot the various enemies in the form of cubes, cones, unexplained creatures, and other geometric forms. The idea is that your every action, shot, explosion, and slip is accompanied by special music sound, the tone and content of which differs depending on the level.

Dance Central 2 - "Like a G6" - Hard

The dance Kinect games that have been released on October 25, 2011:

  • Kinect Dance Central Game 2 - The game added new moves and new music, more than 100 songs, improved control, can be played by two players. Kinect Dance Central 2 brings even more entertaiment and joy.
  • Just Dance Kids 2 - More than 40 new songs, including hot hits such as "Love Me", "Whip My Hair", "Just The Way You Are", and popular songs from the children's TV shows and movies.
  • Just Dance 3 - Another dance game where you are invited to dance with Kinect. Enjoy every bit of 40 tracks, in addition, the opportunity to participate up to four players.

Just Dance 3. Party Rock Anthem (Full) - Xbox Kinect

The dance Kinect games that have been released in November 2011:

  • Alvin and the chipmunks - The game Alvin and the chipmunks is a musical dance game for Kinect, where you will have the opportunity to sing and dance with the chipmunks.
  • Game Nickelodeon Dance - Another dance game, this time designed for young children. The game will be available for 30 songs and have a multiplayer mode.
  • The Black Eyed Peas Experience - Ubisoft company has announced a new dance game based on creativity of famous group Black Eyed Peas.The Black Eyed Peas Experience will be created on the basis of previously released dance simulator Just Dance. The game is developed for the Nintendo Wii and Kinect for Xbox 360.
  • Victorious: Time to Shine - Singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, it's all you can do in the new game Victorious: Time to Shine, the maximum number of players is two.


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