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xbox Kinect games for girls

Updated on December 9, 2015

Games for girls

Kinect Games For Girls

Kinect games for girls, some good Kinect games for girls, girlfriends wife's daughters any females and where to buy these kincet games at best price

Let start of with with a list of the kinect games for girls. This is just my opinion it doesn't mean that girls cant play the other kinect games that boys like. But if your a female and not sure which game to pick this is a short list to help you or if your boy/man and don't know which game to buy her.

For the guys that are looking to buy a game for their wives girlfriends etc . be careful the tittle says the best kinect game for girls and not How to make my girlfriend, wife, kids loose weight. Hahaha good luck I'm sure they will like them

These are the games i think are best suited for girls. for visit the other page full list of the best kinect games

Kinect Zumba fitness

Buy the zumba fitness kinect game Based on the zumba fitness program. you girls can keep fit and have fun with your friends whilst playing.

Kinect Kinectimals

Buy Kinectimals If you girls like animals In Kinectimals you can interact with virtual animals and treat them as your pet give them names, feed play tis is a cute game for girls im sure if you buy one you will love it. for the cheapest price on this kinect game check on the left

Get fit with Mel B kinect

Buy Get fit with mel b kinect fitness game if you like to work out.This kinect fitness game is a proper work out licensed by fitness first it will get you sweating

Grand Slam Tennis this game is not out yet but untill this kinect tennis game comes out you might consider kinect deca sports, the deca sport kinect has tennis on it for you to play, enjoy playing tennis on your kinect

Kinect Adventures

The game is a collection of adventure and sports games and is developed as a launch game for Kinect and is bundled with the motion camera. So when you buy your kinect sensor get it with this game girls

Dance central

Dance central

Dance Central another cool dancing kinect game: if you are a girl that like to shake it than you must buy dance central for xbox kinect. This game will feature over 600 different dance moves spanning over 90 dance routines, with song like “push it” “poker face” A killer soundtrack that spans today's current pop, hip-hop and R&B artists

top 2 kinect dance games game for girls

Dance Masters and Dance central

Dance Masters 

With dance masters dance freely and make you groovy moves with downloadable Content, have full control of a disco shose your tracks ur dificulty level, dance masters Features 30 tracks from music classics, Hip Hop, R&BTechno and pop playing DanceMasters kinect game and become a dance master. if you like to dance with your friends than dance masters is the game to buy reviews show that dance masters has better multiplayer with 2-players co-op on a single console, Challenge up to 4 of your friends online to the ultimate Dance Off, you can monitor yourself on the screen , save your groovy moves and watch them as a back dancer or take a snapshot save the picture and sow it to your friends...


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    • profile image

      5 years ago

      So many dance games

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      post more games!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      do you have cooking games

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      i am regreting buying these dance games , the que to play on my xbox is longer now .. will need to buy another xbox for myself


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