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Kingdom Hearts 3 Final Mix - Still a Possibility?

Updated on January 25, 2020

With the recent release of the Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind DLC and the recent announcement of a new KH game coming this year it seems that the future KH3 DLC is no more. The ReMind DLC definitely gave us Kingdom Hearts fans much of what we've been longing for from harder boss battles and improved battle mechanics to a Scala free-roam and a definitive conclusion of the game. It seems that there isn't much for Square to do in terms how they can better expand the game any further. However, I and other hardcore fans beg to differ. I believe it may still be a possibility that we may get more future DLC at some point. Whether that be individual units or another DLC pack in the form of a final mix who knows. Anyway, here's why it is still quite likely that we will receive future Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC.

Terra playable
Terra playable | Source

Play as all the guardians of light

In the ReMind DLC you can play fully as Sora, Riku, Kairi, Ventus, and Aqua. However, you can only play a limited amount as Terra, Ventus, Lea and Mickey. I believe Square made it like this to hint to Kingdom Hearts 3 players that they will be able to play as all the 7 guardians of light with their full move pool in a future DLC. I hope they don't restrict the guardians playability to only story battles, but I hope in the datascape battles they will be playable as well.

Final Fantasy characters
Final Fantasy characters | Source

The Final Fantasy character's mission & narrative in KH3

All throughout this game the Final Fantasy characters were pretty much non-existent. However in the ReMind DLC we got to see them again, but what we all want to see is for them to actually do something. In previous titles they were very much, in a way, a part of the story along with the Disney characters, but Square couldn't seem to integrate them as effectively in Kingdom Hearts 3. If they want to make these characters work in KH3 then I believe in a future DLC pack the story should be centered around giving the Final Fantasy characters something to do. Like have a crisis of some sort would be helpful. It was nice to see them in cutscenes and everything, but a kingdom hearts game especially a main series kingdom hearts game isn't the same when they are not involved. However, given the nature of the story at this point they should have their own conflict narrative that our heroes have to come back into their world to resolve. It would be great re-explore Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden again.

Cloud vs Sephiroth
Cloud vs Sephiroth | Source

A conclusion to the Cloud & Sephiroth conflict

This has been a trend since the beginning of the Kingdom Hearts main series games. We fought Sephiroth in KH1 & 2 so why not 3? He was one of the best villains to fight within each game to the point a main series Kingdom Hearts game doesn't feel complete without him especially knowing that his conflict with cloud has not been resolved. I would love to see and fight a harder Sephiroth unlike the likes we've ever seen before. It would be nice to team up with Cloud or Cloud and Tifa to finally end Sephiroth or something that just gives us all a satisfying ending to a game all about the ending of a chapter in the series.

Underworld Coliseum Cups - Kingdom Hearts 2 Wiki Guide - IGN
Underworld Coliseum Cups - Kingdom Hearts 2 Wiki Guide - IGN | Source

A Tournament mode

This has been a staple in pretty much all the past Kingdom Hearts games. KH3 needs a tournament mode in which we can fight past bosses, heartless, and maybe even some Final Fantasy characters. It could have restrictions like in previous titles such as only summons allowed or only magic is allowed in set tournament. A tournament mode update or DLC would really add more longevity to the game.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days co-op mode
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days co-op mode | Source

BONUS: Co-op/Multiplayer mode

I know this is very likely not to happen in a Kingdom Hearts 3, but I would to love to play co-op or multiplayer with people online. The co-op feature would revolutionize the Kingdom Hearts series as no main series game has had co-op except KH 358/2 days which is far from the best in the series and has lack luster hardware limitations. Regardless the idea and prospect for co-op is still possible for KH3 (I believe), but again not really likely going to happen. So I and other fans will continue to dream until at some point it becomes a reality

Overall, what we've been given through previous updates. patches, and DLC is enough to not necessarily warrant another DLC. However, I just feel like the game itself would be incomplete if it didn't have these features to add on to this long awaited main series game. If this is how SquareEnix wants to leave the game then i'm pretty okay with this, but if they do I feel like they are doing both the fans and themselves a disservice.


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