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Kingdoms of Camelot - Defending against an Attack

Updated on August 21, 2011

Kingdoms of Camelot

Kingdoms of Camelot is a multi-player Real Time Strategy (RTS) game within Facebook. The game is very easy to learn and offers great opportunities to meet new people by joining alliances. The application developers built some outstanding quests to help you learn how to play. 

You are tasked to grow your single, ill-equipped city into a thriving empire.  You can build multiple cities and join powerful alliances to become a raging force in the land of King Arthur.  Kingdoms of Camelot is the single most challenging real time strategy game played within Facebook.

Early in the game, you may not have the defenses to protect yourself against attacking players. Here are some ideas on how to protect yourself and eliminate losses to aggressive players. It will only be a matter of time until you can return the favor!

Ask nicely

I know that this is a war game.  But odds are that the person who is attacking you is only interested in getting your resources.  He is probably not attacking just to be mean.

If a player is routinely looting you, then send a message asking politely for them to stop.  If that player is in an alliance, you may want to express interest in joining that alliance and make this person your friend.

If asking nicely does not work, then look to some of the options listed below.

Resource Management

One of the reasons that higher ranking players attack is to gather resources. Lumber, stone and ore are not looted in large amounts from Barbarian Camps. That player probably devoted most of his resource production to generating food (and if he was smart, ONLY food).

But, the aggressive player needs lumber, stone and ore to build more troops and the best source of those resources is an unsuspecting, lower ranked player. Don't allow yourself to be that player.

You may always protect your resources by building a Storehouse. Storehouses will protect 100,000 of each resource per level of the building. A Level 3 Storehouse will protect 300,000 of food, lumber, ore, and stone. It will NOT protect your gold.

So, what if you have more of a resource than can be protected? Use it, sell it, or move it.


As mentioned in my other tips, never place your cities right next to each other. If one is looted successfully, you are almost guaranteed that the attacking player will pay a visit to your other city.

Use it, Sell it, or Move it

Use it: Why are you leaving resources in your city? Don't. Use them.

First, make sure that you have both a building and an Alchemy Lab research project going on in each city. Once that is arranged, check your troops. Are troops and wall defenses being built? If so, then check to make sure the queue is full. You may put in a request to build more troops even if some are currently being trained. The nice thing with that is your resources will be used by the training, and you won't need to worry about them being looted.

Sell it: Put your resources up for sale for a quick sale. The drawback to this is that if you have not sold the items, and you are attacked, your pending transactions are canceled.   Unless your items had sold, the aggressor will walk away with your items you had for sale.

Move it: You can transport your excess resources to an alliance member for temporary storage, your other (hopefully untouched) city or to your own wildernesses. Click on one of your wildernesses and hit the "reinforce" button. You will be given the option to move your troops to that location. Load them up with excess resources to protect them from looting.


As un-manly as this sounds, you should hide your remaining troops in the sanctuary.  Click on Overview or your Castle and make sure the option box is checked that reads "Hide Troops in Sanctuary." 

They won't defend your city (hiding like schoolgirls) but they will be protected to allow you continue to grow your army until it is large enough to do a good job defending your city.

Focus on Resource Production

If you aren't powerful enough to defend yourself successfully, then focus all your efforts on resource production.  The faster you can produce resources, the faster you can grow your army and your might.  Here are some helpful hints to manage your food supply.

Hit 'em where it hurts

That's right.  Hit them back.  You are not strong enough to attack their city and plow through their defenses, but you can attack their wildernesses.  

Most players do not keep troops in their wildernesses.  So look around the offending player's city for wildernesses that they own.  Send a few troops to take it over and then recall them.  Do not encamp yourself.

This will disrupt the aggressive player and cause careful, because odds are that they will take out their aggression on you!

Join an Alliance

Nothing detracts an aggressive player more than seeing that your cities belong to a high ranking alliance.  Alliances will defend you and should launch counterattacks against a particular player if they refuse to stop looting you.

Send a message to your Alliance Officers and they should ask the aggressive player to stop.  If that doesn't work, they should send a message to that player's alliance leadership.  If that too is unsuccessful, your alliance will probably declare war on the offending player or alliance.

Run Away

Use a Portal of Order or a Portal of Refuge to move your city completely.  These items may be won in Merlin's Magical Tokens or my be purchased using gems. 

These items should be used only as a last resort.  Use the other Kingdoms of Camelot tips and tricks first to make your city unappealable to aggressive players and they should leave you alone.  

Other Ideas?

Please leave a comment if you have other ideas that will help players protect themselves from attacks.


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    • profile image

      Sheectatippes 5 years ago

      My spouse and i employed to obtain high on lifestyle although lately We've accumulated a level of resistance.

    • profile image

      Jipsee 5 years ago

      "V 7 weeks ago

      I was attacked several times by this ------ (sorry, but I am still really pissed). And between the first and the second attack I changed the name of my city AND changed the location, but she still found me....


      there are other sites and tools for KOC, if she has your Lord Name she can track all your cities from those. Only way to hid like that would be change your Lord name when you move cities

    • profile image

      Mahmood Safdari 5 years ago

      Thanks. Nice post. But i have a question? You said that we have to hide our troops but if we hide them ,someone else attacks us then we won't be able to defend our resources and our city. In my Idea we should not hide our troops but instead we should keep them prepared for fight. In order to defend your city you have to upgrade your wall and build at least 100 of each Wall defense. Another way to defender your city is to upgrade your mines, quarries, sawmills, cottages and your alchemy lab to upper levels. AND my other question is that I had more that 10000 mights but my opponent that had only 2000 mights and he defeated me. I had all of the troops prepared for a fight and i lost? WHY!?

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      I was attacked several times by this bitch (sorry, but I am still really pissed). And between the first and the second attack I changed the name of my city AND changed the location, but she still found me....


      (playing the Ipad/Iphone version)

    • profile image

      Apollo12 5 years ago

      What's a good strategy for defending in the iPad/iPhone version?

    • profile image

      none 5 years ago

      build devensive units like caltrops and wall mounted cross bows

    • profile image

      Swagman 6 years ago

      you say sell your resources but there is no market to sell resources in battle of the north ?

      or do i have a fault in my game ?

    • profile image

      Lady Amaiga # GosWhit 6 years ago

      hi there, my member has just informed me of this site and asked many questions.

      im a high mighter on an old domain and i agree this site is helpful to new players of camelot... However i don't think that advising people to take wilds is such a good idea as on many domains and certainly all the ones i have been on it is banned and seen as very offensive.

      also just as a suggestion to all new players..

      Build lots of swords and pikes - players are most likely to attack with archers or cav... swords and pikes are VERY good at defending But DON'T NOT send them on an attack they will just die easily.

    • profile image

      L W McCandless 7 years ago

      The problem with this game is too many whingers about wilds being taken its a war game about getting land. Do you all think that Hannibal said that's not fair taking my wilds no he would take em not whinge. But i don't agree with constant attacks. But if your being farmed your an idiot for leaving resources laying around for the taking. and if ya not on every day then don't whinge either cause lev 10 scouting will show if you don't log in! Remember don't be the farm but be the farmer. Now harden up princesses an lets play ball

    • profile image

      Lord Suckit 7 years ago

      I'm a 2 mi lmighter in this game and I must therefore know more than an 800K mighter. What is most effective is being a 2 mil mighter.

    • profile image

      brt 7 years ago

      im a 800k mighter in this game.. i no most about this game and what if find most effective is to hide ur resources in a wild

    • profile image

      Lady Molly 7 years ago

      How do you keep using mist?

    • profile image

      blazaken 7 years ago

      personaly, i don't bother with defences. i just hide all my recourcs in a wild and get my alliance to destroy them. :)

    • profile image

      dewitte 7 years ago

      i just keep using mist, when my cities got a big enough defense and army. i might stop using it.

    • adorababy profile image

      adorababy 7 years ago from Syracuse, NY

      Great! Another new game to add in my list. There is so much info and game tips in here. I do hope I could try them al.

    • profile image

      Lord TheDestroyer 7 years ago

      What's You Domain,Alliance,Might

      @ LOrd Callum

    • profile image

      Lord TheDestroyer 7 years ago

      Lord Callum

      what domain r u on

    • profile image

      lord calumh 7 years ago

      now i am more powerful i have no defenses and i am a member of a top 20 alliance so i don't get attacked and i f i do i move resources to my second city or to a fellow alliance member

    • profile image

      Lord TheDestroyer 7 years ago

      I reckon Traps,Spiked Barriers,Wall Mounted CrossBows are the best for defending your city on your wall.

      And For your Army, Swordsman,Archers,Pikemen, and Heavy Calvary.

      And if you get attacked if you have a better army than the attacker you can put your men on defend or ask your alliance for help and upgrade your StoreHouse.

    • profile image

      andrei longskirt 7 years ago

      it was a very informative tutorial for a beginner like me. many thanks and keep posting new techniques.

    • profile image

      Bounce House Water Slide 7 years ago

      I think some more ideas would be great.

    • profile image

      totty 7 years ago

      hello , you smell

    • profile image

      Lord MiduX 7 years ago

      Yeah.I was attacked too.But,I was get my

    • profile image

      Q svr 7 years ago

      traps are not good build 10000 and i will take them out with 10000 militia (which makes them useless)

      wall crossbows are very good but u need many

      hide troops until you have enough power to hit back

      why get farmed? when you can farm others send a message to the guy who is attacking teeling him that if he does leave u alone you will help him :D

    • Mutiny92 profile image

      Mutiny92 7 years ago from Arlington, VA

      Catwhisperer - I really hope they fix that bug soon. I got hit by someone who did the same thing!

    • profile image

      Catwhisperer 8 years ago

      BTW, traps suck. I had a guy hit me with a technique of only 1 Swordsman and one Scout, and he could take out 52 traps at a time!

    • Mutiny92 profile image

      Mutiny92 8 years ago from Arlington, VA

      Lady Gargoyle, if you click on "Overview" or you Castle, you will see an option to "Hide Troops in Sanctuary" or "Order Troops to Defend City"

      I hope that helps!

    • profile image

      Lady Gargoyle 8 years ago

      How do you set your troops to defend?

    • Mutiny92 profile image

      Mutiny92 8 years ago from Arlington, VA

      good point Lord Richardninja! thanks!

    • profile image

      lord richardninja 8 years ago

      also a good point that if you are building wall defenses trebuchets are only a good idea if you can build a lot, as you can only use them once per battle. if it is just a tester force used against you they will be wasted on nothing. a better option for seige units would be spiked barriers

    • profile image

      GlenMichael 8 years ago

      Another observation... Watchtower... a very important piece of equipment. Although the best info is only given when you have to it level 10.(which means buying divine inspirations, those money grubbing developers :P )

      However, knowing when an attack is coming, and how many are coming is VERY handy in deciding wether or not to set your troops to defend. Just know that, likely, any scouts, calv, supply, carts, you have will likely get pwnt in the attack.

      More importantly, though, a successful repelling of an attack means your very long developed cross-bows won't get annihilated. What's more, the attacker will be MUCH less likely to hit you again. Losing one's army is a big owie..

    • Mutiny92 profile image

      Mutiny92 8 years ago from Arlington, VA

      Great point GlenMichael! I had not thought about that, but those crossbows really are effective. Thank you very much.

    • profile image

      GlenMichael 8 years ago

      I think one area that could be addressed is range. Using wall-mounted crossbows,(roughly 2xarcher strength/def), or even actively defending against an attack, combat works by rounds. So round 0 units are in position at the farthest attacking distance. Units attack, if able, and the attackers move up. Caltrops and barriers can help keep melee forces at a distance, giving the crossbows (and perhaps defending archers) more round(s) of firing. This being said, fletching (alchemy) is a valuable skill, to both attacker and defender. I will leave it at that for now..

    • Mutiny92 profile image

      Mutiny92 8 years ago from Arlington, VA

      Thank you for the comment Lord Chrisss!

    • profile image

      Lord Chrisss 8 years ago

      I personally agree. get that wall up and storehouse going. once it gets to a high level you can have enough to live off despite a raid. As mentioned above, an absolute turn-off for attackers is if the victim is in an alliance. I am in a large alliance and have strict orders to never attack another alliance member unless asked to by the leader. I only ever target non-alliance members up to about 50K might. These tend to have no defenses. A good article :)

    • Mutiny92 profile image

      Mutiny92 8 years ago from Arlington, VA

      Thank you Lady Linda! You are absolutely right. While the troops will not defend the city if hiding in Sanctuary, they will not be lost during an attack either.

    • profile image

      Lady Linda 8 years ago

      I had level 6 walls and built traps, and wall-mounted crossbows and was still attacked and all defenses were destroyed in the battle, the only thing left was the wall. My suggestion is to hide troops in the sanctuary.

    • Mutiny92 profile image

      Mutiny92 8 years ago from Arlington, VA

      Thank you Calumh, you are right that building defenses will hurt an attacker. I should have addressed that.

    • profile image

      Lord Calumh 8 years ago

      Hi sorry if its already there or i'm wrong but in my opinion the best way to protect your city is to get lvl 6+ walls then build traps, caltrops and (my faveourite) Wall-Mounted Crossbows

      hope this helps