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Kingdoms of Camelot - Maximize your Attack

Updated on August 21, 2011

Kingdoms of Camelot

Kingdoms of Camelot is a Real Time Strategy game (RTS) played through Facebook. It is a multiplayer game that requires you to build cities, manage resources and amass an army. You may build additional cities and conquer wildernesses, but always make sure that you balance your resource production with the size of your army. If you run out of food, they will abandon your cities.

Join an alliance and play with other Facebook users.

The beginning stages of the game are fairly straightforward as the application developers crafted very user-friendly quests to help you learn the game.  These quests will walk you through conquering wildernesses, building fields, reenforcing your walls, and attacking the barbarian camps.  They will also help you build your second city which, in turn, has the potential to double your resource production.


There are several ways to analyze your troop plan. On this page, a discussion occurs regarding the troops to build to maximize your Might to Food Use ratios. Building those top troops will result in you gaining the most might at the least food costs. But that may not be the wisest answer if you want to attack other players and defend your own city.

Another way to look at troop building plans is to analyze the total attack strength as compared to the hourly food use.  Using this table will help you to choose the troops with the highest attack as compared to their hourly food upkeep.  

Note: This does not account for their defenses or the amount of resources needed to build the troop in the beginning.

As you can see, a pikeman will provide 300 attack strength at an hourly cost of only 6 pieces of food.  This is almost twice as efficient as an archer.  It should be noted that an archer's benefit lies in the long distance attack, where pikemen will suffer more losses due to the close quarters combat.

Attack per Food Use Efficiency

Food Use
Attack Efficiency
Heavy Cavalry
Supply Troop
Battering Ram
Supply Wagon

What to build?

The answer appears to clearly be pikemen, but you may find that when you send an entire army (90,000 at a level 9 rally point) that you would prefer to have the brute strength of Heavy Cavalry as opposed to Pikeman (and certainly over the weak militiamen).

If you are not near sending out the maximum troops, then this analysis may help you make decisions to maximize your attack while minimizing your food use.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Do you hate it when you carfully biuld your army,passing up prime situation when you attack for the perfect time to attack ...then get a delay or can't attack at all...

    • profile image

      i poo on you 

      7 years ago

      why is it no one can give a straight out good answer....

      nothing anyone says helps


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