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King's Bounty: Legions Best Garrison

Updated on February 20, 2022

What is a garrison purpose?

Best garrison setup depends on what is your goal, but I can think of these different scenarios:

  • Avoid rating drop
  • Earn gold
  • Lose less gold (lower levels)
  • Lower rating
  • Get free spheres

Garrison for lower level players (below 30)

I'm sorry to say but your garrison will get defeated a lot, especially by higher level players. But there are two things you can do:

  1. Have only 1 unit in garrison and make it unattractive to higher level players.
  2. Keep full stacks of your strongest upgraded units in garrison. You can switch your main army to garrison when you don't play. Even if you lose, you will get some gold depending on enemy units killed. In time you will notice that you get more and more gold as you upgrade your units and get better equipment.

And if you don't want to lose your gold from being raided, you can spend it before you log out.

Garrison for farming spheres and lowering rating

The more you are attacked, more spheres you will get. Even if you get only 1 per lose, frequency of attacks will ensure that you get 20+ spheres per day passively. Furthermore, each lose will lower your pvp rating by 1 point.

Your aim is to have weaker and attractive garrison. Weaker means not having full stacks, but don't do a mistake of having only one unit as little players will exchange 5 stamina for 1 lousy herb. I also figured it's better to have at least some units in stack versus having one in each stack. If you have only one per stack, enemy will suffer no casualties, which means no gold for you.

And by attractive I mean that you should have units that drop resources that are most needed. From my testing, coarse thread and silk dropping creatures invite most attacks. Add some legendary with rare drops and you are good to go.

Ideal army for this garrison would include:

  • Archers (coarse thread)
  • Cave spiders (coarse thread)
  • Rangers (coarse thread)
  • Sea Wolves (coarse thread & silk cloth)
  • Archmages (sand of time) or Demonologists (Sorcerer's seal) or Paladins (Gold ingot) or Ents (Potion of life)

Undefeatable garrison to avoid rating drop and gold loss

Strong garrison means upgraded strong units and runes. Even with 20% leadership boost, players will beat AI controlled units without runes.

If you want undefeatable garrison you should first experiment with how AI plays. You can test different units performance under AI with auto battles.
Strongest units may not be so strong when controlled by AI. For example Lake fairies will often sleep enemy unit and waste the turn, because your next unit will break sleep. Another good thing to notice is unit speed. While slow ranged units are not preferred in PVP, speed of ranged units is almost irrelevant since AI will rarely move them. Range is important for the very same reason.

On the other hand, speed of melee matters, since you slow defender can get kited with slow.

Best undefeatable garrison setup will largely depend on enemy army, so there is many setups that can work. Below are some units I consider very strong in garrison.


Royal Thorn
Nice damage with OK range (5+). Speed of 1 doesn't matter for garrison, and not having special ability is a plus, because you won't lose any turns.

OK damage and OK range. AI sometimes uses Ice arrow but that is a plus if common unit get hit.

Gargoyle Shaman
Great range (6+) and damage. No ability that waste turns.

Great range (6+) but lower damage. Higher defense than most ranged so it work good with defenders.

Super range (7+) but has special buff that wastes turn, so I consider him mediocre.


Most attackers do fine, only one I dislike is Ancient Serpent that often wastes sleep. Defenders with high speed can count as attackers in garrison (Night Wolves, Dark Griffins).

White Unicorn
Good attack with good ranged damage mitigation. AI never uses crit buff so no turns lost.

Young fairies
No enemy retaliation and no special ability.


Runes ensure you will get beaten less. When choosing runes I recommend attack and defense runes as high as you can get, combined with Rune of Life (if you really don't want to lose).

What other King's Bounty Players say

What do you use your garrison for?

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