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Kings Road Facebook Game: The Archer Hunting Trail (Level 1) Walkthrough

Updated on June 27, 2015

Kings Road: Level 1 Walkthrough

Kings Road Archer
Kings Road Archer | Source

Kings Road on Facebook

Kings Road is a Robin Hood-like role-playing game on Facebook where you can select one of three classes to play: an archer, a warrior, or a magician.

If you don't mind a little minstrel music playing 24/7 in game, and if fighting for the freedom of others is your ideal kind of game, Kings Road might be just what you've been looking for.

For purposes of this Hub, this is a walkthrough of the first level (Hunting Trail) for the archer class. This walkthrough will help you complete the very first quest to defeat Dirk Deadwood.

On the normal difficulty, this is a super easy quest to complete. However, if you come back and play this on Heroic difficulty, it may prove much more of a challenge. (Watch the video at the bottom)

Starting Off in the Town

In the town, you will be assigned your first mission, which is to defeat Dirk Deadwood, the boss of the Archer Hunting Trail. Keep in mind that the trail does not fork in this particular level. There is a beginning and an end, and no hidden paths to take.

When you load into the Hunting Trail, you will have to take on the following (in this order):

  1. A Deadwood Brute (drops armor item)
  2. 1 wolf will attack you by a dead cow
  3. 1 Deadwood Archer and 2 Deadwood Bandits
  4. Destroy crate and barrel on the path for gold.
  5. Shoot small chicken
  6. 2 wolves waiting by a dead man.
  7. 1 Deadwood Brute (drops armor item) and One Deadwood Bandit hiding in bushes.
  8. Shoot small bunny
  9. 1 Deadwood Archer and 3 Deadwood Bandits
  10. Shoot barrel upper left side
  11. Dirk Deadwood accompanied by 2 Deadwood Bandits (at least two items dropped)

Once you have defeated Dirk Deadwood, you click exit Mission to go back to the town. There you can sell back armor that you have discarded and buy health food items.

Progress Screenshots from Level 1

Click thumbnail to view full-size
One Deadwood BruteFighting one Deadwood Archer and two Deadwood BanditsFighting one Deadwood Archer and two Deadwood BanditsA dead cowTwo wolvesA crate and a barrelFighting Dirk DeadwoodDirk Deadwood Defeated
One Deadwood Brute
One Deadwood Brute | Source
Fighting one Deadwood Archer and two Deadwood Bandits
Fighting one Deadwood Archer and two Deadwood Bandits | Source
Fighting one Deadwood Archer and two Deadwood Bandits
Fighting one Deadwood Archer and two Deadwood Bandits | Source
A dead cow
A dead cow
Two wolves
Two wolves
A crate and a barrel
A crate and a barrel | Source
Fighting Dirk Deadwood
Fighting Dirk Deadwood | Source
Dirk Deadwood Defeated
Dirk Deadwood Defeated | Source

Sir Caleb & Bertha in Town

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Sir Caleb, the skill trainerBertha, the merchantKings Road; Parsnips in Bertha's General Store
Sir Caleb, the skill trainer
Sir Caleb, the skill trainer | Source
Bertha, the merchant
Bertha, the merchant | Source
Kings Road; Parsnips in Bertha's General Store
Kings Road; Parsnips in Bertha's General Store | Source

Back in the Town

Back in the town, Sir Caleb is the skill trainer. If you level up, then you receive 1 point in which you can train to use special move "Volley" or "Spread shot." You use these moves by pressing 1 or 2 on the keyboard (or clicking them) and then clicking on the enemy to use these special attacks during gameplay.

After the completion of the first quest, Bertha the merchant is now available to talk to and buy food items from to heal your archer.

In her General Store, you can now buy 25 Parsnips for 250 gold after you complete the Level 1 Archer's Hunting Trail.

Next Quest?

After playing the very first quest in Kings Road, you may find that was fun enough to keep playing. You can keep replaying the same quests over and over to gain a higher level of mission mastery or move on to the next stage.

As you complete more quests, you level up your character.

I hope you enjoy yourself in Kings Road on Facebook.


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