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Kino Der Toten Strategy - Black Ops Zombies

Updated on August 17, 2016

Kino Der Toten Strategy Guide

Use this guide to survive the zombie hoards on kino der toten while building a strong team along the way. Let's keep those relentless brain munchers at bay!

The info, tips, and full strategy in this article will also benefit single players.

Dr Edward Richtofen Quotes


The Lobby

Save and build points as efficiently as possible.

There are four boarded windows in the lobby; pick one and guard it until the hellhounds appear. Use the first weapon (pistol) sparingly. Going for head shots hardly build points, instead aim for arms, torsos, and legs. Before a zombie dies, use the knife when it starts to rip boards off the window. There are two weapons on the lobby walls, a shotgun and M14 rifle, but neither are needed at this point in the game.

At the end of each round, let the final zombie enter the room before using the knife.This builds maximum points from each zombie kill. It also gives you a chance to pick up any dropped power ups.

When the room starts filling with mist, head up the stairs, through the upper hall and down into the foyer. If you opened the first door, let someone else open the next one so you save points for later.

Power Ups on kino der toten

  • Max Ammo - replenishes all ammunition
  • Insta - instant kill to any zombie
  • Nuke - a nuclear bomb that vaporizes all zombies in all rooms
  • Firesale - mystery box in every room
  • Double Points - x2 your points for a short amount of time
  • Carpenter - repairs all windows in the area

Notable Items In Lobby and Upper Hall

  • Quick Revive - drink this to quickly revive downed team members
  • Mainframe - connects to the teleporter after switching the power on
  • Crystal - the first collectable meteor crystal in kino der toten
  • M14 - 7.62 mm Rifle
  • Olympia - double-Barrel Shotgun
  • MP63 - Sub-machine gun
  • Mule Kick - allows you to wield three primary weapons

Nikolai Belinski Quotes

The Foyer

When you enter the foyer, purchase the MP40 and shotgun off the wall before the dogs appear. Hell hounds are easy to deal with if you use the stakeout shotgun; one shot is all it takes.

Use the MP40 to build points, and use the shotgun and grenades for backup. Keep the dressing room door locked until you can't keep a hold on the windows and landing doorway.

There are three windows in the foyer and one door leading back to the lobby. Three players watch the top window and doorway, while the other guards the two downstairs windows. Stay in the foyer at all times. Only move back through to the lobby if you collect an insta kill perk.

Using your own judgement, before the foyer becomes overpowered, end the current round and get a crawler zombie by throwing a grenade at a zombies lower half, blowing its legs off. A crawler is vital on kino der toten for some parts of the game. It allows for a quick rest in between rounds, and gives players enough time to replenish ammo.

If you haven't found the mystery box, search the dressing room and theater stage, or travel back to the lobby area to look for it. Stack up on weapons and head to the theater stage.

Notable Items In Foyer and Dressing Room

  • Speed Cola - drink this to double your reload speed
  • Sentry Gun - M60 automatic
  • Stakeout - a powerful pump action shotgun
  • MP40 - sub-machine gun
  • Mp5K - sub-machine gun
  • Crystal - the second collectable meteor crystal in kino der toten

Tank Dempsey Quotes

Theater Stage Strategy - kino Der Toten Rounds 15 to 25

When you reach the stage with your legless flesh Muncher in tow, the double doors you came through will be your primary focus. Secondary to that being the small side window and the window at the far end of the stage.

The back door should be kept locked, and the power lever shouldn't be switched on; but keep it in mind as you defend this area. Switching the power on too early will release nova gas crawlers. The longer you can avoid bringing those into the area, the better. The two weapons on the theater stage are claymore mines and an M16. Only the claymore mines are needed.

Claymore mines are vital for this stage strategy. They keep zombies back from entering the theater doors and windows. Also an extra two mines get added every new round, and more gained from power drops. All players should set down enough mines before each round starts.

One player guard the back window while the others guard the main doorway and side window. As zombies start to come through, throw grenades and go for head shots to keep them back.

At the end of every round, get another crawler and replenish your weapons. If you have a ray gun or thunder gun in your possession, but no ammo, swap it. It's important to keep weapons and ammo full.

Once you reach round 25, it's time once again to get a crawler and switch the power on. Head through the center of the theater and buy the Juggernog drink. keep hold of it for as long as possible. Getting knocked down constantly will quickly strip you of credits as you'll have to re-purchase it each time.

Give zombies a wide birth from now on, and don't take unnecessary risks. Forget windows unless you happen to be passing them. Quickly re-board a few panels, or throw grenades through them as you move around.

Notable Items In the Theater

  • Jugganog - doubles a players health allowing for better damage resistance
  • Bowie Knife - large melee weapon
  • Sentry Gun - M60 automatic
  • M16 - three round burst assault rifle
  • Claymore Mines - anti zombie mine
  • Radio - found on the chandelier, shoot it to activate message

Takeo Masaki Quotes

Teleport Strategy - Kino Der Toten Rounds 25 to 35+

Switch the teleporter on, and link it up with the portal in the lobby. Use the teleport at the beginning of the rounds, and halfway through. This gives you extra power ups, film reels, and time to reload and gather more grenades from the wall.

The pack a punch room is accessible here. It provides you with weapon upgrades when you need them. Throw grenades from here into the theater area to vaporize a few brain lickers.

keep on the move by completing circuits of the kino der toten map. Stay together as you negotiate the hallways to get maximum fire power down. Don't forget to purchase quick revive from the lobby area. It's always a bonus being able to revive other players that little bit quicker.

Keep this strategy up until you pass round thirty and above. Two of the rooms (foyer and theater) provide extra fire power in the form of sentry guns should you become trapped in those rooms. The sentry gun on the theater stage is particularly good at dropping the nova gas covered zombie crawlers from the high walls at the beginning of each round.

Notable Items In Teleport

  • Pack a Punch - a machine to upgrade weapons in the projector room
  • Projector - used to play any film reels you find around kino der toten
  • Random Rooms - places to pick up film reels and power-ups
  • Frag Grenades - lethal explosives

Fun Black Ops Kino Der Toten Glitches

Alleyway Strategy - Kino Der Toten Rounds 35+ to 40+

If everything has gone well up to this point, and you've plenty of decent weapons between you all, such as the ray guns, thunder gun and monkey bombs, it's time for the last hold out point before all areas of kino der toten are accessible.

Get another crawler zombie and open the door at the back of the theater stage. Climb the staircase and go through to the back of the alleyway where the double taproot beer is located, which should be purchased now. It's late into the rounds, and you'll need the extra firepower.

The door to the lower hall that leads back to the lobby should be kept locked. Only two points to protect here: the boarded fence to the side of the double tap root beer machine, and back down the alleyway where you entered. One person guards the fence while the others line up to face back down the alley.

Take zombies down with head shots. If they begin to get too close, blast them with the thunder gun, or throw a monkey bomb behind them. Keep grenades flowing, and protect this area for as long as possible.

Upon any sign of being flooded, unlock the door and head back to the the theater. Every room in kino der toten is now open. Take zombies around the map, and stage area. As you pass through the foyer, pick up some speed cola to help with quicker reloading.

Notable Items In Alleyway and Back Room

  • Double Tap Root Beer - increases fire rate by more than 30%
  • AK-74u - sub-machine gun
  • Crystal - the final collectable meteor crystal located in the back room
  • Radio - found through the alleyway fence on top of a small building

All Kino Der Toten Weapons in Action

Kino Der Toten Facts

  • Kino Der Toten is German for "Theater of the dead"
  • The four characters names in kino der toten are Edward Richtofen, Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, and Takeo Masaki.
  • There's no final wave of zombies on kino der toten, they're endless.
  • Kino der toten contains eight interactive easter eggs, two radio's, three collectable meteor gems, and three collectable film reels.
  • The song on kino der toten that plays after collecting all three gems is called 115, and is sang by Elena Siegman.
  • 115 is also an element derived from meteorites the Germans discovered in World War I. The zombies were created through failed experiments using element 115.

Black Ops Kino Der Toten Easter Egg Locations

Kino Der Toten Weapons

Here's a list of the most powerful and the most important zombie-killing weapons in kino der toten to use against the undead.

  • Ray Gun - It's the best weapon on kino der toten. A good strategy for using the ray gun is to aim for the feet. For most of the rounds you'll be able to remove a zombies legs with just one blast. If you upgrade it too early, and there isn't any ammo boxes to collect, you'll have to swap it. Only upgrade the ray gun when no ammo boxes have been dropped in a long time.

  • Monkey Bombs - These furry little monkeys have saved my life numerous times while playing kino der toten. They help to send a group of zombies in a different direction if you ever become cornered, acting as a deterrent while you escape or revive a fellow player. They also provide a nasty explosion as zombies gather around.

  • Thunder Gun - An awesome weapon that's coveted by anyone who plays kino der toten. Use it strategically to blast through blocked hallways and to obliterate any zombie trains. Just like the ray gun, it shouldn't be upgraded early. Only when it becomes ineffective in standard form. Once upgraded it becomes the more powerful Zeus cannon.

  • Ballistic Knife - If you're confident enough with your primary weapon, using an upgraded ballistic knife (The Krause Refibrillator) is a useful secondary weapon that will revive a teammate from a distance when fired at them.

  • Upgraded Galil - Once the Galil has been upgraded it becomes the lamentation - A very powerful fully automatic weapon, equip with precision sites.

  • RPK - Just like the Galil, the RPK is fully automatic and powerful when it's upgraded to the R115 Resonator. Both of these should be used with speed cola for faster reloading.

  • MP40 - One of my favorites to use on kino der toten for the early rounds. The MP40 is quick, the ammo is cheap, and it does a lot of damage that helps to build up points/cash early on.

  • Upgraded Crossbow - Transforms to the Awful Lawson. Just like the monkey bombs, this will distract zombies on kino der toten, getting you and others out of any bad situations. It's a very good explosive, strategic weapon to use.

  • Electric-Shock Defenses - I use these later in the rounds when I've built up a substantial amount of points. They're extremely effected against zombies, but eat into your credits so only use them occasionally.

This guide should definitely help you to reach those high rounds. If you'd like to share your own kino der toten strategy, then please do so in a comment.

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